Another Dim Sum Session at Jin Xuan !

I'm a dim sum lover!
I prefer having dim sum for my breakfast every morning if possible.
I've been telling Eric that I missed the siew long bao at Jin Xuan so badly after my first time breakfast session with my dearies during my last trip.
I was very happy when Eric said he's going to bring me there the next morning!

We woke up early and I quickly give a call to Kian Fai in case he still not awake!
I didn't know how near is his house to there while I was assuming he also taking time to get ready just like Eric and I.
Surprisingly, Kian Fai reached sooo early! Oops! I mean on time as Eric and I took so long to prepare.

Luckily he got a table for us, and by the time I reached there, I saw he had eaten few of those dim sums already!
Eric and I then ordered more, not to forget their infamous lou sar bao!

Just a few of dim sum that we had.

According to Merryn, Kian Fai actually is a VERY VERY SHY guy and even asked me to cross my finger that he would open his mouth and talk!
He is not as shy as that! He is very talkative!
Well, or maybe because there were only three of us?

We met up and chatted and getting to know more about each other.
Did I mentioned that was the first time I met him?
Haha! My bad for woke him up early and he is still sleepy at that time.

Eric and Kian Fai.

While I was busy eating, they were busy "gossiping".

Okie. I ordered quite lot!
But none of them gone wasted, we finished them all!

Caroline and Kian Fai

Wohoo! We're both in blue!
I was quite surprised when see him in blue shirt too, wonder if he too feel the same?
OK, just so you know, it was unplanned.
Haha! It just remind me of when the first time met Grey and he is in green color shirt too!

Eric and I

Thanks love for bringing me there again although we have to wake up quite early just to get the table. *hugs*
After quite long, we finally can take breakfast together again. :)

Eric - Caroline - Kian Fai

I had a great time for this breakfast session with Eric and Kian Fai.
Thanks Kian Fai for willing to wake up that early just to meet me up!
It was really nice meeting you!

After the brekkie, we back home take some stuff and head to Midvalley to meet up with Merryn!!



  1. eh eh eh...wifey the one wake up late.. =P hehe

  2. it's ok la...wifey keep eating the most siew long pau!!! XD like piggy only

  3. miss having brekkie with u dee.. =(

  4. @eric: no worries, give her surprise! =)

    @caroline: lol

  5. I had dim sum on Monday with mom & sis too :)

  6. Yum yum! Pandai u order lau sar bao! Super rich and yummy! Perfect ending to dim sum.. hehe.. I miss dim sum already even though I just had it last weekend! :P

  7. fuyooooo chicken chop sure la dapat first hahahaha!

  8. got leng lui mah.. kian fai biased wan! no fren him .. hmmph!

  9. Yay u are wearing my fave dress he he!

  10. Sigh lovebirds missing each other edi ah...don't worry sure can go for brekkie together2 again soon yeah?

  11. LOL I don't think I can have a breakfast meet with anybody unless if it's at 5am cause dat time still awake haven zzzz..muahahahhaha!

  12. Anyway I oso like dim sum but the dipping sauce must be nice oso if not potong stim je! ;)

  13. That first one steamed cake kah? I like.. looks so fluffy! :)

  14. @Eric Lee YISH! Lamb chop pula! hungry is it? :p ehhh u woke up but nvr wake me up oso. mwahahaha!!

    bwek! i love siew long pau! :p

    auwww... soon soon! :)

  15. @choi yen nicey! dim sum very nice! me likey very much! :D

  16. @iamthewitch HAHA of course!! :p Kian Fai ate one n i ate one! LOL! go for dim sum again! :p

  17. @Mariuca LOL! ok eric lamb chop n u chicken chop? hahaha!

    yes yes sooon! :D

    lol! sure can one! Night Owls ma! :p

    me too! i dnt like the dark color one. lol.

    err stg like dat but inside it very "juicy" !! yums!!

  18. @Merryn LOL! he said when the time he met u, got lots ppl wor, u oso busy talking with them n tak ngam topic wor. hahaha

  19. oh, i know this dimsum restaurant!! very famous and i've been there a few times already..

  20. but the one i always go is in old klang road, i think the one you went is in puchong?? but both always so crowded with people..

  21. haiyoh, that few basket of dimsum for all of you?? very little only lah, i alone also can finish them all~~ :D

  22. but unlike you, i cannot have dimsum everyday lah.. once in a while is ok, if everyday then can get bored easily one~~ :p

  23. u two love birds look very happy. I laik that.


    I am sure it was worth while to wake up early for awesome taste of dim sum. : )

    Now so lapar tengok dim sum. hehe

  24. Yumz!!! I want to eat dim sum again!!! *Drooling* xD

  25. Yum! Yum! Nicer than Fook Ping in KK?

  26. P.S.
    Why can't comment on your Mid Valley shopping post?

  27. Looks delicious, I would love to eat some dim sum now!

  28. I also want to have a taste of those dimsum. :-D

    Hmmm...your friend is shy eh? Maybe he is shy of not being talkative that's why he talked a lot.

  29. @[SK] haha yeap puchong one! :D is it?? whoaa so laku one! that jz some of those dim sums only la!! XD

  30. @Ishmael Fischer Ahab hehe come come! :D

    he is shy to certain ppl only! :p