A Day At The Pool

I've recently half-moved (I haven't fully moved to this place yet!) to a new place and this place has an Olympic-size swimming pool - something I really, really love about this new place. And one of my best friends, Nicole is in love with this huge and spacious pool too! Trust me, we spent most of the time at the pool whenever she comes over to my place. 

Of course, it's important to pack our pool essentials down with us too.

5 main pool essentials:-
beach wrap up

Nicole's hubby was away for outstation and I invited her to come and stay over the weekends as I know we are going to have fun together, as always. We spent the Friday night with lovely pillow talks session and that caused us not able to wake up early the next morning for L'oreal warehouse sale. Oh well. To make it up for it, we decided to go down and chill by the pool instead - with some fun activities of course!

inside the box.

#1 Max Azria Cross Back Bikini Set (black)
#2 Inflatable Pink Flamingo Drink Holder
#3 Body Scrub: 2-in-1 Body Scrub & Bath Salt
#4 Sunscreen
It was just a few days ago when this lovely box arrived my doorstep. This is one of the special theme boxes by Pink n' Proper and Claire Organics for this month.

Trust me, this is a perfect collaboration themed box because it has two of my favorite brands! I've been using some good stuff from Claire Organics since I got to know them through one of the Markets by Jaya One. I love how the products are specially formulated with natural remedies, packed with nourishing and healing skin benefits, great for sensitive skin to all skin types, safe and gentle for babies and pregnant mommies!

the products.

Body Scrub - 2-in-1 body scrub and bath salt. It's perfect for a me-time pampering session. Or, you can also have a pampering session with your girlfriends! Anything that is multi-functional will fall into my favorite item list! How amazing it is you are able to exfoliate your body with this or simply use it as bath salt!

Sunscreen - A definite essential for beach/pool day! It's important to protect your skin from the UV with this all-natural sunscreen lotion balm. You can apply it all over your face and body.

If you been following me on Instagram, you would know how much I love the swimwear from Pink n' Proper! Founded in 2012, Pink N' Proper proud themselves as a local Malaysian brand that specializes in bringing in fashionable swimwear and beachwear. Pink N' Proper collections are chic, mixed with a dash of classiness along with a hint of elegance and without forgetting a touch of sexiness. They have quite an extensive range of swimwear, whether you're looking for something fun, sweet, plain or colorful, they are available in different forms - bikini, monokini, high-waisted, beach wrap, etc. Going to the beach has never been so fashionable! Check them out at www.pinknproper.com!

Fashionable and versatile - Pink n' Proper do have some versatile swimwear that you can wear in three different ways. It's really entirely up to you to dress it plain, up or down! If you're looking for options like this, you should really check out both Lulu Swimsuit and Max Azria Cross Back bikini set! The best part is - these two bikinis are available in this month special theme box - where you can get them at a promotional price together with some other goodies!

Can we please talk about the little pink flamingo floatie? It is super duper cute and it's actually a drink holder that allows you enjoy your drink whilst dipping in the pool!

For the month of June, there are four variants of the special theme box by Pink n' Proper x Claire Organics - priced at RM99 ONLY (worth RM200)! Each box will be featuring a swimwear, inflatable pink flamingo pink holder, body scrub and sunscreen. To make it fun and personalize, you are able to choose one from the four different swimwear designs - Lulu Swimsuit (black) / Max Azria Bikini Set (white) / Max Azria Bikini Set (black) / Papilon Beach Wrap (yellow)

:: USE discount code "CAROLINENG10" to enjoy 10% OFF ::

To purchase the special themed box, log on to www.pinknproper.com or in-store at Claire Organics (Facebook or Instagram).

Nicole and I certainly had fun chilling at the pool with each other company and all our favorite things - books, boozes and floaties! :p Other than watching a movie, cafe hopping, shopping with Nicole, doing makeup for her - this is officially another favorite thing-to-do together for us!

Tell me how do you spend time with your girlfriends!


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