An Affair with Fischers Fritze, La Sardina

Since the day Fischers Fritze entered my life, everything is totally different. Why? It seems that I am bringing him everywhere I go more than compare to my boyfriend. That's really have to thanks to THEM! While having an affair with him, I have never felt ashamed to introduce him to my fellow bunch of good friends!

He don't mind to drive me to work while facing the massive road jam in the morning.

He doesn't mind I took his lovely blue hat

He is being picky and only snap cute girls!

I am wondering if he snapping us or trying to peek-a-boo at the handsome cool guy!

He know how to make them smile!

And now, it seem that he is flirting my girl friends!

I am proud for bringing him anywhere I go, he knows am putting my effort in getting more about him. He do not mind if I still not qualify enough to be with him, he is just accepting the way I am. That's makes me love him even more and deeper, hoping that I understand him enough to keep him stay by my side for forever.