My "Perfect" Valentine.

If the definition of perfect valentine is based on how many flowers I get from my boyfriend, then I definitely far from getting a perfect valentine. Nothing in this world is perfect, so to the both Eric and I but I do believe how the imperfects within us complete each other. I do not think my boyfriend is the romantic one, but he is definitely the one who love me more than anyone else ( except my family members of course! ). He has always be by my side especially my down moment or just feel like giving up on things like that. Those who knows me well, you would know it's definitely hard to be with me unless you can bear with my freaking childish-ness, you just gotta let me win because I have my freaking points to just beat you off. (Darn, finally I admit it!

Caroline & Eric
This is the very first time we could celebrate Valentine's Day together on the exact date instead of in advanced like last year. As much how we wish to celebrate in a special way, but heck! I do not cook and kitchen just do not like me! Hence, Eric booked a table at Jogoya for our dinner. As expected, we took nearly an hour just to reach the destination due to the massive road jammed from Midvalley towards KL, the feeling of so near yet so far is such a torture. 
Caroline & Eric
Geez! I have to admit it's such awkward moment to celebrate the over rated Valentine's Day at restaurant with God-knows-how-many couples outside there. I bet Eric also going to pray hard that I can cook next year for our Valentine's dinner now. Why is it awkward? I am seriously could not remember when was the last time I celebrated my Valentine's day on the actual day with my partner or maybe it's just me? Ahh well, you can just say me whatever for being too insecure in relationship that caught me for being single for quite sometime before get into it again. 

Eric & Caroline
I do really appreciate my boyfriend for bringing me out for expensive dinner despite of complaining and get jealous how other couples having their romantic candle-lit dinner at home. Just so you know how silly I can be, I always ask him some silly funny questions - Do you love me? Why you love me? Will you get bored with me? Will you leave me when you can't bear with my silliness or childish-ness? ( Darn those insecure feelings within myself ! ) Now you see this, will you actually want to be my boyfriend or this scare you out already? Well, he will never get tired and answer me all the time which seriously makes me felt loved! HAHAHAHA! The future is so unpredictable and again, as I've said before, hopefully he will be the one who complete me as I hardly see anyone can actually love me how he loves and most importantly he respect me. Lastly, he will never mind how skinny I am even though I always call him fat boy! It's not silly, I seriously hate myself being skinny. T.T

[ P/S: I felt loved surrounded by people who loves me and I am definitely love you all too!]