Birthday Surprise for Mei Yee @ Coffee Chemistry Signature, First Subang Mall SS15

It's been more than a year we have known each other and it has been wonderful always! For all the supports and loves from her, I have decided to surprise her with a simple birthday cake after our dinner. Thanks to everyone especially her hubby, Lionel for keeping it secret from her. 

We all agreed to give her the surprise at Coffee Chemistry Signature at First Subang Mall, SS15. If you wondered, yes this is the new outlet for Coffee Chemistry Cafe at Sunway Giza! We were glad that we managed to bring Mei Yee to Coffee Chemistry smoothly even though she actually was craving for snowflake. With the help from friendly peeps at Coffee Chemistry, thank you for helping us to keep the cake till we arrived and Mei Yee don't have any idea with it at all. *Mission accomplished*

Sweetest Smile! 
Cake Cutting session 
Slice of cake
Just look at her smile! Just so priceless! So happy to see that! We bought Mango Ice Cream Cake from Swensens for her and glad that she loves it. Loving the moments! Later we decided to just chilling out, having some drinks and played the boardgame.

Fresh Orange Juice
Lychee Tea
Caramel Macchiato
Coffee Chemistry serves variety of drinks ranging from fresh juices, coffees, chocolate drinks, ice blended, beers, etc. Looking at the menu, we would order some dish if we were not full from the dinner earlier. We definitely coming back for the foods!
Foong, Grey, Mei Yee and Caroline
Foong, Eric, Caroline, Mei Yee, Lionel and Grey
Mei Yee, Lionel, Caroline, Eric, Foong, Grey and Adrian
Darling Mei Yee,
Happy birthday to you on your special day!
And today also marks another special day which is the the engagement anniversary for you and beloved hubby, Lionel!
Stay happy and loving to you and hubby!
We LOVE you! Friendship forever for the gang kay!