Enuca - Smart Beauty Preview @ The White House, Cheras

To be honest, I have never really bother how to take care of my skin, just so you know that am such a lazy bump! I used to be a person who just use facial cleanser and never follow proper skincare regime. That's also what you can see on my face now. But hey! I believe we always trying to improve ourself so do I. It's never too late to learn and explore more in taking care of our skin. Thanks a bunch to Melissa for tagging me along and that makes us to be the first of the few to get to know about Enuca products and to try the products too! 
Entering the White House, everything is in white and with the gold color on Enuca's sign, LUXURIOUS, that's all I can describe it. Little did I know that the tagline of Enuca is Luxury Is Yours. Being the first two comers, both Melissa and I were escorted around the White House and there's few more rooms upstair which will be used for some of the classes soon. 
After the short tour, we were served with some refreshments which consists of mini cookies, muffins, cupcakes and swiss rolls. Having some sweetness while chit-chatting is always enjoyable, am I right? It was just nice to pampered my tummy before we start with the introduction of Enuca.

Just when I was wondering what is ENUCA stands for, I get the answer through the presentation. Empower with the most effective tools for business success - Nurture each Enucan to the fullest potential - Understand today's consumers and lifestyles, as well as how our products make a difference in our lives and the communities we live in. Connect and engage in open communication with like-minded people who appreciate the finer things in life. Advocate the brand with pride rooted in a genuine belief to help others enjoy new luxury.

Eye shadows
Getting to know little by little about the background of Enuca, we then get to try out with the products, both skincare and cosmetics!Firstly, the sunblock. Sunblock Me SPF60 PA+++ is the smart sun protection solution that combines high performance sun protection with skin caring properties. While person like me doesn't really like the oily-ness comes from the sunblock lotion each time I applied it, this Sunblock Me definitely surprised with it oil-free feel even for the long period of time!

Sunblock Me
We were introduced to the body scrub product too. Polish Me Perfect body scrub consists of the wallnut shell and apricot seed which gently but effectively buff away dull skin to reveal smoother, lustrous skin beneath. The concentrated blend of 10 berries and fruits delivers a boost of nutrients to the skin to repair and moisturize. Each of everyone of us loving this max for the fruity smell and we just can see the immediate difference after applied it on our hand. 
Polish Me Perfect
What's the star of the day? The serum range! I believe everyone knows how importance of serum towards our skin. There were 4 types of serums offered by Enuca - Lift Me Up, Light Me Up, Soak Me In and Clear Me Out serum. We get to try the Lift Me Up serum which instantly smoothens and tightens skin, reduce the appearance of the lines and wrinkles. It works like magic!
Serums Range
Next, cosmetics! We just love make-up! Loose powder, what's so biggie about it? The HD Mineral Magic Loose Powder certainly opened my eyes big and made me went WOW! Why? Unlike the ordinary loose powder, this loose powder comes with a grinder! It is more like a compact powder and we will get the fresh powder whenever we turn the grinder clockwise. How awesome it can be? It conceals wrinkles, pores, scars and fine lines with a natural, flawless finish.
HD Mineral Magic Loose Powder
Just when I start to figure out how much it will cost me, Enuca surprised us with the goodie bag which consists of 4 types of serums and 1 HD Magic Loose Powder! Just so you know, those just going to cost me almost RM 1K and it becomes a gift from Enuca!

Mua & Merryn
Melissa, Mua and Merryn
What's more? The both Melissa and I get makeover by the lovely makeup artist Queency! We are loving the result and had to thanks to Queency for giving us some tips in makeup too. We are such happy girls on that day after the pampering session.

Applying smokey eyes
Melissa in purple-ish mood
Melissa, Queency and Mua
Thanks Enuca!
Last but not least, all of us get to sign up as the member for FREE! Now, am a proud Enucan and can't wait to start shopping from Enuca and enjoy the member discount too! Getting extra 5 vouchers, am bringing my girl friends to enjoy the beauty workshop at Enuca soon! Whatcha waiting for? Come and join me enjoy the shopping spree at Enuca!

Enuca Sdn Bhd
No. 28, Jalan 6/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
Batu 3½, Cheras,
56100, Kuala Lumpur,

Enuca Hunting line: 03-92820888
Enuca Fax: 03-92820999
Website: www.enuca.com

P/S: All pictures credit to Melissa