My Craving for Snowflake Fulfilled.

During the lou sang dinner, we all still figuring out where to go for supper and I suggested everyone to go Snowflake
Yes! I wanted to try it after read and drooled over Witch's post.
Initially, everyone was kind of not wanting to go there as we're all in Cheongsam and Samfu.

Saucer was so happy that he brought extra shirt and am so glad everyone agreed to go!Free Smiley
Quachee made his presence too!

Caroline and Quachee

This big guy didn't had lou sang dinner with us, but it was great that he joined us for supper.
And this time he came with hair bleached too!

Most of us actually not really familiar with this famous Snowflake and luckily the there's foodie bloggers in the gang!
Witch told us what is nice and recommended something nice for us.

The "Beeping UFO"

Eric done with order at the counter and brought this back to our table.
I found it quite interesting and quite efficient too!
It is really a fully self service one! :)

After your order is ready, you can see this "beeping ufo" start blinking!
I can't see anything like this at KK here yet!

I remembered that Witch told us we can choose either grass jelly shaved ice or soya shaved ice as the base for our desserts.
I don't drink milk and soya ice definitely not my choice!

The Bestseller

The Grass Jelly Ice as the base with Grass Jelly and taroballs as toppings, it comes with creamer too.
I love the taroballs topping - Yam and Sweet Potato flavors.
It's quite chewy and yum-yum-yum!Smiley

We didn't take much pictures at there as we're all enjoy chit-chatting with each others.
Am not sure whose desserts is these either. *LOL*

You can always choose your preferred toppings to your liking.

I guess everyone ordered taroballs as one of the toppings!Smiley

Witch and Caroline

You know, I love to eat and I can eat a lot too.Smiley
I was soo happy to see the huge bowl of dessert in front of me!
It's just worth the pay and most importantly it's yummy!
Seeing the crowds at there already know how famous is this Snowflake.

I was very happy to spent my night with my lovely tweeps and I went to bed with butterflies in my heart too!
I guess Eric was happy too as I finally stop pestering him to bring me go Snowflake! Smiley