Yesh! Its Monday! 
Happy Happy Monday! :p

Again, if you guy's have read this, surely know I've got Eric a lil cute piggy for our 1st-monthsary pressie. :p
Am glad he love it! :)

hubbywithpiggy.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

But... do you know?
He actually use that to cheer me up or when I am pissed off with him or other thing, he will show me that!
Grrr.. How can I continue piss when he show such cute piggy to me?!
( Or maybe it just easy to make me laugh? LOL! )

Image002-4.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Sometimes, he will just randomly send me mms and saying that piggy miss me.
Looking at the picture also can make smile from ear to ear.


When I am moody, he also will randomly send me mms.
It's enough to cheer me up! <3

Image005-2.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

When I first saw this picture, I thought the piggy "merajuk" !
When look at it properly, piggy actually looking at my picture on lappy! :p


Lil piggy come out from her lil box!
Saying "Hi" to everyone.

See.. he always use lil piggy to comfort me and cheer me up.
Too easy for him, right??
Doesn't matter, as long as both of us happy! :p

Last week, my blog was infected by malware, and caused my two latest posts gone.
I was pissed off and REAL MAD.
Then I just found out that the malware is from gengblogger icon inside my blog.
I am so pissed off and quickly remove it from my blog.
Boyfie trying to get back cache copy for my two posts and glad I managed to get it back.
Thanks to LadyJava too!
And now my blog is free from any malware! :D

Boyfie that time trying so hard to calm me down and yea finally he got me to sleep.
If not, sure I will stay up for the whole night and get it done then sleep!
Poor him have to bear with my bad temper.
Thanks for loving me n being so caring! :p

[ P/S : My next post will be something special for everyone especially my blogger friends! ]


Embedded Thoughts
Okie there is such thing called Follow Friday in twitterville.
So, I wanna starts my Fun Friday!

# 01

FOONG-2.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

SK, u saw this!
Tell us how you feel??? *mwahaha*
Do you want me to whack Panda Foong now?? :p


Recently, I cooked!
But.. I have no idea how I can fry egg with the shell with it. =.= "


Still remember this sweet young lady?
I've blogged about the pageant. :)
Congratulations to her for winning THREE titles - Miss Nature's Guardian, Miss Charity, and Miss Popular!


I can't help myself but laughing hard...
* when someone claims herself know how to speak Japanese but still saying "OHAYO" during DINNER time!
* when someone can keep repeating the answer " I AM single parent " when people ask TWICE " What's your father doing now? "
* when someone actually willing to do anything just to win ALL but ended up win nothing. :S After that, bad mouthing about others? *LOL*


Merryn and Witch, thanks so much!
* hugs *


Wishing on a Falling Star
I love Monday but I hate Tuesday!
So, my Wednesday will be a random one as I am feeling neutral to it. *lol*
So, from now on I will post something random on every Wednesday's post. :D
DSC00731.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
I got my second book from Booksneeze - The Edge of the Divine. :)
For my busy life now, I just don't have much free time for myself.
I am still trying to finish it.
I met Grey (@conancat) on last Saturday night.
I bet most of you know about him.
He gave a great laugh for the night. *LOL*
But for sure he laughed more than me!
withGrey.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
Frankly, we actually only realized that we got the same color shirt after Ms Susie told us.
To all dearest Foong, Merryn, Quachee and Erika - It's just a coincidence or maybe as what Grey had explained : Great minds think alike! *mwahaha*
I know you guys wanted to know what's my height so there you are.
Dear boyfie, we are almost the same height according to Grey. *lol*
Not to mention, I'm on a lesson - Sex Education by Grey on that night too.
I am craving for Peppermint ice cream nowadays, I just can't wait till my "aunt visit" over so that I can grab as much as I can! *mwahaha*
My sister had the New Groovy Lime Sundae offered in McD the other day and it's yummy according to her, I wanna try it too! :p
I wanted to go watch the Step Up 3D after I fell in love with the OST for that movie.
So, the next movie I'm going to watch will be that for sure!
Club Can't Handle Me by Flo-rida ft David Guetta

I love Jay's Chou new album and now I am loving the songs in Lee Hom's new album too!
Those songs are all great and awesome! :)
I can replay all the songs for hours without feeling bored. :p

The album is really WORTH-TO-BUY. :D

[ P/S: I just realized that this post kinda full with green color! hahaha! ]


Embedded Thoughts