It was my first time trying out Kelantanese cuisines. I didn't know what to expect and I actually thought it probably quite similar to some other Malay dishes out there. Well, it's not, really.

It almost impossible for me to enjoy a pampering session with my current extremely-busy-with-work kind of schedule. When it come to my working-from-home life, it always about managing my own time and getting my job done on time. Thankfully, I managed to clear out a good half day session and visit Mayfair Bodyline at Pavilion to enjoy my long needed pampering session. The best part - I actually get to enjoy a personalised customised treatments that suitable for me!

A lot of people been telling me that I have such gorgeous big eyes. The truth is, I don't have that big eyes. The fact that I have hooded eyelid - it's simply annoying. I can't really rock that eyeliner on fleek on my almond shape eyes due to my hooded eyelid. And that simply explains why I am never an eyeliner girl. I am always known as the mascara kinda girl instead.

For hooded eyelid girls out there, you would know the struggle of drawing eyeliner further out just so it didn't look weird on your hooded eyelid.

Not gonna deny the fact that having my hair bleached and coloured for almost every month causes damages to my hair. It's true that the ultrasonic treatment by Number76 is the main treatment that keeping my hair stay healthy and silky smooth. However, it's really important to have a proper hair care product at home too! That's how you can maintain healthy looking hair as well as keeping your hair colour last longer too!

Working from home also means spending almost every day at home. My circle of friends would know how much I enjoy staying at the comfort of home and experiment with some cooking and baking at home, making little treats for myself whilst busy with my work. One of the treats I made for myself and my friends would be the ever so simple-to-make Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit and Longan popsicle! It's yummy and totally perfect for the hot sunny day in Malaysia!

First of all, let's together wish Hermo - Happy 4th Anniversary!

This is random and honestly, I'm not sure which title to use for this post - whether to use "get unready with me" or "my night skincare routine". Anyway, let's just settle for one and get into the whole thing, shall we? ;)

I've recently half-moved (I haven't fully moved to this place yet!) to a new place and this place has an Olympic-size swimming pool - something I really, really love about this new place. And one of my best friends, Nicole is in love with this huge and spacious pool too! Trust me, we spent most of the time at the pool whenever she comes over to my place.