New Flavors & Zing @ Belanga Cafe, Empire Shopping Gallery

Be it breakfast or lunch time, Belanga Cafe at The Gardens is always packed with the crowds and that always a turn down for the colleagues and I. Still, hoping to try it one day. Last few weeks, I was lucky enough to get invited to sample their new flavors at Belanga Cafe, Empire Shopping Gallery. It was certainly a joy for yours truly!

Belanga Cafe @ Empire Shopping Gallery
Belanga Cafe is a boutique cafe known as a PotPourri of Malay Cuisine and has carved a reputation for its consistensy in quality food with a myriad of home-style authentic Malay cuisine, including popular favorites such as Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Tumpang. The entire atmosphere is modeled towards a typical Malaysian countryside restaurant that boasts a collection of hand-made crafts and kain songket which reflects a sense of elegance and luxury. Just so you know that, Belanga Cafe was awarded a Gold Award for the F&B Hospitality Interior Category of the Malaysia Society of Interior Design (MSID) Interior Design Awards 2009. Shall we check out the foods?
Al-Fungi Olio Aglio Spaghetti
The Al-Fungi Olio Aglio Spaghetti accompanied by the charcoal grilled marinated harissa chicken served in quite huge portion definitely going to be your love. Squeeze the lemon slice on top of it and stir it, you can enjoy the al dente spaghetti, tender and flavorful chicken breast and the combination of the whole dish was rather unique with the hint of spiciness too!

Spicy Seafood Asiana Pasta
It is yet another pasta dish served on the table, Spicy Seafood Asiana Pasta in rich creamy tom yam paste! The linguine pasta cooked with chili paddy, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf with mixed seafood in the creamy tom yam sauce. The virgin try on this certainly great when the flavors bursting right in your mouth, oh-so-yummy! It was fantastically tackled my heart with the spiciness and sourish taste of the tom yam. Not to mention the mussels and succulent prawns in the dish too. This is highly recommended! 

Homemade Beef Ball Pasta Napolitana
The Homemade Beef Ball Pasta Napolitana comes with tomato base for the spaghetti and served with five huge beef balls that is sufficient enough for one pax. Beef lovers should never miss this homemade beef balls for its soft and tenderness, did I mentioned it is flavorful too? This pasta definitely one of those delicious pastas which immersed with fresh herbs and light spices that made it taste wonderful.

Marinated Black Pepper Chicken
The Marinated Black Pepper Chicken would a wise choice for the main if you opt for chicken dish. The chicken meat was well marinated in black pepper, served over mango lemongrass sauce, weird yet lovely combination! It served with the shallots parsley rice and cucumber tomato riata too! You would be surprise how these combination could work well. 

Pan-seared Norwegian Fresh Salmon
Not up for the chicken dish? Fret not, there's always other options available for you, Pan-Seared Norwegian Fresh Salmon perhaps? This is yet another rather special dish for yours truly. The thick salmon was lightly seasoned and pan-seared, topped with pineapple sauce, lied on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes and accompanied by the tossed garden green salad. Who would thought the taste can be enhanced by having mashed sweet potatoes instead of the typical one? I love this dish for sure.

Grilled Lamb
Lamb lover, here's something for you! The Grilled Lamb which served with Thai lemongrass sauce, meclum salad with homemade salad dressing and mashed potatoes, tasted so good! That was my very first time to eat lamb with Thai lemongrass sauce instead of mint sauce, it was so aromatic in a way. You need not worry for its gamey smell and you would definitely love how tender it can be! 

Charcoal Boiled Beef Tenderloin

Love your beef to be cooked medium well? You just gotta try this for yourself! The Charcoal Boiled Beef Tenderloin served with parsley and sauteed garlic bak choy, lied on a bed of mashed potatoes. The beef tenderloin was absolutely tender and juicy at time, this gonna be your new addiction for sure! The Chinese barbecue sauce certainly complimented the dish well too.

Belanga's Signature Dulangs
Acar Awak
If you prefer to have something traditional, why not give a try to Belanga's Signature Dulangs ? It comes with Chicken with Limau Purut, Udang Percik, Barbeque Beef Tenderloin with Thai Sauce, Acar Awak, rice with caramelized shallots and tossed garden salad. I especially love the barbeque beef tenderloin with Thai sauce for it unique taste and not to mention about the appetizing acar. With this, though you can't feast like a King, but give you a chance to feast like a prince! :p

Latte Explosion
Coconut Shake ( RM 9.90 )
Avocado Shake
Apart of the new flavors for the new menu, there's another three new beverages that will be in the menu - Latte Explosion, Coconut Shake and Avocado Shake. Again, each of them certainly has its own amazing taste that going to impress us, be it coffee lovers, coconut drink and even for avocado! The coconut shake prepared with fresh cream and vanilla ice cream, ooh-la-la~! Believe it or not, I never fancy the taste of avocado, it will be always out of my list, and this totally made me in love with it! Rich avocado taste with a hint of chocolate taste is amazing.

Nusantara Ice Blended ( RM 9.90 )
For those who often visit Belanga Cafe, I bet you would agree with me that Nusantara Ice Blended is something special and one of the must order at here. Just so you know that Belanga Cafe uses fine coffee bean for their coffee beverages and ahem! You may choose how many shots you prefer too! Isn't that great?   Imagine you are chilling with your favorite coffee drink while doing your work at Belanga Cafe, blissful! 

Goody Goody ( RM 7.90 )
Green Apple and Pink Guava ( RM 8.90 )
Banana Choco Milk Shake ( RM 9.90 )
I must say that the Goody-Goody, Green Apple and Pink Guava and also the Banana Choco Milk Shake also the favorites at Belanga Cafe! Goody-Goody, the perfect combination of celery sticks, cucumber and garlic, rather exotic and healthy. If you love the taste of guava, you would also love the Green Apple and Pink Guava for its thirst-quenching and suitable for any age. Love Banana? Banana Choco Milkshake will be your love! Rich in both banana and choco taste, perfectly matched with each other!

Ice Teller ( RM 9.90 )
One that worth the try would be this Ice Teller! This fruitilicious heaven allowed you to enjoy various fruits such as jackfruit, coconut slices, buah kabung and few more in just one! It also topped with colorful sago pearls, oh-so-yum! After all of these goodness foods and drinks, I can't see any reason for me not to visit Belanga Cafe again! Looking forward for my next visit to enjoy the delicious foods!

Belanga Cafe
Empire Shopping Gallery, 
UG-18, Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hour : 10am - 10pm
Telephone No: +6 03- 5631 2780
Facebook : Belanga Cafe