Lately, life has been pretty hectic for me. 
I've been having unnecessary stress and the worst part is, it's actually not coming from myself, but from others. I am easily affected by people around me, especially if they are my friends. When I'm stress, I tend to skip main meals and just go for fast food and I thought junk food were perfect for snacking time! It only hits me when I start falling sick and facing my low blood pressure issue just a week ago. When it come to blood pressure, whether it's high or low, both aren't good for us.

I am turning 27 this coming December 2016. 

People often say age is just a number - which is true. It doesn't matter how great are you in doing your makeup to make yourself look younger. At the end of the day, your skin condition somehow shows your real age. This is especially for those who are having dry skin, without proper hydration and anti-aging properties, lines and wrinkles appear quicker than to those who are having oily skin. Same to the oily skin, without proper care on oil balance and blemishes, it causes scarring, bumpy skin texture and skin loses its radiance; when your skin look dull, your skin tends to age quicker too.

Hey everybody!

A special Be My Reason Shower Run is being organised by Shokubutsu to continue raising awareness on breast self-check during shower.

The Be My Reason Shower Run is set to be a one-of- a-kind run in Malaysia where participants are encouraged to run together with a partner who symbolises their reason for committing to breast self-check during shower.

I don't consider myself a morning person. Other than catching morning flights, I will only wake up as early as 5am for a good cause and that's what I did last Sunday. It's for the 15th Nestlé Omega Plus® Walk-A-Mile (WAM) event, in collaboration with Yayasan Jantung Malaysia (YJM), to save lives during World Health Month. Just so you know that WAM is the longest-running event for heart health advocacy in Malaysia.