Sis Haylie Joined a contest!

I am a big fans of Johnson's Baby products.
How about you guys?? *wink*
Last Saturday I went to Giant Hypermarket to shop for some stuffs and I saw there's an offer for Johnson's Baby products and they opened a booth with Dumex's products too.
So, I went there and planned to buy the bedtime lotion. *mwahaha*
Paying time, the cashier told me I've purchased more than RM15 and asked me if I have any lil kids to join the Baby of The Year contest.
So, I've decided to bring my lil sis Haylie to join it. :D

Too bad that the next day when we were about to bring sis Haylie for the photo shoot, that was her sleeping time. :/
Well, we don't want to miss it so dad said just go for it then.

DSC00620-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Mom with sis Haylie, so you can see that she's really not in the mood for anything. LOL

DSC00622-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

She looked so fierce at here!! T.T

Picnikcollage.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

She's is sleepy and can see how her react on the set. =.="

Let me show u those pictures snapped for my lil sis! :P

            sishaylies.jpg picture by KawaiirolSISHAYLIE2.jpg

Can see that she's not comfortable in the beginning.


Well I think looks better. *lol*

Let me share with you guys some of those pictures I love more! :p

DSC_2025-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

*wanna cry*

DSC_2026.jpg picture by Kawaiirol


The TWO pictures printed out was these:

DSC_2013_.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

DSC_2008_.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

One of it taken as the picture for the contest which is the last one! :)

She looked CUTE!
Do you agree with me?? :p

Well after the photoshoot for sis Haylie is done, sis Flo and I have to separate with dad and mom as they don't want to eat KFC. ( frankly, that time me myself too don't feel like eating fast food but sis Flo blackmailed and dragged me to there. :/ )


Picnikcollage-2.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Camwhores before and after eat. >.<

After finished eating, we went to shop around.

Picnikcollage-4.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Guess which one I bought? heeee... :))

DSC00647-1-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
Those piggies very cute right?? :p

After finished with our own stuffs, we went to look for parents and sis Haylie just woke up from her short nap while mom and dad enjoy their lunch with some friends they met there. :)
[ Regret didn't join them for lunch! Nice foods they had for lunch. :( ]

Sis Flo and I then brought sis Haylie to have fun in the mini playground at there.
She played and enjoyed a lot at there.
Goodness. Can you imagine a lil girl walking around there amongst those bigger size than her?


I don't know what's that but she enjoy playing it! :D

DSC00653-1-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Sisters! :)

Well after some fun time, we back to parents and had our tea break at there then go home happily.
Weeeeee!! I love family feelings. :))

Do you guys realized it's only girls' day out for that day? :p




  1. muahahahaa me FC!!!

    any price for guessing which one you bought?? XD hehe how come put cabbit wan...XD

    LOL haylie look very bu shuang in the beginning

    er....your father is not girl wut? LOL

  2. @Eric Lee hahaha!! yea FC! :D

    Err got for u! :p

    wei ok la except my dad lor. hmph

  3. hehe...then ah? pink piggie!!! XD

  4. hahaha, of course people will get very frustrated if you just wake them up to go photoshooting lah..

  5. hahahaha, must have wasted a lot of effort to try to calm her down and make her happy again??

  6. yeah, i like the last photo also.. so cute and so eligible for the contest.. good luck to you all huh..

  7. @Eric Lee mwahahaha!! no pressie for u! U knew it earlier dy one! :P

  8. @[SK]
    haha yea i know how's the feeling too! well u're right dat really hard to calm her down..

    yeaa i love all her pictures!! :))

  9. Baby Haylie is so cute, summore with rosy cheeks... can cubit cubit a bit eh? hehehe..

  10. so this is your new blog? :)
    kids are kids..they have to take time to warm up..

  11. HaHa! Your sister so cute! But I liked it best when you were photographed together as sisters, because that seemed the happiest:)

  12. Am done .. am done..
    how you like it? hehehe

  13. good luck with the contest, baby Haylie! :)

  14. @Inspired Momx1 hahaha! yup rosy cheek! the in charge person that day tot we put blusher on her cheek! LOL.

  15. @reanaclaire yup yup. well agree wit u! haha banyak susah!

  16. @LadyJava LIKE it very much la! :)) yea she's cute!!!

  17. @Caroline Ng May Ling

    just now say got wan!! T__T

    eh Haylie got long eyelashes le...nice nice summore curl upwards a bit wan...good luck to her

  18. @Eric Lee ngek ngek ngek. Haven't finish write ma, left this => only if I never tell you.. mwahahaha

    heee.. sure la, leng leh.. don't jealous. :P LOL!!

  19. oh, caroline! haylie is so cute with her cute little headband there. hehehe. she looks so cute in all the pictures and i agree that the last picture is your entry.

  20. and yah! she is indeed not in her best mood. LOL. she's grumpy it seems. hahaha.

  21. btw, i so love your new blog look! congratulations to you and LJ! you both did a great job here. cheers!

  22. love your blog's new look caroline! thanks for joining the Friday Linky Freebies at my site. :)

  23. ... I actually still use baby Johnson's shampoo. Hahaha. Honestly.

    Do you like baby cookies too? I do, sometimes.

    Maybe I shud join in the baby of the year contest.

  24. wah....good that u love my products 'Johnson' name...ehehehe.

    anyway, she is so cute and adorable girl ler...

  25. LOL!!! Poor people kacau2 only. Did she win? Results not out yet? Hope she gets the prize!!! Good luck!

  26. @_el@i_ hehehe!! yay!! :D learnt from the lesson, never simply wake baby up when they're sleeping still. :P

    i love it too! :D

  27. @PFx Wohooo! Baby cookies?? example??? hehehe yea u shud ! but only when there is BIG BABY OF THE YEAR CONTEST k? mwahha

  28. @-JayLeo™- ahhaha i removed it. will put it on later on maybe. :))

  29. @vialentino aiseh! this guy ah. hahah i know la ur name ! :D

  30. @suituapui hahaha dunno the result yet ler. lol wei not me d one woke her up for sure. XD

  31. Cute cute Sis Haylie!! Good luck to her ok!! :)

  32. Hi Caroline!

    Wow, Haylie is so adorable! I really like the last pic as well as the rest of lovely family pics!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  33. @iamthewitch ahahah! thnx Witch!! :D yea lucks to her!

  34. no new posts yet Caroline? :-) just dropping by.

  35. So cute ur Mom aiyoooo, comel! No wonder la the daughters oso so cute! :)

  36. Next post show some bikini pics okay? ;)