Authentic Traditional Korean Cuisine @ Restoran SoonDae Ya, Ampang

Now you see me, now you don't, now you see me again! Ahar... Recently I was too busy and a lil bit tense, or maybe I was too homesick that I couldn't wait till the December to back to home. I love trying something new, not adventurous but good enough to get to try the new taste. Here, I would like to share my experience eating some traditional and authentic Korean cuisines at SoonDaeYa last Saturday!
Restoran SoonDaeYa
Complimentary kimchi
Kkakdugi (Radish soup)
Unlike the typical Korean cuisines that we had at other Korean restaurant, this restaurant did not serve something like bulgogi or rice served with numerous of condiments. I found it it's pretty amazed whereby this restaurant visited by quite a large number of Korean people rather than the local. You know what I mean? ( You can easily see handsome Korean guys and pretty Korean girls at here )
The first dish presented on our table was the Pajeon. "Pa" literally means green onion in Korean, and that's the main ingredient in this dish. It also knows as Korean pancake for it is made from a batter of eggs, flour, rice flour, green onions and other additional ingredients like beef, pork, kimchi, shellfish or perhaps other seafood. I am definitely not a big fan of green onion, but I gotta say this is truly appetizing! The different between this and the Chinese pancake is it's quite thin in layer for it's not made from dough, it is soft and goes pretty well with the special sauce prepared at SoonDaeYa.

Soon Dae (Sundae)
The first moment I stepped into here, I was wondering why is it the restaurant named SoonDaeYa, later I found out this restaurant believed to be the FIRST in Malaysia that serves Soon Dae (Sundae). Yes, their signature dish is Soon Dae. Soon Dae(Sundae) is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming pis's intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. There were three types of Soon Dae were served on that day and they were Meat Sundae, Vegetable Sundae and Kimchi Sundae. It may sounds not appetizing, the smell too not that inviting, but it is delicious in taste that I couldn't describe in words! It is a MUST ORDER dish when you happen to visit this restaurant!

Slices of Steamed Pork
Special sweet kimchi
Another most recommended dish to have in this restaurant is the Bo-Ssam. This is definitely another star dish and everyone's favorite on that night. "Ssam", means wrapped. Bo-Ssam, consists of steamed pork, sweet kimchi and lettuce. I learnt the art of eating Bo-Ssam whereby putting the steamed pork onto the lettuce and topped with the sweet kimchi which I found is the main secret of this dish! It tasted so great that we finished it up in a short time and wish to have more of it. The combination of eating this while drinking the soju is just AMAZING!

Next dish on our table was the Soo-Yook. It consists of various part of pork such as small intestines, heart, and etc. Although it's not my favorite of dish, looking at how they kept eating it tempted me to give it a try. Ohyes! Totally changed my perception to those various part of pork! They are simply delicious, especially with some sauces or perhaps kimchi. 

Seol-Leong Tang
Noodle and beef slices
Apart from their signature dish, there were some other ala carte dishes were served to us too. The Seol-Leong Tang, is a Korean traditional broth soup made from ox bones, spring onion and noodle. Do not be fool with the milky off-white color of the soup, there's no milk but it's due to the simmering over a low flame process took 40 hours to allow the flavour to be gradually extracted from the bones. It was quite embarrassed when I asked why is it tasteless during my first sip, later I was told we have to add some salt, ground black pepper, minced garlic, or chopped spring onions based on own preferences. Interesting aye!

It followed up with the Sogogi-Guk, the beef soup with hot pepper sauce. Looking at it fiery hot appearance, it's enough to stop me from trying it. Everyone love it very much yet most of them couldn't stand with the spiciness from this soup-dish. Eric seems to love it, well he just love spicy!

SoonDae Guk
Another soup dish was the SoonDae Guk, the soup with soondae and pork. The soup base is the same as Seol Leong Tang and I guess the soup was so fragrance with the soondae in it. It is pretty much taste the same with the soondae actually.

Last but not least, the King-Donkatsu. It is a plateful of big size Korean style pork cutlet that topped with generous amount of special sauce. I love how they can actually maintain the crispiness of the pork cutlet after topped with the special sauce. 
Soju ( Korean's Vodka)
Rice Wine
Cinnamon Ginger Tea
Rice Juice
Korean Coffee
Speaking about the drinks, we were served with few types of Korean drinks. It can be really addictive and all the drinks were all refreshing and oh-so-tasty! I personally going to give a plus point for soju, rice wine and rice juice! 
Dining with the owner's son of SoonDaeYa
A group picture with the owner of SoonDaeYa
It was such a great time catching up with friends at here especially with it's cozy ambiance. This restaurant opened since early of this year and you wouldn't want to believe that the owner of Soon Dae Ya actually stayed in Malaysia for 14 years and been learning how to cook and tadaa! Soon Dae Ya for us! It's really worth your every penny to experience the authentic traditional Korean cuisines at here! 

Restoran Soon Dae Ya
17-L2, Jalan Ampang Putra, Taman Putra Sulaiman,
68000 Ampang, Malaysia
Tel : 03 - 4251 5170
Facebook : Soon Dae Ya
Business Hours : 11am - 10pm