Sucky Wednesday!

Yes as you all know that my working day started on Wednesday after the long holidays.

The day didn't started well. 
Our boss was mad due to a number of workers continue their holidays by telling the boss that they were ill. 
Can you imagine so many staffs were absent and too many walk-in customers and phone calls as well, I really felt the massive pressure that day.
Ms Chang and I both had forgotten that our holiday started on last week, which is LAST MONTH, means all the accounts not closed yet!
Lots to do and due to lack of staffs, both us too have to help to entertain those customers. 
There's a customer asked me how to use his iPhone and I really feel like whacking him that time! 
He know how busy I was and my desk full with stakes of papers and files!
At that time, the boss as usual kept on urged us for the statements. :S
For the very first time, I'm teared due to the massive tension on that day. *gosh*
Never felt that way before, all this while I was thought I really can handle myself well under the pressure, but that day I really can't. :(

It's raining in the afternoon, everyone was glad.
However, it turned out to be a disaster.

DSC00144.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

When we were at our another store and its only like 30minutes rain, can you see it looks like a mini lake already, the condition of the road outside worse.
If your car is sedan type, don't you ever try to drive on the road at that time.
We're lucky as our boss picking us back to office with his huge Ninja King car after we done with stock checking.

The rain seems doesn't stop at all, and end up the water level getting higher and higher.
The boss was so happy to see all his stuffs in the office even after 5pm.
He even made cups of coffee for us to enjoy at 7pm!
I was really hungry and those workers staying at the company quarters cooked some foods for me but I did not take it.
Lucky that boss let one of the staff drove the company's big car to bought chicken rice for us. 

It's 8pm and we're still inside the "lovely" office.
What I'm doing?
Tweeting, facebooking, msn-ing, watching korean dramas in youtube.

DSC00145.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I hate to be inside office at that late!
At that time, I am supposed lying down on my comfy bed and napping heavenly!

Guess what time we left our office that night?
10pm plus and hell good that we're all caught in the flood on the road.
I was too bored inside the car and both colleague start dating somemore! :S
I start calling friends just to get someone to talk to me that time, yet everyone was busy with something else.
Bestie too only can text and worst that my phone's battery flat that time.

By the way, there was an accident that night and the big car knocked on the small car.
After he know the car owner was not there, he just left.
How irresponsible he is?!
The bumper and car plate crashed. :S

After few hours caught in the road flood, I finally arrived home safely around 11pm something. :S

[ P/S: Next post will be "I Finally Found My Love", guess what it will be? :p ]


  1. Bad day huh! I hate people like that - extend holiday, just call in sick to extend holiday - should just potong gaji!!! Wah...KK like Sibu, a bit of rain flooded already kah... Here, they are working on the flood mitgation - some improvement, I think...but not completed yet. Now election kalah already....dunno what will happen lah. Lucky my own area - not the flood-prone ones...

  2. Hi, working life is like that. People take advantage of situations and you get into trouble for following the rules. It's tough...

    ...and when it's flooding, this will be another reason not to go to office, too :-)

    yup, bad day. Hope it will be better soon.

  3. I have a few colleagues who sometimes take too much leaves too. =/

  4. next time, buy more food keep in office.
    when hungry that time, take out and eat.
    dun simply eat when u r not hungry.
    just use those foods during emergency

  5. yea totally disaster on that day! >:(
    dunno how come so easily flood dy cz usually will not be like dat one. :S
    the worst part is only the whole road flood near my workplace ny, after passed certain area, all the road dry one, wth! waited for so long just to passed the flood road. :S

  6. Is it? then uncle have to do their work also ah? sien ler if like dat.

  7. Yea i know.. well actually not just in working life, study life too. :/
    I dnt like ppl do dat, like never think of other ppl only. :(
    lol! yup but too bad my house here wont flood easily. lol!
    thnx! =D

  8. too bad no moo moo cow to entertain u in da flood eh? :D

  9. Oh dear! Stuck in the office til 10!!! That's terrible! If I were you, I would have rather swim back home than stay there. LOL! But luckily you managed to reach home safely amidst the traffic jam and accidents. Lately, I really saw a lot of accidents over here in KL.. have to be careful!

  10. aiyah, reached home 11pm?? that's not that late for me lah.. sometimes when i'm busy, i even stayed later than 11pm in the office lah..

  11. there's one time when all of us stayed overnight in the office, didn't sleep whole night, and working for continuous 36 hours to rush for the project.. so compare to you staying in office late but only tweeting, facebooking, msn-ing.. what do you think??

  12. so once in a while if there are urgency in work, we cannot complain too much lah.. what does staying up late in office means?? that means YOU HAVE A JOB, which a lot of people don't even have..

  13. buy those things that u dun like to eat and keep in office,
    then u will not eat them already, until really really hungry, only u will take them and eat

  14. i saw a lot of these ppl get fired

  15. Wah back to work already, sure lots of things to do. Have a nice weekend.