Thai Street Food | Mr Tuk Tuk, Sunway Pyramid

I always fancy Thai food.

It was just a few days before my trip to Bangkok, two days to be exact, I’ve joined Illy and the rest to enjoy a feast of wonderful Thai food at the newly opened Mr Tuk Tuk. That simply means you can now choose to go Sunway Pyramid shopping mall or Setia City mall where the first brand of Mr Tuk Tuk to get your Thai street food craving fixed.

Located on the lower ground floor, if you find it difficult to find it, just look for Cold Storage, Mr Tuk Tuk is just right at the opposite of it. Spot the Tuk Tuk motorcycle at the restaurant, take a picture or two, and you may upload it on your social media, i.e.:Instagram. While you’re at it, do not forget to include #mrtuktuk too!

Fresh Whole Coconut -RM9.80

We get to order our drinks before the dishes served on the table. Me, being myself, I ordered a fresh coconut juice because that’s exactly what I would order for my drink when in Bangkok for every meal. I love that they served the fresh whole coconut instead of pouring everything into a glass and it might be just the artificial flavour that given to you.

During the media review session, we were served with almost everything on the menu, trust me, they have quite an extensive menu and covering almost all the signature Thai dishes or street food where you can find in Bangkok. You’ll get to choose from the Set Menu, Thai Platter or ala carte from the menu.

SM2 -RM17.90
From the Set Menu, we had the second one, consists of Pandan Chicken, Thai Mango Salad, crispy fish fillet with Thai sauce rice. This was delicious! I truly enjoyed eating the rice together with the fragrance and crispy pandan chicken, pairing with the tantalising sweet and sour thai mango salad. Loved it!

And oh, all sets come with the drink of the day. ;)

PR2 -RM23.80
Next, we were served with one from the Thai Platter, consists of Spring Rolls, Thai satay, honey chicken and kerabu mango. This platter has everything I love, what else I can ask for?! This is a dish that I would definitely order every time I go back there.

Thai Pomelo Salad
Lab Khai
Seafood Tom Yam
Green Curry
Phat Thai
Fried Glass Noodle
Fried Chicken Wings
Thai BBQ Lamb
Fried KangKung -RM9.80

My favorites among all would be the fresh Thai Pomelo Salad, Seafood Tom Yam, Fried Chicken Wings, Thai BBQ Lamb, and the best of all - Fried Kangkung! I find the Phat Thai a tad too sweet to my liking.

Mango sticky rice -RM7.90
Red ruby -RM6.90

For dessert, I had my favourite Thai desserts - Mango with sticky rice and Water chestnut (red ruby) in coconut cream. Both desserts tasted on point, just the way I love them!

Artisan Ice Cream

- Thai Ice Tea
- Green Curry
- Tom Yam
Apart of the signature desserts, they also served us Tuk Tuk Artisan ice cream - three rather weird unique flavours of ice cream - Thai Ice Tea, Green Curry and Tom Yam. My verdict? They tasted like the real “thing”, but in another form which I’m not really sure if I like them or not. It’s interesting, if I really have to choose, I fancy the Thai Ice Tea over the other two. Though, it’s an experience for the first timer like me! Give it a try when you pop by Mr Tuk Tuk!

Mr Tuk Tuk
LG2.27, Sunway Pyramid (in front of Cold Storage)
Tel no: +603 - 5612 5738
Facebook: Mr Tuk Tuk | Instagram: @mrtuktuk_my


  1. it is always nice to hang out and makan with you caro! :)

  2. It looks yummy!
    Good vibes, FOX
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  3. long time no see! u eat so much good food oh. aroi mak (delicious). will give this place a try definitely as me likey thai food much as well :D