MM : Rhythm of Love by Plain White T's & Our Pre-Valentine's at Sakae Sushi

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!
Doesn't matter if you're single or couple, let's just spread the loves together!

Thanks my dear Eric for his lovely post on this Valentine's Day.
For we unable to celebrate this special day today, we actually celebrated pre-valentine's day when I was there. 

I opted for Japanese Foods as we already had Kenny Roger's in the afternoon, and I don't think I want to take another Western Food for the night.
Although Eric said he actually wanted to bring me to the Secret of Louisiana at Kelana Jaya.
Since we thought of watching movie so we just went to Sakae Sushi at Sunway Pyramid for our pre-vday celebration!

Us at Sakae Suhi

It was a special dinner for us as we're celebrating our Valentine's day!
I always love to eat with him as he always let me the one order everything!
We chit-chat while waiting for our foods, talking about almost everything regarding us and friends.

Well, I don't even remember what's the name for this but this is the one I love the most!
Actually, we didn't order this but their mistake causing the table next to us had to wait longer for this one. :p
Though it is included in the bill after that too.

Potato Salad

I love this one too! Eric never a fan of salad and this mashed potato salad just would be just nice to him!
He hates tomato very much and won't even eat the cherry tomatoes when I offer it to him.
Are you started feeling to pity him for he had to eat what I love to eat?


We both like it! Yay! See, am not that mean for just order what I love to eat.

Sakae Sushi Set

I love sushi very much! So, I just go for this one!
We love them!
The lunch that we had at late afternoon causing us still quite full at that time but hey we managed to finish 'em all!

Candle lit Sashimi
(Not sure if I got it right, but for sure there's a candle!)

This is supposed to be a special one but I was quite disappointed when I don't see any candle on it.
I love the sashimi but not the sauce surrounded on it.

Lemon Sorbet

Gosh! Am so missing this one!

I didn't even realized I finished it up while Eric busy tweeting that time!
Lol! Eric only got 3 half spoons of it.
Lucky that we're going for dessert after that and yes dear Eric always being sweet!
Happy Valentine's Day to you my dear Eric.
Always love you and miss you no matter where you are, hopefully we can celebrate our next Valentine's day together. <3

And oh!
Something for you darling!
The courier service just collected it just now!
Hope you like it!

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