Fischers Fritze, My Love Of Lomo

03 October 2011 (Monday)

You know I have been expecting you. You know how excited I am when I was informed that you're coming to me. The long waiting finally over and you surprised me with your presence. 

Yes, I got the one of the latest version of La Sardina Lomography camera. Let me introduce you with my new love, Fischers Fritze. He is the brand new La Sardina 35mm camera, an entirely fresh analogue wide-angle camera from Lomography that channels the design of the humble sardine can.

Inserting film

He is equipped with an awesome 22mm wide-angle plastic lens, MX (Multi Exposure) Switch and Rewind Knob, two simple-to-use focusing settings and bulb setting for long exposures. I have no idea with lomo camera and never thought it can be this easy to use it! 

Fischers Fritze also equipped with Fritz the Blitz, Lomography's newest and most powerful flash! How amazing it could be! It comes complete with three unique distance settings that allow you to regulate the flash output to suit your needs. More awesome is, it also comes with yellow, red and blue filters. 

I used to snap pictures with lomo effects with my phone and always adore the art of lomography. This threw me into passion of lomography and been searching for nice LOMO cam to have on my own. Although I would prefer something digital but then only realize what's the fun of using films. For the first few shots, " argh! I can't preview what I have taken, not sure nice or not *stress* ". Later I found the joy of taking something random and casual by just clicking and snap!

Camwhoring become such a challenge for me with Fischer Fritz! Well, you know what I mean! I am crossing my fingers hoping the angle just right after the film washed.  

I started to snap anything I want, where ever I go, whenever I wish, and carrying it everyday! It becomes sort of addiction I supposed. And now, I wish Eric would bring me out for some photo-shooting with Fischer Fritz!