Birthday Special - Queenie Lau

30th of June!!

It is a very very very busy period to me!
Yet, I will not want to miss to wish my dearest god-sister's best day!

to the birthday girl!

36639_402990534365_712259365_447775.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Queenie Lau Wan Ping

It's her sweet 21st Birthday!
My godsis since I was in secondary school form 4!
I call her as "jie" and she call me as "mei". XD

Jie, am sorry yea for not being there and not able to celebrate with you. :(
But, I know there's lot wonderful people around you and they're surely going to celebrate with you!
So, have fun and have a blast one yea!

So, your hubby celebrating with you or not?? *wink wink*
No matter what, as long as you're happy at there kay? =D

Sobs! Many of you got your golden key already and I have to wait longer still! T.T

Looking forward for your come back next month!
So, hows the plan to climb Mount Kinabalu??
[ tsk tsk! both Sabahan still not yet climb Mount Kinabalu ]

I know you craving for this one!
Picture only for now, and we go for REAL one when you're back here kay?

Mei mei.


  1. Happy Birthday to you god-sister!!! Hope she has a great one!

  2. happy birthday and all the best in life to her or you if you are reading!!! (knife at neck and gun at head) XD jk jk jk

  3. SEI PIG! u ah! i put knife at ur neck for real, wan or not?!

  4. oh~ gorgeous~ Happy birthday to her~

  5. Wow, your god-sis is a pretty lady! XD I would like to wish her a Happy 21st Birthday too~ Happy Birthday, gorgeous Queenie! May you be beautiful, happy & healthy forever~ ^^ Have a blast! :D

  6. happy birthday to Queenie..
    that cake looks gorgeous, can eat??

  7. u guys going to climb mt kinabalu?? invite us nextime ya!! =D

  8. Ohh Happy Birthday to Queenie! When are you getting me that cake too? Very pretty :P

  9. Happy Birthday to your godsister! It's always a blessing to have a friend as close as siblings.

  10. Happy Birthday to Queenie! :)

  11. Happy belated BD to your godsis. ;)