I Love Pasta at Pizza Uno, Centrepoint Bandar Utama

On my 3rd day at KL, that was Monday, and Eric had to go work, I was worried about what am going to do at there if Eric working? Smiley
Kelvin was being sooo nice and took leave just to accompany me!Smiley
He made and kept his promise to bring me try the yummiest pasta ever after I blogged about my bad experience at Pizza Hut and craved for delish pasta so badly.

Kelvin having brekkie

After had breakfast with Eric, Kelvin actually wanted to bring me to KL Tower but had to cancelled it and brought me to One Utama to survey and looking for phones instead.
Yes I'm getting a new phone for myself at that time. Free Smiley
Then Kelvin thought of bringing me to Low Yatt but I wanted to have lunch with Eric so cancelled it too.

Kelvin brought me to Pizza Uno after spent some times at One Utama.
The Pizza Uno located at Centrepoint Bandar Utama, I thought we're going to a mall but it doesn't look like a mall to me.

Rabbits on the wall. *LOL*

Menu @ Pizza Uno

Kelvin told me that the Carbonara here very nice, and he ordered it for himself.
What a creamy one! The sauce very thick and Kelvin let me to try it first.
I love it!! It just so delicious!! Especially with the bacon sliced!

Since he ordered the Carbonara, I then ordered the Meat Ball Bolognese spiralli.
Seeing those quite huge meatball on my plate was so inviting! Smiley

Mixed it well and it looked like this.
*Yum* Smiley

Hot Chocolate

I don't drink coffee and not a fan of coffee, so I ordered Hot Chocolate for myself.Smiley
And I forgot what Kelvin had for that day.

Thanks Kelvin for the treat! I love the pasta so much and wish to go back there again!
Oh well, Kelvin had to "babysit" me till Eric's off work time!
We left Pizza Uno and meeting Eric at Sunway Pyramid.
It's time for dessert time, guess what dessert I had in next post?