Those Lunch Time!

First of all...
I wanted to say sorry to some of you who visited my blog but unable to view it.
It's due to some technical problem. *sowieeeeeee*

Recently I found that myself always over eat especially during lunch time. <-- Kelvin said so.
According to Foongpc, I am a person who always "TER" , which is also similar to the word "accidentally".
Haha! Today he actually said me TER-luv Hootsuite and TER-cry!
Don't get it? Go ask that panda! *mwahaha*

Lately, some of my friends in my facebook was *tortured* by me when I posted out foods that I ate for my lunch. *oops* I did tagged some of them too! :p
I don't mean to "torture" but I just wanted to share with you all! =D

As I mentioned before that my colleagues and I always have to hunt foods for lunch, let me share some of those foods we eaten. :) 
Don't worry it's not something expensive and will not really make you all drool for it. (I guess. :p)


Kuching Laksa - RM 4.00`


Wantan Ho - RM 4.00


Mee Soup - RM 4.50

DSC00358.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Rojak - RM 4.50

This is real yummy I can say!


I don't know what's that and obviously not my type of food. LOL!


Closer look, I only know the mango mixed belacan and chilli, another one is the rendang and not sure with the other one. 


Kon Lao Pan Mee with Dumpling - RM 5.50

I prefer to choose the Kon Lao because I eat very slow and if it's in hot soup, it's really going to take an hour!
Our lunch time is only 1 hour!


Look at those dumplings, huge enough?
There's 5 of it aye!


Pan Mee with Dumpling - RM 5.50

The bowl quite big actually and seriously you're really will satisfy with it!


Kon Lau Ngau Chap - RM 5.50


Ngau Chap Bee Hoon - RM 5.50

DSC00389-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Beef Meatball Bee Hoon - RM 5.00

Count how many of it going into my tummy??? ;p


*nyum nyum nyum*


Ms Stephanie and I


Am with Ms Chang

Yea that's three of us!
We always have to leave office at 12 noon sharp as the place we're going to were quite far from workplace.
But I know both them surely will "drift" every time we go back to office. =.=

Okie, will share with you guys some other time kay?
There are more and more. *LOL*

[ P/S: My schedules in coming days is getting busier , sigh, some of you know the reason why. ]


  1. so much food... all about food..
    have a nice weekend..

  2. sorry lo...tak kena torture at all also...=3

  3. lol those simple foods only. :) hve a nice weekend to u too! =D

  4. CHEH i didnt even write there ERIC PIG kena torture oso!

  5. mebe u r just like a ghost, smell smell food only, tak actually makan them. coz .. it's impossible for a girl like you to eat so much but still so kurus kering like cicak! :P

    and always so hungry one! u n panda combine, the whole world will be in hunger!

  6. LOL! i cant just smell the food la! gudness!! i ate them completely ok. haha! trust me! =p Panda not a big eater oso! mwahahaha

  7. that meatball mee... has so much meatballs

  8. No wonder couldn't get to your blog larr.. Good food doesn't mean that it must be expensive. Luckily I just had my lunch, otherwise, saliva all over the place. hahaha..

  9. hehe yea i agree. =D omg not till that cham right?? saliva pula. haha

  10. Hi Caroline! Who is Ms Stephanie? Ur teacher ke? Wahhh so much food some more so skinny la u.. can eat and eat and eat some more without worry, enjoy! :D

  11. Yahooooo! You are now officially in the FFC, welcome and let the chopping madness begin! I hope to get ur next post tweet, so I can chop away! :)

  12. hahaha!! no la! she's my colls! like a mummy to me! =p told u i ate lots oso wont get fat oso! hahaha!!

  13. So damn lucky then can eat whateva and still don grow fat, enjoy while u can ha ha!!! And eat something yummy for me today then!

  14. MWAHAHA!! YA hope can chop in ur post too!! n i noe its hard!! got monica!! hahahaha

  15. Hahahahha aiyo so funny, got Monica it seems, so cute la u hahaha!!!!

  16. waaaa i want FAT!! need FAT badly!! LOL

  17. hahaha!! ya i saw her CHOP very fast one!! me oso kalah!! LOL

  18. Panda after eat, must calculate how many rounds he need to jog the next day.. hahahaha..

  19. Wah so much food in one post!LOL! How come the rojak looks like noodles? :P And so many meatballs for 5 bucks! In KL, I think we'll get only 3-4 :P

  20. Yum...yum! Where did you have all these? The best Ngui Chap I had was at this shop a few doors away from Fook Ping Dim sum... The dumplings look good. Pricewise, a bit expensive...but what to expect, KK City - all the rich people there. LOL!!!

  21. hahaha!! yea horr! if not dunno how big d belly afterwards! xD

  22. Haha! but still cant beat ur post la! urs so many n damn yummy!! haha! yup me oso surprised! its a lot. haha

  23. hahaha! its at Inanam and Kolombong area! near my workplace n home. :p whr got rich!!!! xD

  24. Uh...your cuteeeeeeee!!! ^^ I love food too~ Amazing food photography, Caroline. XD

  25. hey erica! thnx for dropping by yea! =D hehe thnx thnx. :)

    visited ur blog too!! =D

  26. i wish i can over eat and maintain like ur body....envy nya ... anyway, one day if i come over to kuching...u must bring me to makan around yeah....esp their kolo mee...

  27. I stay away from soup noodles or anything soupy when i'm in a rush. Even when i'm not in a rush i eat dry noodles.

  28. YOU have been tag girl.. check out me blog to grab it.. :P

  29. esp the Beef Meatball Bee Hoon yum! yum!

  30. wahh everything looks so delicious! :)

  31. next time u come to kl...bring u to hospital to makan yeah...kekeke

  32. haha to me, if not rush, i will prefer soupy!! xD

  33. hahahaha!!! MUST BRING ME TO HOSPITAL EAT!!!

  34. heee... do u miss those foods at here? :p

  35. Wah, so much nice food for lunch, I want to join also!

  36. Oh no!! You TER-blog about food!!! Haha!!

  37. COME HERE! haha! wei ur place thr lotsa nice foods oso la wei! xD