3 Simple Lifestyle Changes I Made Lately

Lately, life has been pretty hectic for me. 
I've been having unnecessary stress and the worst part is, it's actually not coming from myself, but from others. I am easily affected by people around me, especially if they are my friends. When I'm stress, I tend to skip main meals and just go for fast food and I thought junk food were perfect for snacking time! It only hits me when I start falling sick and facing my low blood pressure issue just a week ago. When it come to blood pressure, whether it's high or low, both aren't good for us.

Just so you know that, with our busy lifestyle and food culture that can easily lead us to adopt many unhealthy habits. Do you know that heart disease is on the rise among Malaysian as young as in their 20’s and cardiovascular disease is responsible for one-quarter of all hospital deaths. Nearly half of heart attack patients (45%) have three or more risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, smokers or have abnormal cholesterol levels.
According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015 by Ministry of Health; 1 out of 2 Malaysian adults are suffering from high cholesterol. And it is sad to know that 42% of Malaysians who have high cholesterol are below the ages of 40 years old. Are you one of them?

Bear in mind that I'm never a very health conscious kind of person, but I am trying to be and stay healthy by making these three simple lifestyle changes in my daily routine in order to stay healthy as well as protect my heart.

10-minute Morning Meditation
I enjoy doing morning meditation. It keeps me stay focus and feeling less tense, that's how I able to start my morning without feeling any grumpiness. I also love the fact that I can do this from the comfort of my home, and yes, you can even do it when you're dress in your pajama. If you're not able to do a 10-minute morning meditation, you can replace it by just closing your eyes, take a deep breathe and exhale, repeat for a good five times, it's still better than nothing.

Do Simple Exercise at Home
I've been skipping gym due to my workload, but I figured that you don't really need to hit the gym to exercise yourself. If you have a yoga mat lying down in the corner at your house, get it and you can do plenty of simple exercise at home, such as planking, sit up, burpee, etc. These type of exercise are more than enough to keep yourself stay active and have a good sweat. And, if you're not into jogging, walking in the park is not a bad alternative at all. I enjoy morning and evening walk in the park at my condo, it allows me to escape myself from being too busy with work and refresh my mind for a little while before continuing with my work stuff.

Healthy Eating Habit
After realizing how unhealthy my meals for the past week, I decided to go back to my own cooking-at-home routine. This way, I am able to control the ingredients used in my food and definitely healthier than eating out. I also get rid of all my junk food at home and prepare my own healthy snacks at home whilst doing work or watching my favorite shows. Drinking any drink (tea, juices, smoothies) with chia seeds are my favorite drink for the past one week and fruits definitely are a actually much better choice of snacks than the chips! For simple healthy breakfast idea, you can read my post HERE!

Also, milk may be healthy for us, but it also depends on what type of milk. Just so you know that Nestle Omega Plus milk has plant sterols that can help lower cholesterol level. While you're at it, feel free to check out #HeartHealthChallengeMY #NestleOmegaPlus on Instagram and join the challenge to share and spread your lifestyle changes that you make to protect your heart health. 

Of course, a regular medical check-up is a must too! This will give you a peace of mind and early detection can save your life too. 

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