Haagen Dazs with Loves.

Oh well, we can't find any Baskin Robbin or Haagen Dazs at KK here.
I've tried Baskin Robbin and of course wanted to Haagen Dazs too!
After had my lunch at Pizza Uno, my babysitter, Kelvin drove me to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Eric.
Although he hated Sunway Pyramid and even felt tortured! Smiley
[ Oh well, you know how "easy" to get parking there? ]
Eric suggested to go for Haagen Dazs and you know you know how happy I was at that time!!Smiley

Royal Monte Carlo 

I love how chocolatey it it!!

See my "babysitter" so happy to get it!

However, it's too sweet to his liking and he had kinda hard time to finish it up!
Though I believe he still enjoyed the ice cream!

Banana Split

Alright, gotta say that Eric ordered this one for himself just because I wanted to try it.
It tasted sooo nice! The caramelized banana very sweet too!
Me Love!

And of course mine is the star of the day!!!


Oooh, can you see the "smoke" ??? 

I enjoyed myself a lot eating it!
And I found the pinkish ice cream tasted a lil too sourish to my liking!
I felt so happy finally had the chance to try Haagen Dazs ice cream!
Thanks love!
Eric and Caroline

Eric back to office while Kelvin and I walked around while we still have ample time for another meet up with Merryn.
I love the CNY decoration at there and managed to snap some pictures.


We headed to The Curve to meet up with Merryn and Ethan!

We had some chit chat session while waiting for Eric to fetch me up.
Thanks Kelvin for "babysitting" me for almost the whole day!Smiley