Sang Nyuk Mee + Kinabalu Park

I only joined Eric and family on their 3rd day at KK.
So, obviously I missed the Mari-Mari Cultural Village trip!
The only thing I could do for them only contacting Hani, from the travel agency to book their tour.

So, the plan for 3rd day was going to the Kinabalu Park.
We went to eat the Sang Nyuk Mee at Kedai Kopi Melanian.
Oh well you only can get this in KK!
Am glad most of them like it!

We started our journey and enjoyed the sightseeing trip along the way to Kinabalu Park.
It took us approximately 2 hours plus to reach there.

Picture of Mount Kinabalu - 01

Picture of Mount Kinabalu - 02

Picture of Mount Kinabalu - 03

The closer look of the majestic Mount Kinabalu!

We stopped by the Kundasang, there is a platform where tourist can take memorable picture with the Mount Kinabalu as the background! *LOL*
So, everyone of us had our moment with Mount Kinabalu.

Eric's Parents

Eric's Aunt

Eric's Sister

Eric's Brother


Group picture of them!

After some pictures moments, ladies visit some handicrafts stall and get some souvenirs at there.
Then we proceed to the Kinabalu Park, oh! the staff thought they were not Malaysian and almost charge non-Malaysian rate!
The entrance fee is only RM 3 per adult for Malaysian.
I guess Eric didn't inform them earlier that the place is really COLD!

We even saw a couple of Japanese veteran just finished climbed the Mount Kinabalu!
Salute them! As I myself haven't climb it yet! tsk tsk!! 
We walked around and finally leave the park.

This is my virgin trip with them, and I can tell you, joining them was fun!
We talked, we laughed, enjoy!
Though I didn't really talk much with them, having them around was really nice!

Our next stop will be the Botanical Garden!


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  1. Ohhhh dat one is Eric's sister, bro, aunt.. so many ppl came to visit KK!

  2. When are u gonna climb Mt. Kinabalu? Ha ha.... looks cold... brrrr....

  3. So the first two days u didn't join Eric and family for outings? Tak dapat cuti kah?

  4. Botanical Garden next? Hope to chop that one too then, make it two in a row yeeha! Happy weekend sweetie, thanks for sharing the pics!

  5. okay back to post...lemme read it first

  6. ish...all also faster than me... =____=

  7. wow i love the view... it's like Tagaytay here in Philippines....
    but it's damn cold there especially during December so i not dare go in there... maybe next summer

  8. heiyer...mountain sure cold wan ma...thought general knowledge dee!!! =.=

  9. wifey never tell me there cold also!! hehehe =3

  10. I cannot wait for the fish post...LMAO

  11. oh you have mentioned the cold!!! so it's really the same hahha
    will look forward to that botanical garden.. sound interesting

  12. Love the Mount Kinabalu pics....main reason is coz I TOOK THEM!!! muahahahaha

  13. taste like wantan me and is good... =P

    ish...must mention we before that go fook yuen for brekkie then wifey cannot finish the mee n force me eat!!! T3T

  14. What a wonderfu trip! Mount Kinabulu looks amazing!

  15. I also never been there yet.. been to Kuching and Miri only. :(

  16. i miss eating the lintas sang yuk noodle! :(

  17. @Mariuca FC1! :D

    Yes yes, actually it was their family holiday! ;)

    very cold! lol! dnt touch the water! :p

    cant take too many leaves cz my workload oso getting lots! :(

    yes yes botanical garden will be next! stay tuned dearie! ;)

  18. @bluedreamer27 haha! she always fast one! ;)

    ooh yea saw GG blog about it before. quite similar! :D

    stay tuned for the next post k! ;)

  19. @Eric Lee haha next time chop lor. :p

    heiyer maybe dey tot foot hill only ma! next time dnt forget to inform ahh. :)

    heh! i've told u bout it!! ish wanna put d blame on me pula! :(

    y cannot wait for dat one la? elelele!

    eh the 1st n 2nd is ur sis took one wor. :p

  20. @Eric Lee nice leh! lintas one nicer!! :p

    ish no need la. :p

  21. @anney heya! thnx for dropping by, and yea it is indeed amazing! :D

  22. oh, sang nyuk mee?? what is that?? you didn't show us how it look like??

  23. wow, i would like to go there too.. Mt Kinabalu is just so amazing!!

  24. actually i've been talking about going to climb Mt Kinabalu for a long time, but still no action yet~~ :D

  25. oh?? you didn't talk much to them?? i know why, because you were shy~~ :p

  26. I also haven't climb Mt Kinabalu yet...

  27. In fact, I have been to Sabah 3 times. All were business trips...

  28. Oh? The whole family's there. Got high-level discussion kah? How much is the dowry? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  29. LOL...Marzie is the fastest of all I think!!

    Although Bd is pretty fast too. I feel bad because I didn't know he was in the club.

    I think he is so nice and I love his blogs!! They do some really cool things with crafts!!

    And now I need to get to know you better too!

  30. You got FC2 after LJ!! Thanks for dropping over.

    Wow, this trip looks fabulous. The pictures are beautiful and the food looks yummy to!

    Maybe someday I can visit and meet some of friends in the East. I hope so.

    Your family looks lovely too and it looks like you all had a great time.

    Well, it's super late my time so I will be headed to bed soon. I am hoping BD pops over and sees I already gave him!!

    Have a great day!

  31. i think I went to Kinabalu PArk too on my last visit to Sabah :P

  32. @[SK] sheng rou mian! can see we all eating dat wat! hehe.

    very amazing indeed! come n visit here when u have the chance yea! ;)

    eh not shy also la. :p

  33. @khengsiong y dnt give it a try?? :) too busy with business is it? :)

  34. @The Painted Veil hi Jackie! :D

    haha gotta agree that Marzie is fast!! LOL!! Yeap he has another craft blog! :)

    yay! am d FC2!! :D come visit! :P

    lol!! they r not my family. they're my bf's family. :D

  35. I remember going to Kinabalu park too! Very cold even at the park.. but COLDER when I climbed up!! Brr... have to wear lots of layers! But Nice view of the mountain!!!

  36. Aiya, didn't climb up to the top ah?

  37. @iamthewitch yeaa!! very cold! lol! wow u climbed to the peak??? :D

  38. @Petehahaha! nope! not prepare for it yet la! :D

  39. Oh! I have not climbed Mt Kinabalu too! Hope to do it one fine day haha!

  40. I love Kinabalu Park! Might visit there again without climbing the mountain if I have the chance!

  41. Haha! Eric's brother look like Eric, same kind of shape! LOL!!

  42. I want to eat sang nyuk mee! last time I went KK no one recommends me that!