Magic is My Gift at Sky Bar

Oh yes, see it's over a month already since my trip to KL yet I haven't finish blog about it!
So after our romantic dinner at Look Out Point , we headed to Sungei Wang to do some shoppings while waiting for the time to meet the rest at Sky Bar.

Thanks to google map once again! *LOL*
Dear Eric doesn't know how to get there!
But I have to say that I hate KL traffic jam A LOT!Smiley
Several phone calls to Quachee and we finally get there!

First question, does we all looks like underage kids?
Everyone of us been asked for IC except for Quachee! (Oh well, just look at how big he is!)
We get inside and it was really crowded!
There's a huge pool inside too! *wow*

We got our seat and ordered our drinks!Smiley

Erika and I get the same drink - Lychee Rose

The nuts quite spicy! 
Oh! Don't have the picture of Nachos!
I love that very much!

We start chit chatting while waiting for our busy magician, Adrian to appear.


Adrian came with his suitcase (inside it = bom!) 
Actually inside was his magic props. 

Caroline & Grey

Adrian entertained us with few magic tricks!
Amazed me!
Fork bending part was fun and the bended fork handed to Erika as a gift!
Erika & Caroline

Erika with the fork!

Sky Bar definitely a good place to hang out but somehow I don't really like the loud music.
It's like you have to raise your voice a bit when talking to others.
We had a great time at there though.

Of course, we the love bird enjoyed our moments at there too!Smiley

Before we left there, some pictures moment! 

BTS : Erika hold Quachee's waist! *mwahaha*

OK la, don't want bully Erika at here. :p

Caroline, Grey and Eric

Us at Sky Bar entrance!

We went down to the lobby for Adrian to start his magic show for us!
It was actually his first time to performed that particular trick publicly, so of course we're all felt honored!
Quachee was the one helped to record it.
(Still waiting for Adrian to upload the video)

I went speechless at the end.
And that was my gift from Adrian!

Caroline, Adrian and Erika

Us with our gift and the magician
Adrian and Caroline

Caroline with that special gift.

Thanks so much Adrian!
Appreciate it a lot!Smiley

Reana Claire



  1. for the first time in history, am i first here?

  2. I guess I am.. so maybe I kena lottery tonight.. hahaha... glad to see that you enjoyed yourself here in KL.. when is your next trip here again?

  3. @reanaclaire GREAT TIME indeed! mwahaha not sure! next year i guess! :D

  4. elelele fruit punch that one yours!!!! lychee rose mine... =P jia jia there

  5. i think QC got nachos pictures

  6. we love bird everywhere also enjoy la.... =3

  7. never mention the shirt i wore? =P

  8. eh....should ask the video from adrian!! =3

  9. did he shared some tips and tricks?? or just showed magic???

  10. by the way just got your answers... will post the interview any date before the 2oth
    thanks a lot

  11. Nice what to be asked for IC cause look underage ha ha!

  12. Erika and u sama saiz, both so skinny..jelesi! ;)

  13. Adrian is a magician? Wah so cool! :D

  14. I love nachos, too bad no pic! Yum! :)

  15. i've been to Luna Bar but not Sky Bar..i wanna go there!! :D

  16. i'm glad u had a great time sweetie woot! ;)

  17. Muawhahaha! Finally, I can comment after trying so many times! *Phew....lousy internet line. Grr...

    Argh!!! "BTS : Erika hold Quachee's waist! *mwahaha*" =.=" Me pai seh liao lor... Hehe... :P

    Anyway, I wanna go to Sky Bar and eat several rounds of cheesy nachos again! I miss it very much oh! :D the photos and the write up about our sky-outing! Can't wait for our next gathering~ :))

  18. ahhahaha...why la u laughed at Erika and Quachee? they look good together :D:D:D

  19. Adoi...KL people dunno where Traders is kah? Seen Skybar featured in many blogs... Seems so popular.

  20. @Eric Lee elelele!! nooo! :p fruit punch is urs!! :p

    but d pic is not d one we at thr ma. hehe

    haha of course! <3

    me d one chose! :p

    haha he is still busy worr. lol

  21. @bluedreamer27 haha yup! he did! d trick was very cool! :D

    Alright! ;)

  22. @Mariuca halo! ;)

    haha eh tak best la! ppl go in trus in one, but us sekat2. lol!

    but me terlalu skinny! dnt like! :p

    i love nachos too!! yumyum!

  23. @Monica me next time wanna go Luna Bar! LOL! Sky bar was cool! ;)

    hahaha!! just wanna play her make her blush like tomato 1st! :p

  24. @ErikaToh auww nemind. :)

    ngahahahaa!!! blushed dy?? :p dnt need paiseh ler. mwahahaha!!!

    yesh love the cheesy n creamy one! :p

    thnx dearie! of course! :D

  25. @suituapui he too gudboy dy! seldom go dat place one! hahaha! me too shocked ok! ;D

  26. LOL @ being asked IC!! I and QC never been asked IC so it's a fact we are much older than the rest of you! Haha!!

  27. Aiya!!Missed the magician's performance and gift! : (

  28. I love Skybar and would love to go there again, minus the loud music of course! : )

  29. haha, you actually should feel happy if they ask you for your IC.. because this will not happen anymore time soon~~ :D

  30. hmmm, looks like that is his most popular magic tricks yeah.. amazing to bend the spoon and fork yeah?? actually i saw this being sold in a shop at RM5~~ :D

  31. skybar is nice right?? since you have a full view of KLCC, and it's even nicer if that day is windy..

  32. hey, i love the drawings, hehe!! i would thought he draw you "queen of the heart" instead?? hehehe~~ :p

  33. Ehh go Skybar but never take picture of the famous Twin Towers one? how can!! LOL!
    I wanna go there and try the nachos too!!
    Love your last picture! :)

  34. Erika really hugged QC's waist? Kenot see oso her hand?! Maybe her tangan is as short as mine, that's why no show along QC's broad waist :P LoL :D

  35. @Merryn : also say kenot see my hand, right? So, we can conclude that there's no proof that it happened lor! Hehe.... :P

  36. @foongpc LOL! or u oso huge size like QC? :p hehe dnt worry am sure u gonna rcv xmas pressie from him! :D

    me too!

  37. @[SK] LOL! but feel paiseh ler! LOL! is it?? u mean those bended fork being sold?? LOL! RM5 summore!

    yea very nice! too bad that time raining! not really nice view of Twin Tower we got. :/

    haha! wat to do! cz dats d card i took dat time!

  38. @iamthewitch aiyo! raining that time n too dark! not nice! took the picture but dint upload here only. LOL! heee! i love the nachos lots!

  39. @Merryn YESH! hahaha!! u noe la QC toooo huge size dy! :p

  40. @ErikaToh mwahaha!! u know n i know enuff dy la~ :p