Birthday special!

Before the time hit 12 midnight, I better finish up this post!

I wished them in facebook already but would like to blog about them as they are somewhat special to me! =D

Let see who are they.

The first birthday boy - Calvin Lee.

This cool dude was my big brother's ex-classmate since they were in primary school and being in the same school secondary school too!
He is a very very very nice guy and kinda funny too! =p
I wished him Happy Birthday in facebook and guess what he replied me?
He replied me " thanks my ang mo friend!! hahaha..."
Well well... sure must be because of my hair color!!! xD
Anyway, its okie then since its his big day! =D

Birthday girl - Liew Zhuo Yi

This cute girl was my big brother's ex-classmate in primary school!
Her brother was my ex-classmates in primary school as well! =p
We've known each other for quite long time already. :)

Birthday boy - Dex Lim

Well, actually I do not really know him and only get to know him at facebook.
He taught my sister last year.
I should say I am so pity him as he always get bully by my sister and friends! =p

Wishing them success in doing their studies and of course in their future career too. :)

Happy Birthday to you! =D