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Dim Sum at Jin Xuan

Wednesday, December 08, 2010
While we chilling out at Sky Bar the previous night, I texted Witch  to re-confirmed about the dim sum session the next morning and everyone was like saying SO EARLY?! especially Quachee!
So, everyone agree at 10am.

Eric and I actually woke up late and quite rush in that morning and phew~ we managed to get there on time!
We saw Grey and Erika was waiting at there, I mean hold the number and waiting for our turn.
We're at Jin Xuan.

Grey and I

We're lucky that we need not to wait long and going in and get our big round table.
Just after a while, the two tall couple - Witch and Saucer appeared!
I was like - O-M-G! SO TALL?! Smiley

This time no foods pictures as too busy chit chat and maybe Erika have those pictures!
Quachee arrived late on that day, as in very late!
But well late better than FFK!

2 Couples & 3 Singles

Witch just back from the China trip with Saucer and she got the ladies bracelets!
Ladies with bracelets.

Some pictures moment.

When the dudes start "gossiping" ! 
Erika played cheat! She's supposedly appear to be shorter than me! Smiley

The big size dudes!
*Ooops* Quachee is "NAKED" !Smiley

Caroline with Saucer and Witch
O-M-G! See! She's soooooo TALL!!
See! Erika is shorter than me! :p

Quachee and I.
Love this picture!

Eric smiling happily at there somemore! 

Us! <3

I was thought I can meet Vialentino at there but he happened to have another appointment on that morning.
Perhaps next time then. :)
Smiling picture!
Oh! Where is Grey??

Complete picture of us!
Oh! There's Grey! 

We had a great time and really enjoyable time with Saucer and Witch!
Too bad Ethan was sick at that time and Merryn couldn't join us.

Saucer, Witch and Grey

Saucer, Witch, Erika and Quachee

Saucer & Witch - Caroline & Eric

We then headed to Ikea and something shucks happened at there made me hate it so much!


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49 comments on "Dim Sum at Jin Xuan"
  1. The FFK part referring to ME ah? :P

  2. if i was there, we cud have taken a 'staircase' pic with Witch, U, Erika and Me in that order! Oh yeah.. after me.. Eric! LoL! :P Jangan marah eric! :D

  3. OMG I can't believe it! I'm FC????!!! :D Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Witch's leg is longer than MERRYN (as in the whole person)!!!!

    Must be some kind of witchcraft that make it long... macam Tangled - Rapunzel u know? Have to comb da hair everyday for the evil old woman to stay young? Witch must have some secret there that made her legs sooooooo long!

  5. @Merryn of course not referring to u! :D

    hahaha!!! yea hor!! LMAO! wait Eric read this after then u noe! :p

    hahaha yeaaa u're d FC! lol!!

    lets ask her!! LOL!!

  6. soooo love your shirts!!the both of you!!!

  7. so cutie the ladies with bracelet!!!hahhaa

  8. LOL @ your pic with Witch!hahaha

  9. LOL@ Erika too trying to be taller than u!hahaha..u guys are funny!

  10. cute couple pics with singles..hahaha!really highlighting the singles eh!hahaha!

  11. oh, this dimsum restaurant is nice.. lots of varieties of dimsum and very delicious indeed~~

  12. which outlet did you guys go?? saw witch then i supposed the puchong branch?? hahahaha~~ :p

  13. i never been to the puchong outlet, but i often go to the old klang road outlet which is just nearby my friends house..

  14. hahaha, no need to pretend lah.. no matter how high your heels is and how you tip your toes, still witch is taller than you~~ kakakaka :D

  15. hmmm, i wonder why you didn't show us the nice dimsum at all?? their dimsum really very yummmy leh~~ :p

  16. wow, looks like a lot of people also FFK at the very last minute huh?? haha, too bad, you still hang out with the same gang~~ :p

  17. 10 am also too early for me ha ha...

  18. Oh yes now I see Witch is def tall and pretty too! :D

  19. LOL @ better to be late than FFK he he...

  20. The girls look awesome with the bracelets, enjoyed ur pics cutie, thanks!

  21. oh another blogger gatherings... it seems all of you are very close to each other... i just wished we have something like that here...
    oh well maybe we have but haven't discovered one yet... it would be great to meet other bloggers personally

  22. hav agreat day Caroline and happy blogging...

  23. Wah! Unisex t-shirts!!! But I love Quachee's... Hmmmm...will have to ask him to prove that the statement on his tee is true! LOL!!!

  24. @GAGAYits ok to be late! :D
    haha thanks GG! :D

    MWAHAHA!! yeaaa me sooo short!

  25. @[SK] Puchong one. LOL! yea la! wat to do! she's too tall dy!

    cz i dint take the pic! mwahaha! ask Erika to show dat! :p

    err its ok la to Adrian n Merryn! :D

  26. WAH I appear so tall in the picture geh!! I don't remember having such a big difference in height when I met you. Must be the camera angle! LOL!

  27. @Mariuca hahah!! cz u NO not NP ma! :p

    Haha yea!! TRUE!! :D

  28. @SK: You so smart can guess that this is Puchong branch because of me!! HAHAHA

  29. @bluedreamer27 yes BD! :D oh why dnt u start it at there? :) it could be very fun u noe! :D

  30. Eh NOW only I realized that you and Eric were wearing couple T!! I guess I was too busy chit chatting that day until I didn't notice that :P

  31. haha do you realize we're both commenting at the same time RIGHT NOW??

  32. Merryn's comment damn funny.. that my legs are as long as HER!! One day must ask her compare :P

  33. Hopefully you can come and visit us more so that we will have more gatherings like this!! :) HUGS!

  34. @iamthewitch hahaha!! u very tall la wei!! hahaha! me oso shocked!

    LOL! QC mentioned bout our couple T worr dat day! guess u busy chit chat with Erika n Grey dat time! :p

    hahaha!! yes! just realized! :p

    haha means she is only reach ur waist level?? @.@

    yes i would love to! :D hugs!!

  35. no photo of food? I love the lau sar bao~~

  36. Hahaha!! Can't stop LOL reading this post!! Haha!!

  37. QC arrived late? - biasalah haha!!

  38. Erika shorter than you and she cheated? How she cheated? Standing on something? LOL!!

  39. LOL when u mentioned both Witch and Saucer so tall!! Haha!! Now u know how tall! Some more dare stand next to Witch! Haha!

  40. LOL again! at the big size dudes!! Hahaha!! Really big size la hehe

  41. Hahahaha!! Cannot stop laughing when u mention Eric smiling happily at the threesome! So funny!!!

  42. Thanks for the funny post. I know u didn't intend this to be funny, but it was so damn funny to me! Hahaha!!

  43. ish...geram at merryn's comment.. >=(

    only Ethan shorter than her!! LMAO

  44. wah lau..last pic shows our difference in height soooooo MUCH


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