Botanical Garden at Ranau

The next stop after visited the Kinabalu Park = > Botanical Garden
It is not quite far from the Kinabalu Park, and the entrance fee is RM 5 for Malaysians.
To be frank, that was the first time I step into it too. Smiley
It is just simply because my family doesn't bother to visit this as there is something like this at the Zoo as well.

Unlike my family, Eric's family interested to visit this place!Smiley
There's many tourists visiting this garden too!
Some of them came here for research purposes.

The entrance

There's many unique and hard-to-be-seen plants inside the garden.
I myself somehow was surprised to know there's such plants on earth too.


Feels so GREEN! 

Let me share some of the plants that can be found inside the Botanical Garden.
Sorry I couldn't remember whats the name for each plants! Smiley

# 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5

# 6

# 7

# 8

# 9

There's a plant named ERICacea.
We saw PANDAnacea too!

# 10

# 11

Eric again.

Many parts of the garden suitable for nice picture taking!

There's the huge tree!

# 12

# 13

# 14

# 15

# 16

There's some trails inside the garden but we never enter it as we don't know where it gonna lead us to.

Do you feels like inside the jungle now???

Guess what make Eric wanted to jump down??

Oh! I actually did not bother about Eric jumping down, am happily posing instead.Smiley

Eric's mommy and I

Great picture of us for the greatest memory inside garden!Smiley

It's only took us approximately one hour to visit the whole part of the garden.
So, actually there's more plants and flowers inside it, and there's also herbs!
Amazing right?

The visit to Sabah Tea Plantation coming up next!



  1. Love all the greenery in the forest! And what was Eric trying to do?!!! :P

  2. Eric and you looked so sweet in the last picture, as always ;)

  3. @iamthewitch haha!! hello!! n aharrr.. u r d FC!! :D

    hahah!! i also dunno wat he wanna do there! thnx darling! ;)

  4. eeeeeeeeee love our picture together!! muahahah XD

  5. yeah..memang banyak plats...haha come so far...then that's why go that place lo...

  6. many pictures that are nice dun have here... =(

  7. ish...dun care me jump wan...sad dee.....T____T

  8. Hmm... I think I'm not interested in this place too...

  9. with mother-in-law, so sweet! Muahahahaha!!! I think Cameron is nicer and more interesting - but this place shows nature in its natural state - may interest some people.

  10. I like looking at your pictures better!

  11. this botanical garden is a natural one or being built up??

  12. i see there are a big varieties of plants, which i've never seen before..

  13. so is there any hiking or trekking path in the garden?? am sure that would be very fun.. :)

  14. LOL Eric was a tourist there, sure la interested to visit kan? Ha ha! :)

  15. Ha ha I too wouldn't have remembered the names of the plants, way too many!

  16. Pic number 8 looks familiar to me, so I like that one! :)

  17. Yes, I feel like I'm inside the jungle now, thanks for sharing the pics sweetie! :)

  18. Hey Caroline!

    I like the pics here. It has a jungle feeling to it! I would have encouraged Eric to jump, but I don't think I would have had to talk him into it looking at that pic! LOL!

    Garden pics are always good because of how colorful they came out when people view them. I can only imagine how it looked in person.

    Happy holidays my dear friend!

  19. @Eric Lee love leh! :p i love it too! :D

    Blame u for dat! :p

    hahaha!! whr got dnt care, hubby d one suka2 jump there!! :p

  20. @khengsiong haha! oh wel, diff ppl diff interest one ma. :)

  21. @suituapui LOL!! dats not my MIL la wei! :) Cameron mmg nice la! needless to say la dat one! LOL!!

  22. @[SK] erm erm.. am not sure bout it, lemme check it later ok? :)

    yea indeed lot varieties of plants at there, n some pictures not with me. :)

    i guess those trails is for dat? LOL!

  23. @Mariuca hello! :D HAHA true also!

    yeaa! sumore too enjoy looking at it dy! :p n busy pakto-ing at d same time. LMAO!!

  24. @David Funk HAHAHA! my mission accomplished! :p

    happy hols too David! ;)

  25. I like to see those weird weird flora & fauna too

  26. green! Your "Phak Thor"-ing so healthy! Carol & Eric - Merry Christmas ya...

  27. Ooh! I like this place! I came here before and it's nice!