There's always PRICE for everything, agree?
We have to pay for something what we've done, am I right?

There's two path for me to choose.
I would say am taking risk now, something that is still unsure yet my heart says I must go for it.
We'll never know until we try, I just wanted to grab as many as opportunities that open to me, that's what they told me.
While I always comforting myself there's nothing to regret as long as I've tried for it.
Deep inside my heart, am afraid and full of uncertainties.
Worth it or not?
I just don't know.

On my last day before my next morning flight back to KK, I had a very wonderful gathering with people that I heart a lot among all that I knew from blogospehere.
Starting from Foongpc, Submerryn, Iamthewitch and Lionelong, last but not least my own boyfriend, Ericleeh.Smiley

Witch suggested us to go for this Restoran 126 at Aman Suria on that Sunday.
So, the meeting was at 10am.

Restoran 126
Photo courtesy of
The Restoran 126
I bet looking at there can see what's they're famous for.
for coffee and non-coffee lover!
Why is that?

Since ever Vialentino opened this new cafe, I've been pestering Eric to bring me go there when I at there.
Tell you, I even planned to go there right after I touched down at LCCT, too bad its too late and Eric took the wrong road back!

And for that night I had my date with Rebecca, Saucer and Witch, Grey, Kelvin and Kian Fai (who made it last minute) at Sunway Giza.
We had our dinner at Ipoh-Ipoh and proceed to Coffee Chemistry Cafe for the so-called supper!

The Coffee Chemistry Cafe still quite new at that time and it's sharing premis with Cubic Platform.
So if you saw the Cubic Platform above Movida, just go up and there's the Coffee Chemistry Cafe that you're looking for!
Oh well, we can't find any Baskin Robbin or Haagen Dazs at KK here.
I've tried Baskin Robbin and of course wanted to Haagen Dazs too!
After had my lunch at Pizza Uno, my babysitter, Kelvin drove me to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Eric.
Although he hated Sunway Pyramid and even felt tortured! Smiley
[ Oh well, you know how "easy" to get parking there? ]
Eric suggested to go for Haagen Dazs and you know you know how happy I was at that time!!Smiley

Royal Monte Carlo 

I love how chocolatey it it!!
This Restoran Mint or well known as Peppermint Vietnamese restaurant existed for quite sometimes already.
I would say the location for this restaurant is quite strategic as you see it the moment you enter Karamunsing Capital.

When comes to study or work, I've always wanted everything to be perfect, you may say am a perfectionist, I don't care.

I remember when I had girls talk with my besties and talked about us, I remember both them mentioned the same thing about me, which is PERFECTIONIST.
How much we argued during college time just because of I wanted everything perfect for our assignments, I still love you girls for being at my side when I most needed someone.

Thanks Bill for tagging me!
1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals, or are they members of your family?
To me, its neutral, I don't mind bringing my pets go around with me and I believe pets always humans' best friend. Alright that ONLY if I have a pet as now I don't have any. :p Someone get me poodle please! 
2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
Why not all my dreams come true? Alright I know I should not be greedy. Well, I wish to travel around the world with my love one. Explore the world with someone you love together always a great one I supposed.

On my 3rd day at KL, that was Monday, and Eric had to go work, I was worried about what am going to do at there if Eric working? Smiley
Kelvin was being sooo nice and took leave just to accompany me!Smiley
He made and kept his promise to bring me try the yummiest pasta ever after I blogged about my bad experience at Pizza Hut and craved for delish pasta so badly.

Kelvin having brekkie
During the lou sang dinner, we all still figuring out where to go for supper and I suggested everyone to go Snowflake
Yes! I wanted to try it after read and drooled over Witch's post.
Initially, everyone was kind of not wanting to go there as we're all in Cheongsam and Samfu.

Saucer was so happy that he brought extra shirt and am so glad everyone agreed to go!Free Smiley
Quachee made his presence too!

Caroline and Quachee
The Chinese New Year has come its end today.
Happy Chap Goh Mei to everyone especially Chinese!

For my family, tonight we going back to grandma's house for another reunion dinner.
Guess that's what all celebrations for!

To me, this year CNY nothing much to shout for.
I get sick, I mean tummy aching like hell few days during CNY holidays due to mandarin oranges!
I love SWEET mandarin oranges a lot!
Last Saturday my colleague, Stephanie and I had our dinner at this restaurant named CUBE!
We were both actually wanted to go the well-known steakhouse named Brass Monkey but we just had to cancel it due to the bad weather.
It was pouring heavily on that evening and decided not to go far since we're already at City Mall that time.
There are many food outlets at City Mall such as Hana Japanese Restaurant, Old Town, Vedablu, Papparich, etc.

We were both attracted by this CUBE Restaurant by its entrance and looking at the ambiance inside just made us changed our mind and went inside to dine.

Some of the Chinese New Year decoration on the ceiling.
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!
Doesn't matter if you're single or couple, let's just spread the loves together!

Thanks my dear Eric for his lovely post on this Valentine's Day.
For we unable to celebrate this special day today, we actually celebrated pre-valentine's day when I was there. 

After a short met with Mariuca, Eric and I headed to New Formosa Restaurant at SS2 for our lou sang!

I was really excited to meet everybody once again after my last visit there.
And this time I get to meet Foongpc too!
Wondering who? Free Smiley
None than other - Mariuca
We met up as I need to pass the cookies to her, and I sometime giggled at myseld when I recall back how we met that time.

Eric and I both were dressed in Cheongsam and Samfu as we're ready for the lou sang.
We went to Empire mall to meet up with Mariuca.
Tell you, the moment we arrived the Teh Tarik Place, I saw her from outside and quickly spontaneously said HI! to her.Free Smiley
Mariuca and Caroline
It's shopping time!
Right! I never thought looking for a cheongsam and samfu can be that hard and tiring!
So, after the tummy-filling dim sum brekkie, Eric and I headed to Midvalley to meet up with Merryn.
At that time, I was very excited and even busy texting with Merryn while we on the way there.

We arrived there earlier and I like the Chinese New Year decoration at there!

I saw many cute little lions at there!
Eric wanted to get one for me, but I just don't know what can I do with that later on.
I'm a dim sum lover!
I prefer having dim sum for my breakfast every morning if possible.
I've been telling Eric that I missed the siew long bao at Jin Xuan so badly after my first time breakfast session with my dearies during my last trip.
I was very happy when Eric said he's going to bring me there the next morning!

We woke up early and I quickly give a call to Kian Fai in case he still not awake!
I didn't know how near is his house to there while I was assuming he also taking time to get ready just like Eric and I.
Surprisingly, Kian Fai reached sooo early! Oops! I mean on time as Eric and I took so long to prepare.

Luckily he got a table for us, and by the time I reached there, I saw he had eaten few of those dim sums already!
Eric and I then ordered more, not to forget their infamous lou sar bao!

Just a few of dim sum that we had.
Oh well, I've started working today and yes am so not used to waking up early in the morning after the whole week CNY holidays!
I also know that today is not a good day to start the work, but heard my colleague said that yesterday they actually did opened the office for a while so we're considered "hoi gong" yesterday right?  *LOL*

After all, it's not a total bad day to start work today!
The road is FREE from the road jammed!
and it is...
My Daddy's 49th birthday!
( Happy Birthday to you, daddy! )

Wishing all of you A Prosperous Chinese New Year and may this year GREATER than previous years.

I just back from KL today!
I've fully enjoyed my entire stays at there.

Extremely happy to meet my love, Eric !