Happy Chap Goh Mei and Chinese Valentines Day!

The Chinese New Year has come its end today.
Happy Chap Goh Mei to everyone especially Chinese!

For my family, tonight we going back to grandma's house for another reunion dinner.
Guess that's what all celebrations for!

To me, this year CNY nothing much to shout for.
I get sick, I mean tummy aching like hell few days during CNY holidays due to mandarin oranges!
I love SWEET mandarin oranges a lot!

And of course stuffed myself with lots and lots kind of CNY cookies too!
And thats the only time no one will scold you for eating so much unhealthy foods! 

CNY also one of the time for us to gather around with our family members and relatives.

Bro Brandon and Caroline

Caroline and Sis Flo

Caroline and Sis Haylie

Bro Gilbert and Sis Haylie

Sis Haylie in cheongsam!
Cute right? And look at her at here!

Same-age aunt Frenda and Caroline

I always love meeting my close cousins and relatives during festive seasons since we rarely meeting each other. So, meeting up during open house always a time for us to catch up with each others!
Tell you, chatting through computer is always different from the real talks!

My family will always do open house on 2nd day of CNY, reason is because we can't eat meat on the 1st day of CNY.
And we will invite lion dance to come to "clean" the house and of course to perform for our guests too (though there's a lil bit different for this year).

There are two gold color lions.

Mom with lion.

So far, I don't really see how much this Rabbit Year has affected to me (Snake), but of course hoping for better year ahead.
Today is also Chinese Valentine's Day and some people believe in throwing oranges to the sea will gives them a chance to get partner, too bad I don't practice that, so for those who going to try their luck, GOOD LUCK!