The iPhone 4s is coming~~to town~iPhone 4s~~iPhone 4s all the way~~Oh! What fun! Had you guys heard of the launch of iPhone 4S in Malaysia? Possibly one of the best smartphone in the market now?

So what is the thing I'll do first if I get my hands on an iPhone 4S? I thought about it and these are the few things I would want to do!

1.Subscribe to iDigi plan for iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S? 4 sure for me? I bet many people who know me well that I'm not much of an Apple iPhone fan. And most of you guys would know how much I love my Blackberry. But then, this iPhone 4S is trying very hard to tempt me away from my Blackberry. I admit. I had fallen for its temptation and if you can't win them, join them!

So why iPhone 4S is 4 SURE 4 ME?

1. I love taking pictures and sharing it!

Once upon a time, there's a princess from a land far away named Princess Snow Carol.. 

Oh!! And there's a magic mirror as well!! Which fairy tale do not need a magic mirror?

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I used to celebrate the festive Christmas with the family and I feel so happy to be home for the celebration! God knows how much I missed the family while am at KL. 

Sis Haylie
All this while, being together with Eric, going through all the ups and downs along our relationship, was pretty challenging and fun! The first day of this month was my birthday and this year marked a very first time I could celebrate it with Eric. After the surprise birthday by him and my lovely bunch of dearies, I thought there will be no more surprise from him, which am wronged!

It's Christmas Eve and if you're still thinking where to celebrate the Christmas, why not give Grand Dorsett a chance to serve you like a king for a night? Since the first time I went there for the themed buffet, I just could not help myself but falling in love with the delicious foods especially the breads at Terazza Brasserie, Grand Dorsett. I was so glad being invited to go over again for the Christmas Buffet!

Christmas Tree entirely made of bread!
The moment Eric and I saw the Christmas tree that entirely made of bread, we seriously doubt if it is made of real bread and were surprised with the confirmation from the General Manager, Mr Kuscher! This is definitely something extraordinary compared to other Christmas trees that I have seen before. 

Yours Truly and Santa Claus
George Town, being the capital city of Penang, is not just rich with the glorious foods but also completed with the beauty of heritage sites. Just so you know that the inner city of George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As much as I love the foods in Penang, am also amazed with the heritage site of it. During my recent Penang trip with Project Penang, I had the opportunity to stepped into Cheong Fatt Tze mansion ( also known as The Blue Mansion ) and venture every little corner of the mansion.

A picture with the the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
Upon reaching Cheong Fatt Tze mansion, we were greeted warmly by a sweet lady named Joanne, who introduced herself as a guide to us, told us what's the do's and don't when you're in the mansion before she start the mansion tour. Photography is not allowed when you're in the house, however, we're given the authority to do it and that's relieved me lots. The moment she started the tour and telling us that the whole mansion occupied a land area of 56,000 square feet, with a built-up area of total 33,000 square feet was built according to Feng Shui, that caught everyone's attention which were keep till the end of the tour. 
Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock.... I believe everyone has started counting down for the Christmas, so am I! Not just because it is Christmas but also because am going back to hometown and get to celebrate the holy jolly day with the dearest family! It is less than a week for that! As much as I am exciting to go back, am truly enjoyed what I have had at here, celebrating the Christmas in a different way, together with all the people at here, it was truly blessed. I have never thought I could celebrate the Christmas with Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Balloons fantasy
Merry Chipmunk Christmas!
I was fascinated with the all the balloons that hanged at the table side and with all the bubbles, what a fantasy-like at Cinnamon Coffee House! To be given the opportunity to sample their Christmas Buffet and get to celebrate the early Christmas with the children from House Of Joy, it was truly unexpected and grateful. Like I said before, the more the merrier especially during the joyous celebration like this! The buffet spread on that night was extensive and I know there's no way I could share everything at here.
You may said 4 days 3 nights is enough to venture the "little" Georgetown in Penang, but oh boy! You're totally wrong and better change your mind set about Georgetown. We were each given a map with the listed tourism attractions as guideline for us. Heck! That's a numbers of places to visit and have not includes the foods that we're going to try! 

Before we start our exploration of the city, we were all divided into few groups. I was totally glad to be in the group and they're all awesomely cool and cute! Three photographers in the group and the cute lil girl in the group which made our group more happening!
As a Christian myself, Christmas is always the most awaiting celebration to me. December, the month that I love the most not only for my birthday but as well as the Christmas! The other reason that I love Christmas as it always bring the joy to everyone, doesn't matter where you at. I was totally feel delightful for given the opportunity to join the early Christmas celebration at Prince Hotel together with the 40 children from the Agathians Shelter Home. 

The Agathians Shelter is an orphanage for boys that was founded in 2003 by a team of young adults with the aimed of save a group of children from being turned out to the street and to provide a home for them. All the boys are from various backgrounds - orphaned, only have single parent who can't afford to feed them, abandoned or neglected. To bring the joy for this children, I am more than happy and gladly to have the moment with them.
Aloha! I just back from the trip and the trip was actually the Budget Traveller Guide toGeorgetown by Project Penang. First of all, being one of the ten bloggers chosen for the trip definitely meant a lot to me. To me, it is sort of achievement in my blogging journey and appreciate being given such opportunity, I am so proud with myself and it also motivate me to improve and blog in my passionate way. What's more? My flight to Penang was fully sponsored by the most winning awards airline which had celebrated their 10th awesome anniversary recently; it is none other than AirAsia
With several direct flight provided by AirAsia, traveler from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia can easily fly to visit Penang! Besides, Penangites could fly to have their weekend gateway at Kuala Lumpur (8x daily), Johor Bahru (2x daily), Kota Kinabalu (1x daily), Kuching (1x daily) or even Langkawi (1x daily). That's how convenient AirAsia can be!

The jingle bells starts ringing and am definitely in the Christmas mood already right after my birthday! This time round, I get the opportunity to join the rest to sample the Christmas Eve Dinner menu at Sanook. I always fancy to dine by the lake for not just it romance ambiance but also for it rather chilly. 

A virgin stepped into this place, I know we're just going to enjoy the good food while chilling around. We started with the wine of the month, Bolzano Tempranillo which I found it tasted just nice and it's mild compared to what I have tried before this. I guess I just found something suit me and it is definitely will go well with my main course later on!

Being in love and loved are both totally different things and I will always be grateful for I have the both of it. To have friends that is really appreciate you and accepting you as how you are are those who you can keep for life. Since the first I know them, we all know that the friendship that we have are extraordinary as we get to know each other all from the internet, be it twitterville or blogosphere.

Bunch I love the most
On the Sunday, when boyfie told me I will need to accompany him to attend his work-related event on the Monday, I was so reluctant and kept trying to decline him nicely. When the Monday came, he asked me to get ready and wear something nice for the event, I was not even in the mood to dress up. How can I don't even realized it was a trick when he do not allow me to touch his phone whenever there is a whatsapp message notifications?! I am so dumb that I do not even alert when Merryn tweeted and hinted me!
To have such hectic life is definitely not everyone wish for, so am I. Last week, I met up and hanged out with my girls who always adore the cosmetics and taking deep concern on skincare. I always love to have a date with them for they are just full with the beauty knowledge and I would always love to get a tip or more from them, and they are for sure always love to share it with me. 
Clinique Counter @ Midvalley
Have you guys actually heard of the Who's That Girl Search which organized by Clinique? That's my first time heard of it too! I've joined the girls dropped by and had our makeover for the night. How many of you actually have seen me without the makeup on? I seldom put on makeup for am lazy and am just not good at it. Sorry that I have to put up my horror ugly picture at here! 
During my recent company trip, I admit that I do not think there is something that I should looking forward to. It turned me down when the both of them could not make it and seriously makes me feel so bad. Yet, am still go for it. The moment we get to know PC & QA will be combined as a team, having the both crazy cheerful people in the group definitely turned my mood on! We only have one night time to do the rehearse for the talent show and we even sacrificed our sleeping time and luckily managed to get couples hours to sleep nap before start our journey to A Famosa Resort, Melaka.
A Famosa Resort
A Famosa*2
The Magical Musical had been really amazing for me and it marked the first ever musical I have ever been to. Being a musical freak myself, I have told you I am so not going to miss the coming Aladdin The Musical which will be held at the Ampitheatre, Sunway Lagoon on this coming 25th November (Friday). I jumped happily when I was given the opportunity to meet the casts of this Aladdin The Musical as I have never even expect I am going to meet them in person! It just like a dream come true for me. 

The Studio
Producer and Choreographer
I have joined some other bloggers for the meet the cast session and I had to say it was so happy to see some familiar faces of the casts and dancers! We were all warmly welcomed by the producer, choreographer, mains casts and dancers upon entering the studio. We were briefed about the Aladdin The Musical and the producer introduced the main casts and dancers of the musical. What's more? We get to witness three part of the musical too! Here, let me intro you the main casts of the Aladdin The Musical!
In 2007, I started a blog to write about something personal, treating it as my online diary. At that time, I do not really know that how and what actually it can brings and lead me to. Till I started another new blog on the Dec at year of 2009 and getting to know Panda Foong! I get to know many of you through him and on, nothing but surprise me with all the happening event posts that I have read from many of your blogs. Something that I envied about seeing all the event being held for bloggers in KL. Staying at KK, my life is pretty dull you may say? Perhaps it is due it was related more on families, works, friends, nothing much.
After made the decision of seeking some challenge in life and trying to learn how to be independent by moving to KL, life hasn't been the same. What I am glad is, those friends that I have known through blogosphere, they were just as great as they are, bringing me to various events and getting to know more and more people, definitely warmed my heart. Who even would know that bloggers can be so close although haven't met before? Getting those invites doesn't means anything to me, but the experiences that I have gone through that matter most to me.
I believe that looking for a property is not really an easy task to do for everyone of us! But hey, here's where you should head to - PropWall . PropWall is Malaysia's largest FREE property resources website with over 2,000 property analysis articles and 200,000 high quality property photos. 

It comes with a very simple and user friendly interface where you could actually easily browse everything on the website itself. If you're looking for property, be it buying it or just want to rent it, you could just simply click the "Classidieds" tab and choose either Properties for Sale or Properties for Rent as stated in the column 1 at below picture. There's also a space where you could type in your search and the price range for the property you're looking for at the column 2 stated in the picture below. The right side will be showing all the list of properties.

To enhance the search result, users also could directly choose the areas where the property that they are looking for. You could easily find it at the left sidebar of the page under Classifieds. Hence, the search result will do the filter and only available properties at the chosen area will be shown. Users could concentrate in finding their desired properties in that particular area too.

By clicking into the property, you could actually view the picture of the property comes with the description of it. Also, the form where you could contact the owner of the property. There will be plenty of high quality photos therefore, you need not to worry how actually it looks like. Looking for property could be as simple as that by checking out the largest FREE resources of Malaysia Property - PropWall. 
I have sweet tooth! Not that something to be shamed of, but am proudly to be! I love dessert very much! Be it cold or hot, I just love them much! Of course, been eating lotsa types of dessert caused me being so particular in everything. I always set high expectation on every desserts I am going to have for you know, we just wants the best to reach our satisfaction. 
Justberrys Dessert House
The bunch of us gathered and chilling out at JustBerrys to try some of their desserts on the last Saturday. Yes we need something cooling especially during the hot sunny days. JustBerrys might not located in such strategic location where everybody get to spot it easily for it located at deep inside at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. Well, no worries just spot Ah Cheng Laksa and it is just next to it. 
Who would have thought there's such reasonable price where you can get ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT steamboat buffet outside there? Talking about all-you-can-eat, you know you could expect for extensive buffet spread lies on for you to try each of them, and it's just the matter of how much you can take them!

Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant
I wondered why the restaurant was named Umami, later then I know that the word "Umami" is popularly referred to as savoriness, which is one of the basic tastes together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It is also a loanword from the Japanese Umami with the meaning of pleasant savoury taste. Hence, I guess that explained the name of the restaurant. 

Tuaran Mee, I guess there's no way I can get it at KL. But Asam Laksa? Yes, I can get it everywhere, just the matter of authentic or not? It was such a good day where the bunch of us get together and trying out something authentic and original. 

By the name of Heritage Village, it is already shown something to be expected. Am not sure but whatever that named ended with the word "Village", am sure there's something authentic! Just like Paragon Thai Village at Cheras, the Thai foods are really authentic! Right, let's back to the topic. Aman Suria, not really a place that Eric and I would go for foods but after the visit to Heritage Village, we might just change our mind. Reason simply for the delicious foods at there!

What actually Shabu Shabu means? I do know it's meant something like steamboat style where we going to cook all the dish in our pot. Little did I know that the name of Shabu Shabu is derived from the "swish swish" sound of cooking the meat in the pot. How interesting is that! I do believe we just gonna love shabu shabu especially during this cold rainy days!

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant
The buffet counter at Nagomi Japanese Restaurant

Just the other day, I took upon myself to decorate my house. I was having a hard time deciding what I should throw to my walls to achieve a superb look. I wanted my home decor to have the look and feel of my personality. I love flowers. For this reason, I had to get flowers for my decor although I was not sure whether I could keep up with all that is needed to keep a flower alive. Then, as if by accident or fate, I came across the concept of fake flowers. And I fell in love with them at first sight. 

Unless you touch them, it is extremely difficult to tell fake flowers from real fresh flowers. This is more so the case especially with artificial flowers made from silk. They are so life-like you will not have a hard time fooling your guests. 

Fake flowers come in a wide range of varieties. They are made from different materials ranging from the aforementioned silk, to paper and even feathers. They also come in different floral arrangements that look not only beautiful but also natural. With the different floral arrangements, it becomes easier to put together beautiful bouquets that you can place on various surfaces in your home. 

Whereas artificial flowers hold so little over real flowers, they definitely have their place. It is important to shop carefully to ensure you get the best value for your money; there is nothing as off putting as artificial flowers that are faded or charred.
It has been almost a month, from I secretly to openly having affair with Fischer Fritz, I enjoyed every bits of it. It isn't about perfection but the beauty of it. I have never will know the fun of lomography till I met Fischer Fritz.   Last Saturday, Fischer Fritz and I joined the lomography outing with the bunch. You and I both know how happy Fischer Fritz and Fritz The Blitz when Eric agreed to bring us for that outing.

Bidding goodbye to Fischer Fritz is the last thing I wish for now. You have taught me lots on the art of lomography. I will never forget every pieces of it. It feels so hard to let go of something you have started to fall-in-love-with. 

The Loblography Malaysia challenge is coming to an end and thanks a lot to Lomography Malaysia for sending Fischer Fritz to my life, appreciate it very much even it is just in a short period time. It truly open my eyes wider and get to explore the beauty of Lomography even it is just from the La Sardina can.
I SUPER LOVE MUSICAL! The experience watching the Magical Musical right in front my eyes is truly unforgettable. Now, here come another musical in town! Aladdin The Musical, I bet it going to bring us far far to the magical land of Askabar! Being a Disney freak of me, who always love some kind of living in a fantasy world, this is just going to hook me up! 

Aladdin The Musical
The West End Production just going to bring us to ride on a magic carpet to see a whole new world of the magical land of Askabar. Why I am so excited for this? The Gala Premiere will be set on the 25th November at the Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon and just so you know that Aladdin The Musical will add a modern, musical twists to its stage play. Intergrating contemporary pop music with the classic storyline, Aladdin The Musical definitely a production that all walks of life will enjoy.

The night that I have had fun with the bunch, the night that I've seen lotsa fashionistas dressed in style, the night that is too glamorous to be kept as memories! What else other than the Tri Factor Glam Night which was held at KL Live and it was the record of Malaysia's First Ever Fashion Concert I have attended so far!

Ticket for TFGN
Happy girl with the TFGN balloon!

To be honest, I have never really bother how to take care of my skin, just so you know that am such a lazy bump! I used to be a person who just use facial cleanser and never follow proper skincare regime. That's also what you can see on my face now. But hey! I believe we always trying to improve ourself so do I. It's never too late to learn and explore more in taking care of our skin. Thanks a bunch to Melissa for tagging me along and that makes us to be the first of the few to get to know about Enuca products and to try the products too! 
Entering the White House, everything is in white and with the gold color on Enuca's sign, LUXURIOUS, that's all I can describe it. Little did I know that the tagline of Enuca is Luxury Is Yours. Being the first two comers, both Melissa and I were escorted around the White House and there's few more rooms upstair which will be used for some of the classes soon. 
Since the day Fischers Fritze entered my life, everything is totally different. Why? It seems that I am bringing him everywhere I go more than compare to my boyfriend. That's really have to thanks to THEM! While having an affair with him, I have never felt ashamed to introduce him to my fellow bunch of good friends!

He don't mind to drive me to work while facing the massive road jam in the morning.

He doesn't mind I took his lovely blue hat
It has been a long day for me today! Don't get me wrong, am always loving the Monday as it always resembles a new exciting start of everything. For those who often dine out with me surely know am such a big eater and always enjoy eating and trying something new with the gang! Talking about foods and friends, well I think that good foods gathered everyone together and have a happy meal.
Themed Buffet
Last Tuesday, I have visited the Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel and get to dine in at their Terazza Brasserie cafe. Before entering the cafe, it was kinda surprised to know that Terazza Brasserie comes with a buffet theme on different days! How amazing is that? Looking at the Tex-Mex Flair theme for the Tuesday, I was pretty excited to enter and see what's served on the night.
Have you heard of the Tri-Factor Glam Night? It is definitely something new to me! The Tri-Factor Glam Night  also known as Malaysia's World Fashion Concept and also World's First Tri-Concept. This prestige event is specially bring by HELP University College. In short, Tri-Factor Glam Night is Malaysia's first ever fashion concert or more precisely is fashion competition for students. This competition comprises of three categories - modelling, fashion designing and fashion photography.

Tri-Factor Glam Night

Teams of 3, each consisting of 1 model, 1 designer and 1 photographer, will be competing for the title of Tri Factor Glam Night Champion and stand to win a cash prize of RM 10,000! Here, where the contestants could showcase their skills in modelling, photography and fashion design and shine in front of some of the local fashion industry's biggest name for one night!

Now you see me, now you don't, now you see me again! Ahar... Recently I was too busy and a lil bit tense, or maybe I was too homesick that I couldn't wait till the December to back to home. I love trying something new, not adventurous but good enough to get to try the new taste. Here, I would like to share my experience eating some traditional and authentic Korean cuisines at SoonDaeYa last Saturday!
Restoran SoonDaeYa
Complimentary kimchi
Kkakdugi (Radish soup)
Unlike the typical Korean cuisines that we had at other Korean restaurant, this restaurant did not serve something like bulgogi or rice served with numerous of condiments. I found it it's pretty amazed whereby this restaurant visited by quite a large number of Korean people rather than the local. You know what I mean? ( You can easily see handsome Korean guys and pretty Korean girls at here )
03 October 2011 (Monday)

You know I have been expecting you. You know how excited I am when I was informed that you're coming to me. The long waiting finally over and you surprised me with your presence.