I used to packed - 3 different type of foundations and BB creams, 5 different shade of lipsticks, 3 different type of concealers, 3 different eyeshadow palettes, 3 different type of mascaras - with me when I travel. You must be thinking if I'm crazy or what, I know and it's okay. After been travelling quite a lot for the past years, I've improved my packing skills and always try my best to pack only the essentials and this applies to both my outfits and travel makeup bag. 

For both my Bangkok and Seoul trip, I packed only these products in my travel makeup bag with me.

:: HAND & BODY :: 

Though, I don't consider myself a beginner "beginner" when it comes to beauty topics (skincare and makeup), but I don't stop myself from stopping learning more about beauty. Over the years, trend changes, makeup artist, and beauty gurus around the world discovers more useful beauty tips and beauty hacks, it's always great to update yourself on these trends and techniques.

I always fancy Thai food.

It was just a few days before my trip to Bangkok, two days to be exact, I’ve joined Illy and the rest to enjoy a feast of wonderful Thai food at the newly opened Mr Tuk Tuk. That simply means you can now choose to go Sunway Pyramid shopping mall or Setia City mall where the first brand of Mr Tuk Tuk to get your Thai street food craving fixed.

Cameron Highlands is considered as one of the oldest tourist spots in Malaysia. For decades, this hill station at the northwestern tip of Pahang is dedicated for retreat. It has a great verdant scene from the extensive tea plantation also abundantly fruit and vegetable garden.

So, it's clear that people certainly come to Cameron Highlands to seek a great retreat. And if you are wondering the best place to immerse yourself in it, why don't you try to see the Top 3 luxury Cameron Highlands Hotels?

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon and we decided to just chill by the pool and enjoy the chilled, bubbly Chandon Brut that I've received a few week ago. There's no way I can finish the entire bottle on my own and these lovely best friends of mine, Noel and Nicole just happened to visit me - a bubbly afternoon it is!

White has been my favorite color since forever.
There's no reason for me to love the color of white and there's no reason for you not to love the color of white too.