Work & Chill Cafe @ 10 Boulevard Damansara

Working life has been very hectic and sometime, it's just hard for me to enjoy some good food especially for lunch, it will always ended up with rushing manner. Talking about after work, I guess I was just too tired to go for food hunting. Well, just in time when we get to know about Work & Chill Cafe, a new found place for us to chill especially after working hour. 

Work & Chill Cafe @ 10 Boulevard Damansara
Assorted Cakes
I must say this place is really a rather new place for me and I just had to see carefully when we passed by as there's no signage in front of the cafe itself though I remember I saw a huge Work & Chill word somewhere at there. It kinda confusing but once you found it, you would love it. The warm and cozy ambiance accompanied by Jazz music is a perfect place for you to chill out with colleagues or friends or even with family. Oh! with free wifi too! 
Penang Rojak Pasembor ( RM 8.50 )
We started with Penang Rojak Pasembor and it was my very first time to try it. You could simply find the fried dough fritters, bean curds, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts and cucumber within this sweet, thick and creamy peanut sauce. Mixed everything well and that's how you get to enjoy the food. It was good but way too spicy for me to handle.

Northern Indian Briyani ( RM 10.50 )
Chicken Perattal ( Dry Chicken Curry)
Mutton Varuval ( Dry Mutton Curry )
Papadum with dhal
If you are a fan of nasi briyani, the Northern Indian Briyani would be your favorite! The briyani rice served with egg sambal, acar, dhal, papadum, 4 pieces of fish cutlets, a bowl of chicken perattal and a bowl of mutton varuval. The generous portion of the dish could simply shared by 2 pax. Loving the tender chicken as well as the mutton even though they're cooked in dry curry style. Not to mentioned eating the thin and crisp papadum with the smooth dhal was great too. 

Classic Kung Pao Chicken ( RM 14.50 )
Who would have thought we could find Chinese cuisine at here? The Classic Kung Pao Chicken served with hot steamed rice definitely a good choice for dinner. You could easily enjoy the tender and tasty chicken pieces that cooked with sesame oil, chilli, peppers, ginger and peanuts and served in deep black soy sauce. With a hint of spiciness, it turned quite appetizing in a way.

Ikan Masak Jawa ( RM 14.50 )
Ikan Masak Jawa, I do not know what to expect when it was served on the table. It looked dark greenish and doesn't look inviting to me but question marks popping out from my head. Little did I know, this dish made of fish fillets that cooked with special cili padi green sauce with sliced onion sprinkled with traditional javanese green chili sauce. A spoon on it, it tasted weird to my tongue and I have to say this is definitely not my kind of dish. While I think it tasted so weird to me, the rest of them were actually enjoyed the dish explained that it ain't bad after all. 

Butter Chicken with Basil Leaves ( RM 14.50 )
Another rice dish that would perfect for your main could be this Butter Chicken with Basil Leaves! You definitely love this aromatic dish where the chicken pieces cooked with liberal amount of butter combined with the fragrant basil leaves, oh-so-yummy it is!

Spaghetti Bolognese ( RM 12.50 )
When you're not up for rice dish, there's a selection of pasta available too! Spaghetti Bolognese, served with minced meat in rich tomato puree and specially prepared sauce topped with Parmesan cheese. Though I found it a lil tad watery, perhaps it's just me who prefer thick sauce for my pasta. 

Fettuccine Carbonara ( RM 12.50 )
A fan of white sauce for your pasta? You could order this Fettucine Carbonara for sure! The fettucine served in thick and creamy white sauce, topped with sliced beef bacon and specially prepared sauce with Parmesan cheese. It was lovely!

Lemon Cheese Burger ( RM 8.50 )
Burger lover could have their burger fix at here too! Give a try on the Lemon Cheese Burger would not be a regret. You could choose either beef or chicken, the patty will be blended with special lemon juice and grilled to perfection, with each layer of salad, tomatoes and cucumbers, you could enjoy the simply tasty burger at here. 

Terriyaki Burger ( RM 9.50 )
If you're up for something special, I would recommend you to order the Terriyaki Burger. The simple yet delicious burger served with layers of terrific sauce with grilled pineapple sliced on topped of the perfectly grilled chicken or beef patty with terriyaki sauce, taste uniquely with a hint of sweetness that comes from the pineapple sliced. I would not mind to come again for this burger. 

Cheezy Omelette ( RM 12.50 )
Corn Beef and Toast Bread ( RM 13.50 )
There's also variety of choices for the breakfast and hi-tea, just so you know that the fluffy Cheesy Omelette and Corn Beef and Toast Bread are some of their specialties in the menu. You would certainly love to have these for the breakkie before head to office right? 
New York Cheese Cake ( RM 7.50 )
Black Velvet with Caramel Cream ( RM 7.50 )
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting ( RM 7.50 )
Assorted Cake with toppings
Work & Chill can be a cake heaven with the various selections of cakes served that easily can cater to anyone of us, be it cheese cake lover, red velvet, mousse cake, cupcakes, cream puff, fruit tarts and etc. I would say the NY Cheese Cake and Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting are both to die for! They were so sinfully delicious and I immediately fell in love with 'em! Not to mentioned the death by choc too, choclatey and rich in chocolate taste. I can't help but crave for it till the day I get to eat them again. 

Chocolate Banana Milk Shake ( RM 9.50 )
Cookies 'n' Cream Milk Shake ( RM 9.50 )
If you still do not know yet, Work & Chill Cafe is quite popular with their milk shake too! I get to try a lil bit of the Chocolate Banana Milk Shake which I found it has strong banana taste and a tad milky to me, if banana is your favorite, you would absolutely love it. On the other hand, I had to admit that I pretty much enjoy the Cookies 'n' Cream Milk Shake for its crunchy oreo cookies bits in the drink, it was just smooth to the throat and completed the dinner on that fine evening. 

Work & Chill Cafe
10 Boulevard Damansara, Block Camelia, C-G-43,
Kayu Ara, Adjacent Lebuhraya SPRINT, 47400 Selangor, Malaysia.
Business Hours : 8.30am - 9.30pm (Mon-Fri), 8.30am - 5pm (Sat)
Tel. No : +6 03 - 7733 1151
Facebook : Work & Chill Cafe