Hola! Como Estas? - That's how we say Hello! How are you? - in Spanish. While some of you thought Mexican is a language, it is not but an ethnicity. Mexican speaks the Spanish language. An authentic Mexican cuisine originates in Mexico itself, do not get confused with Tex-Mex cuisine as both are different types of cuisines. The varied flavors, colorful decoration and variety of spices and ingredients used in the dishes are the specialties of it. Just so you know that Mexican cuisine was added by UNESCO to its lists of the world's "intangible cultural heritage". 
Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar @ The Gardens Mall
Guess what? You could get your Mexican foods craving fix by just stopping by at the newly opened not long ago, Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Barat The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City. Fresca, meaning fresh or cool brings classic Mexican cuisine to Kuala Lumpur. The idea came about by two adventure-seeking siblings who fell in with Mexican food and the country's passion for La Vida. Fresca specializes in "botanas", small plates, easy for sharing.  
Working life has been very hectic and sometime, it's just hard for me to enjoy some good food especially for lunch, it will always ended up with rushing manner. Talking about after work, I guess I was just too tired to go for food hunting. Well, just in time when we get to know about Work & Chill Cafe, a new found place for us to chill especially after working hour. 

Work & Chill Cafe @ 10 Boulevard Damansara
Assorted Cakes
I must say this place is really a rather new place for me and I just had to see carefully when we passed by as there's no signage in front of the cafe itself though I remember I saw a huge Work & Chill word somewhere at there. It kinda confusing but once you found it, you would love it. The warm and cozy ambiance accompanied by Jazz music is a perfect place for you to chill out with colleagues or friends or even with family. Oh! with free wifi too! 
Being sickish me now, I definitely prefer to have soupy and warmish foods for my meals. Porridge is always good to have during this time, however I would be happy to have bak kut teh perhaps? At least, it taste nicer and flavorful compare to the porridge. Alright, I am just being silly as everything is tasteless to me now. Talking about bak kut teh does make me recall the day we had bak kut teh for lunch. It was really odd to me to have bak kut teh for lunch as I normally have it for the dinner. 

Fang Xiang Bak Kut Teh
Fang Xiang Bak Kut Teh, situated at Setia Alam with clean and spacious enough that allow more customers to dine in and also comfortable at time. Though the location is quite far away from the place I stay or my usual hangout place, it never an excuse when come to get a fix on your bak kut teh cravings, especially when it is one of the best and authentic one. Just so you know that, all the recipes comes from the young and pretty owner, Ms Syvonne herself venturing the business slowly and get the best of it.
Be it breakfast or lunch time, Belanga Cafe at The Gardens is always packed with the crowds and that always a turn down for the colleagues and I. Still, hoping to try it one day. Last few weeks, I was lucky enough to get invited to sample their new flavors at Belanga Cafe, Empire Shopping Gallery. It was certainly a joy for yours truly!

Belanga Cafe @ Empire Shopping Gallery
Belanga Cafe is a boutique cafe known as a PotPourri of Malay Cuisine and has carved a reputation for its consistensy in quality food with a myriad of home-style authentic Malay cuisine, including popular favorites such as Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Tumpang. The entire atmosphere is modeled towards a typical Malaysian countryside restaurant that boasts a collection of hand-made crafts and kain songket which reflects a sense of elegance and luxury. Just so you know that, Belanga Cafe was awarded a Gold Award for the F&B Hospitality Interior Category of the Malaysia Society of Interior Design (MSID) Interior Design Awards 2009. Shall we check out the foods?
As promised, the Super GT is not just about motorsport event, it's loaded with fun activities to be catered to not just the adults but also the kids! The Mall Area would be one of the most happening place for Super GT event. The moment you entered the Affin Bank Motorshow, do not be surprised when you started getting all those goodies like bag tag from Toyota, Lexus flag, car stickers, magazines, and etc. Your eyes just gonna be pampered with all the super cars and motorbike at there. 

Mall Area
Soooo, anyone of you're at Super GT which happening at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) here? The both Eric and I were super excited for this event as we both love to see those super cars and also for the pretty GT Queens! I can't seem to stop getting amazed by both cars and girls at here. Each cars with its unique design and each girls with their beauty and cuteness to charm the crowds, ohsem!

Pitwalk About
If you ask me, I would say the Pit Walkabout is the most interesting one! This is where the crowds with their Pitwalk pass to join the media and photographers to take lots and lots of photos of the GT Queens and also getting signatures from the handsome drivers! And of course you get to see all those beast machines too!
See what's coming up next week! It's the Hennessy Artistry Party baby! The premier, super-clubbing phenomenon H-Artistry is back this year with three explosive parties; the first of which is set to rock Penang on this coming 16th June 2012 (Saturday) at the Straits Quay Convention Centre (SQCC).

It will be featuring an all-new Art of Mixing Zone, signature Hennessy V.S.O.P. long drinks and the trademark H-Artistry party atmosphere, revellers and music lovers in Penang are in for a truly explosive experience on this 16th June. 
Aloha peeps! It's Thursday and tick-tock-tick-tock, we're SOOO close with the Super GT! Have you gotten your tickets yet? You better get it here if you don't!

I bet you guys would not want to miss the fastest Grand Touring Race in the world and also the ONLY Super GT race outside of Japan! As mentioned in my previous post about this event, it is definitely not JUST  about motorsport but also promises with all forms of FUN into ONE event! Ahem.... needless to mention about the Super GT Queen! :P

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I LOVE MUSICAL! You know how much I love it after the Magical Musical and Aladdin The Musical. When I saw Sunway Lagoon posted about London, The Summer Musical on their facebook page, I was so excited and looking forward for the day!
Ticket to London! :p
 I've got the pass for Aladdin The Musical that turned out to be one of the greatest birthday gift last year and this time around, I managed to get the pass for the Gala Premiere of London, The Summer Musical courtesy of I Love Discount! 
"Little" London in Amphitheater, Sunway Lagoon
London, The Summer Musical @ Amphitheater, Sunway Lagoon