MM : The First Noel by David Archuleta

Last night I went to church for the confession night with my mom.
You know I felt so free and light after confessed my sins! Not to say am free from sin now, as we human beings always a sinner. :)
I was happy to meet my church-mates too.
And knowing that some of them get married already was really a joy to share with!

I just wanted to share with you about my FIRST christmas pressie this year!
And it was from Saucer!!
If you have read about the Secret Santa game at Merryn's post, then you guys surely know about the exchange Christmas pressie among them! 
I was not able to attend it, but I did get something for my secret recipient which is dearie Erika!
I hope she do really like the pressie that I got for her.

My secret santa, Saucer passed my pressie to Eric.
Eric unwrapped it, of course am the one asked him to.


It is the COOLEST umbrella ever!
Don't you agree with me??

Thanks Saucer!
And thanks darling Witch for organizing such event too!
Mystery comes with surprise!

So, that was my very first christmas pressie for this year, and am hoping for more. LOL!!

And Christmas is just around the corner, am sure everyone is in the festive mood already!
I love this song very much!

Noel is a French word originating from Latin meaning "birthday."

Merry Christmas to everyone of you!
Have a merry and blessed Christmas! 

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  1. Oh...didn't know that is the meaning of Noel

  2. very cool umbrella indeed hehe....come in bottle form summore

  3. Glad wifey felt free now...hehe hugss

  4. So after konfesi, lega or not? LOL.. Merry Christmas sweetie!

  5. I love David Archuleta, he's really good! Love his voice too!

  6. Happy MM Caroline! Ok, going to zzzzz now he he....

  7. @Eric Lee FC1! LOL! now u know lor! :D

    yeaaa n at 1st hubby said the bottle is red color summore! tsk tsk!!

    yesh! hugs!

  8. @Mariuca FC2! hehe! yeaaa my pressie! LOL!

    LEGA HABIS! :D merry xmas to u too dearie!

    i love his songs! wohoo!

  9. Nice umbrella. ^_^

    Merry CHRISTmas Caroline. Found this blog via Bluedreamer's blog.

  10. The umbrella so funky!! Suits you ler.. hehe.. faster get your a** over here so that we can have 'replacement' lunch :P

  11. No Christmas present for me...Sulk! Sulk!

  12. Nice umbrella! Yeah, faster get your a** here so u and me and Witch and Saucer can go eat crepe cakes!! : D

  13. The First Noel nicely sung by David Archuleta. Is the rest of the Christmas album nice?

  14. so cute the umbrella...
    at first look i thought it was a perfume or a bottle of wine

  15. I think David A is now more successful than David C.... which only means he is more deserving to be crowned as AI at the very first place.,...

  16. Nice umbrella, can keep water inside case thirsty! ha ha ha

  17. That's an umbrella??? First look I tot water bottle.. Apa itu UIP stands for? U Is Panda? but u r not panda mah... :P

  18. this is one of my fave Christmas songs! Happy MM and Merry Christmas sweetie! ;)

  19. Yes I'm already in a festive mood! Looking forward for Christmas and new year!
    Nice blog:)
    Here's a fun test link on Christmas!
    Christmas Lights
    What color Christmas lights are you?

  20. Happy MM. Merry Christmas Caroline :) Have a good one!

  21. @Ishmael Fischer Ahab heya! thanks for dropping by. :)

    the umbrella is cool!

  22. @iamthewitchhaha!! very the funky! :D haha!! yes madam!! LOL!!

  23. @suituapui aiya! u rcv more pressie than me lor!!

  24. @foongpc haha!! oooookiee Panda! u still owing me dat!! will always remember that!! LOL!!

    yes the rest of the songs in the album nice too! :D

    Merry Christmas to u too! :D

  25. @bluedreamer27 haha!! bottle of wine look alike! :p

    haha thanks BD!

    AGREE with u in this! i li8ke DAvid A compare to David C!! :P

  26. @Merryn LOL!! apa ni! U Is Panda?! @.@ me NOT panda for sure! hahaha

  27. @KateThanks for dropping by and Merry Xmas to u too! :D

  28. @Namzthanks yea! Merry Xmas to u too! :D