30th of June!!

It is a very very very busy period to me!
Yet, I will not want to miss to wish my dearest god-sister's best day!

to the birthday girl!

36639_402990534365_712259365_447775.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Queenie Lau Wan Ping

It's her sweet 21st Birthday!
My godsis since I was in secondary school form 4!
I call her as "jie" and she call me as "mei". XD

Jie, am sorry yea for not being there and not able to celebrate with you. :(
But, I know there's lot wonderful people around you and they're surely going to celebrate with you!
So, have fun and have a blast one yea!

So, your hubby celebrating with you or not?? *wink wink*
No matter what, as long as you're happy at there kay? =D

Sobs! Many of you got your golden key already and I have to wait longer still! T.T

Looking forward for your come back next month!
So, hows the plan to climb Mount Kinabalu??
[ tsk tsk! both Sabahan still not yet climb Mount Kinabalu ]

I know you craving for this one!
Picture only for now, and we go for REAL one when you're back here kay?

Mei mei.
I know am late already!
First of all Thanks to dearie Merryn for tagged me and share with me this award. :)

Ahah?! Am I versatile??
Err... not really sure actually. Mwahahaha!
Or maybe I can ask those people who know me? *wink wink*


  I'm not Chinese but Sino-Kadazan! (Chinese + Kadazan)
 ♥ I always complaint HUNGRY for almost all the time! (Guess most of you know this! xD)
♥ I am a laughing freak! (Can ask Merryn and Eric Pig to confirm this)
 ♥ I'm afraid of dark. (Maybe you can ask Foongpc about this as he always talked about ghost to me!!)
 ♥ I'm a crying baby (I know some of you know this)
 ♥ I love WHITE ! (In term of stuff but not ghost okay?)
 ♥ I have to admit I'm kinda lack of knnowledge about "general knowledge" but I know what is 3-some and 4-some kay!!!! (special attention to Merryn, Foongpc and Eric Pig!)


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First of all...
I wanted to say sorry to some of you who visited my blog but unable to view it.
It's due to some technical problem. *sowieeeeeee*

Recently I found that myself always over eat especially during lunch time. <-- Kelvin said so.
According to Foongpc, I am a person who always "TER" , which is also similar to the word "accidentally".
Haha! Today he actually said me TER-luv Hootsuite and TER-cry!
Don't get it? Go ask that panda! *mwahaha*

Lately, some of my friends in my facebook was *tortured* by me when I posted out foods that I ate for my lunch. *oops* I did tagged some of them too! :p
I don't mean to "torture" but I just wanted to share with you all! =D

As I mentioned before that my colleagues and I always have to hunt foods for lunch, let me share some of those foods we eaten. :) 
Don't worry it's not something expensive and will not really make you all drool for it. (I guess. :p)


Kuching Laksa - RM 4.00`


Wantan Ho - RM 4.00


Mee Soup - RM 4.50

DSC00358.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Rojak - RM 4.50

This is real yummy I can say!


I don't know what's that and obviously not my type of food. LOL!


Closer look, I only know the mango mixed belacan and chilli, another one is the rendang and not sure with the other one. 


Kon Lao Pan Mee with Dumpling - RM 5.50

I prefer to choose the Kon Lao because I eat very slow and if it's in hot soup, it's really going to take an hour!
Our lunch time is only 1 hour!


Look at those dumplings, huge enough?
There's 5 of it aye!


Pan Mee with Dumpling - RM 5.50

The bowl quite big actually and seriously you're really will satisfy with it!


Kon Lau Ngau Chap - RM 5.50


Ngau Chap Bee Hoon - RM 5.50

DSC00389-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Beef Meatball Bee Hoon - RM 5.00

Count how many of it going into my tummy??? ;p


*nyum nyum nyum*


Ms Stephanie and I


Am with Ms Chang

Yea that's three of us!
We always have to leave office at 12 noon sharp as the place we're going to were quite far from workplace.
But I know both them surely will "drift" every time we go back to office. =.=

Okie, will share with you guys some other time kay?
There are more and more. *LOL*

[ P/S: My schedules in coming days is getting busier , sigh, some of you know the reason why. ]
You Raise Me Up...

I am dedicating this song to my dad and of course to all the daddies in the world.

Some of you may want to read here about I blog about my dearest daddy.
The way he show his love is totally different from mom.
My dad has been very very very strict to us especially the daughters in the family.

Some of you may think that I've been treated like a princess at home, no need cook and no need do any house chores. Every morning wake up, breakfast is already served.
In fact, I've been pressured in other aspects.
I will not have some freedom in certain things. (I guess in lotsa things!)
They just still treating me like a little girl in the house. :(

Kay doesn't matter about it.
Today just wanted to celebrate this wonderful day with daddy! =D
I woke up this morning and run to find daddy and wished him
"Happy Daddy's Day, dad!"

Hey, do you guys know?
Daddy's hug is much more warm than boyfie's hug? =p

Dear daddy,

Thanks for accepting my presence in your life...
Thanks for bringing rainbow into my life...
Thanks for raising me up so well...
Thanks for struggling hard to give us a good life...
Thanks for loving us...
We will never forget all your sacrifices in life for us. 
I love you.

[ P/S : Special dedication to Merryn's hubby, Suituapui, Eugene, Pete, Vialentino, Cleffairy's hubby. ]
I bet most of the people in this world still having World Cup fever.
For those who working, bet you guys enjoy betting right?! 

To be frank, me too. :p
Hah! I know sure you guys puzzled because am not a football lover and I don't watch any football match!
Why the heck I still dare to place my bet?
Okay, of course not me. 
My brothers the one who helped me. =D

To me, bet is okay.
As long as we know our limit and of course know the rules - lose or win.
Any consequences will be on us.

My dearest boss, he is 34 this year.
Quite young aye?? 
He started this business for almost 7 years already.
See how successful is him?

Okay I'm not going to blog how good is him now.
Yesterday all the staffs in the office works in "hell" mood for sure.
The boss lose his bet (Argentina vs Korea) and guess how much?
RM 100k only.
Am not joking. That's the truth.

Guess what happened yesterday?
* Bad mood. (This is for sure)
* He totally forgot almost all customers name.
* He messed up a lot customers' order. 
* He scolding people for some stupid reasons. (e.g. forgot clip the invoice with delivery orders. )
* He asked us to check stock which is just done in the early month.
* He asked the worker to bathe his dogs for every 2 hours. (insane or not?!)
* He messed up the statements int he files and asked us to re-arrange it.
What else?

Our heart like never stop beating fast.
You know its like you never know what he's going to say next!
We working under pressure!!

Today, he's so darn HAPPY.
He won bet. Total?
RM 250k only.
Guess what he treat us?
McD brekkie ONLY!

See people...
His mood now influenced by the result of the match, all of us wish for the World Cup to end soon so that he can back to normal boss!
He told us that before this he bet with his properties! (one of the big house and its actually like a mansion)
And he lose the bet...
That time he get scolded badly by his father and yet he is still enjoy betting!
Oh well, he loves casino too.
So, its common to us when he always fly to Genting there for that.
Still remember I blogged about my boss applied dog's license in order to keep his doggies with him?
He bought this for them too.

DSC00296.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The new belts.

DSC00299.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
Who can actually guess how much is it?

I've told you guys that there were 10 dogs right?
The next day just found out there's another 6 puppies.
I only know about it when boss asked them to bring all those puppies go for injections. 
See how nice is my boss?? 

DSC00294.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

One of the puppies.
Tell you guys, they're all so damn chubby!

DSC00294.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
Sylvester with the puppy.

I know they looked cute, yet I almost kill the puppy the other day.
( Not my fault )

And today suddenly popped out another 3 puppies!
Seriously, now it's not safe for me to walk around outside office, those puppies loves to chase people and lick lick! Euwww!!
I know la they're cute but *grrrr* please do not come near me!!!

I bet everyone of you especially those Chinese know that yesterday was Rice Dumpling Festival aka Dragon Boat Festival, and this morning boss brought a container full of rice dumpling for those doggies and puppies to eat! *fuyoo*

The boss really treat them as part of his family I guess. :)
Still remember this book?
The one I received from Booksneeze.

DSC00290-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I love this book very much.
Reason simply that all the quotes inside this book were very inspirational one.
After I go through each quotes in this book, I do realized a lots of thing and certainly something that I've not realized that it's actually happening on me.

Guess most of you already know that I've graduated from Diploma in Tourism Management and currently working as Account Assistant in a company now. :)
I've been complaining about my workload and yes I do found that the more I complaint, the more I'm not happy with this work.
Somehow I don't like to work in this field yet I know I'm kind of into this job slowly as now its almost half years already working in this field. :)

Let me share some of those quotes that inspired me the most. :)

 Conan O'Brien

"Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen. "

Oprah Winfrey

The essential question is not, "How busy are you?" but "What are you busy at?" "Are you doing what fulfills you?"

Bruce Jenner

" I learned that the only way you're going to get anywhere in life is to work hard at it. Whether you're a musician, a writer, an athlete, or a businessman, there is no getting around it. If you do, you'll win. If you don't, you won't. "

Simon Cowell

" Harshness to me is giving somebody false hopes and not following through. That's harsh. Telling some guy or some girl who've got zero talent that they have zero talent actually is a kindness. "

Dolly Parton

" We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. "

Sun Tzu

" Opportunities multiply as they are seized. "

Katie Couric

" Know and accept your own strengths and weaknesses. "

Reese Witherspoon

" It's important to scare yourself, to do things you don't think you're capable of doing. "

Christabel Pankhurst

" Ability is sexless. "

The one which appears to be the greatest one is this one.

" Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. But it's not. It takes patience, it takes commitment, and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won't. It's whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to preservere. "

- Barack Obama -

From the above, you can see that this book contains various types of great and successful people in the world.
I actually made some bookmarks from those quotes. :)
I gave it to colleagues and some of my friends and of course for myself too.
I would like to share this great book with you so...
Now, I am giving this good book to who be the First Commenter in this post.
Have you watched this movie??

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang!

If you haven't watch this, GO WATCH THIS!!!
There's FIVE lessons to be learn and seriously I start laughing since the movie started.
This movie is great for kids!
Many parts of this movie made me laughed like hell!
Especially when it comes to piglets part!
Go watch it and I'm sure no regret for this one!
There are certain part quite touching and made me teared.

After I watched the movie, I asked bestie Vic and sister if I can have Nanny McPhee in my life?
I do really wish I can have her in my life!
Believe me, you're gonna amazed by those adorable kids inside this movie too! =D

People around me said am weird because usually they will go for Karate Kid, The A-Team, The Killers, etc those type of movies first.
Bestie too first don't want to watch this one but ended up enjoyed and happy watching it!
Movie that I watched surely great one! =p

Even when I arrived home, I kept on telling my parents and siblings how nice and funny is that movie.
As usual, guys in the family busy watching football match at that time, and just treated me like a lil girl telling story. =.=
Anyway, I won the bet! Mwahaha!
Peeps, I always saw panda Foongpc tweet about what to eat brekkie, lunch and dinner, and actually my colleagues and I too always having problem in deciding what to eat for lunch! hahaha!

Colleagues and I always have to do a bit "brainstorming" to decide where to eat and what to eat??
Yesterday, I thought of going to the newly open Papparich at City Mall and actually quite near to our office area, only take 5-10minutes to get there.
I just give suggestion, Ms Chang and Ms Stephanie agreed. However, I was not really in the mood of eating those kind of foods when I browse to internet about their menu.
Then, I was thinking we can always go for other restaurant since City Mall also one of the food heaven in Sabah. :) There's so many food outlets at there.

The time we get there, we saw the Papparich was toooooooo packed!
Seriously, no more empty tables and the level 1 section closed for events.
Guess we can get a table if there's no event on level 1. :/
Ms Chang and Ms Stephanie decided to wait and hoping for there will be diners leaving, but when we look at outside, there's sooooo many people queuing from outside there. *omg*

While we're waiting, we met one of the client of our company and they asked us to join them for lunch.
He come to us and "drag" us to follow them. *LOL*
To be honest. Am feeling quite uncomfy about it.

So, we get into the Hana Japanese Restaurant and its only opposite with the Papparich.
I love Japanese foods, well who don't? :p

Oh by the way, the Old Town at there was quite empty since the Papparich opened.

So, just looked at my orders.
Okay, I don't really dare to do cam-whoring that time as we were with "them".
So, I only snapped what I've ordered. :p


There's a funny moment whereby Mr Samuel actually tricked Ms Stephanie to eat this wasabi.
He told her that it was ice cream and asked her to eat it.
Stephanie just simply eat it and omg! You know what happened next...
So bad!

Ms Chang and I took some from the sushi train. :p
We enjoying ourselves while Stephanie busy "entertaining" Samuel and the geng. xD





We finished up those sushis while waiting or our orders. :)


Fresh Orange Juice for me. :)


Fresh Tomato Ume Juice for Ms Chang


Fresh Lime Juice for Alicia


Fresh Carrot Juice for Ms Stephanie

While everybody busy chit-chatting and we found out the Papparich is actually owned by our BOSS!
See! Clients know about it and we as his staffs doesn't know about it?!
Well what I know my boss do have other business and I only know that he's owning a budget hotel.

Okay, we're actually running out of time and luckily foods arrived quite fast!
One hour time for lunch just not enough for us! xD



Guess which one is mine? ;p


Ordered this one for three of us!


Mine. :)

After finished it, we did a little bit cam-choring.


Ms Chang and I.
Just in case you guys curious why I am so close with her, reason is because she is the accountant and am the assistant! =D

Damn! Hate period time! Can see the pimple there! *grrrr*

32283_399072096546_587561546_431160.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Samuel surprised us when he take out his cam and snapped us!


Ms Stephanie


Im trying to snap "them"


Done Tan and Samuel
From their t-shirt can see they are from Jotun Company. :)
Didn't know that he's actually snapping me!


Good~ He snapped us again.
He tagged us in fb too!


Alicia did not know what we're chit-chat about so she just enjoy eating there. Lol!
She's one of Samuel's assistant. :)

Great lunch time with them actually.
Soon, going to have lunch with them and at different restaurant for sure!
Looking forward to that.

The bill come out and Samuel paid for it. =)
Ms Chang and I actually " err.. both us ate a lot, right? "

[P/S: Dudes in my family sleep so early to "recharge" themselves for World Cup match. :S]
Yesterday morning, my boss was quite worry and we thought there's crisis in business.
All of us in the office too getting worry and start whispering at each other asking if someone know what's happening. 
No one dare to make a single sound till boss finally voice out...
" Do you guys know we actually need to apply license for all the dogs? If not, they will catch all the dogs and don't know what they going to do to all the dogs. "
All of us looking at each other and say WTH?!

FYI, my boss is really a dog lover and there are more than 10 dogs in the company.
Those puppies in the cage while the papa n momma can wandering around outside there. lol!
The boss will bring breakfast for them every morning and bought dog's food for them too.
Every few months will ask the worker to bring all of the puppies and dogs go for medical check-up.
Can you imagine how much the budget only for those dogs?!

Boss then asked one of the staffs to go apply license for those dogs.
Too bad, they only allow each company to have two dogs only.
Boss was so mad and suddenly yell " Then the rest of my dogs will be how??! "
We all dare not to say anything. *scary*

DSC00283.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The green color card is the Pet Health record.

DSC00284.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The so-called "license".
So, there's only two of it and must hang it on the dog's neck. :)


Anyone of you feel comfortable to use unisex toilet?
Because I AM NOT!

Few incidents happened to me.
Today's worst one!
When the time I go inside, there was nobody and when I come out, those guys workers acting like ghost and switched off the light, it scared me a lot!
 I screamed loudly and seriously almost faint!
Can die one you know?!


I received a book from Booksneeze.
My sister the one who suggested me to choose this book. :)

DSC00291.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The book - Classis Wisdom for the Professional Life.

DSC00292.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I opened it and this is how the inside looks like. :)

I will post up my review and share it with you guys right after I finish read it kay. :)


Sister tied my hair like this one and don't allow me to take it off till the next morning. =.=
Now, am wondering what will my hair looks like the next morning. 

DSC00281.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Can see black hair growing already, and I can't wait till the 6th month so that I can finally do something with my hair again! =D