I would like to blog about my sucky Wednesday but now am going to fulfill my promise to Fjordan Allegoa Philippine friend of mine.
I've promised him that am going to support his new blog through this so-called "Emerging Influential Blog", which I myself too don't really know what is it. *lol*

According to him, I have to list out 10 blogs.

I love all the blogs I've been following now and it doesn't matter if you're an anonymous or how your blog with or without pictures where people may found it boring, etc.. I will not judge you and your blog. :) 
If your blog not listed in this list, please do not sad or I wish you will not mad at me.
Each blogs and blogger friends that I follow will always have the special value to me.

Since my purpose to blog about this is to support this friend of mine, he will be the first in the list. :)


Love Entertainment? Then I am pretty sure this blog will be suit you much.
This is because it is an entertainment blog so it will ALL ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT!!
Check it out peeps! =D

The second would be the blog I first to know.



If you've been following my blog updates, sure you will know she's the one who influenced me to start blogging. :)
She's also been one of my ex-classmate since Form 1.
The personal blog of her will be about everything, and she's also blog about foodies, so make sure your tum-tum full kay. :p

The third blog will be the person who did really put concern on me especially during my bad days. 



I bet everyone know this hot momma blogger right? :p
I do really adore his little Ethan! :p
The personal blog of her where she blog about her families and friends, and of course some other things. 
Check her blog out peeps to get to know baby Ethan, oops I mean HER. :D

Next will be the first anonymous blogger that I know.

foong.jpg picture by Kawaiirol


I think there is no need introduction for this blog right?
Everyone also know this is panda foong's bloggie right? :p
Love Travel? Check this blog out! =D

Next will be another anonymous blogger who helped me a lot all this while. 


by GarfieldWTF

Well, the first time I visit this blog, I thought it's going to be all about chubby cat - Garfield - bu it's actually not. haha!
This blog is actually full with information and tutorials. So, what you waiting for?
Visit and Check it out! =)
Oops! Before you visit there, just a lil reminder that those words used in that blog is kinda harsh. 

Next one will be the person who has the same surname as me? *lol* 
A cute friend of mine.:)



Serious warning before opening this blog!
haha! All those yummy and tasty foods and beverages inside there so watch out!

Next will be my only "Uncle" Blogger!



Sure you guys know him!
I bet you all also know that I am calling him as Uncle Tekkaus. :)
This blog where he blog about his life and opinions.
Must check it out peeps! =D

Next will be the DiGi man! :p



I found his blog is one of a kind, why?
It just simply that the way he blog is totally different than us!
It's in bullet point and I always love simplicity! :)
Travel + Foods = Vialentino
Another cute baby for me to adore - Baby Dylan! =D

Next one will be a Sarawakian teacher who feeds me "breakfast" to "eat" every morning. :p



His blog will be my brekkie every morning. *lol*
This blog is where he share his foods review and of course with some life opinions.
Wei wei he's a very cute chubby teacher one, must go read his blog aye! =D

Next one will be the professional spammer and FC King of the entire blogging universe.

sk.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

by SK

Lol! Don't worry he's not just won the two title above but his blog too very creative!
Want to see how creative is it? 
Check out his cute fun blog! =p
Oops! Did I just mentioned "cute fun blog"? =p
Oh yea! His blog is in dual language - Cantonese and English. Nice!

Last but not least... will be the person who called me CABBIT!



His blog full with his creative ideas that pop out from his kinda sane and yellow-ish brain, and turned out to be a GREAT POST!
No need me to talk more at here, just click on the link and Check It Out yourself!

Its TEN already?
Can I make another 10 blog list? :(
I wanted to blog about my favorite magic blog, more foodies and travel blog and of course my favorites personal blogs! 
I love you all. :)

Its really such a blessing to get to know all of you. <3


  1. CHEH no longer moderate comment, still ask meh? elelle :p

  2. I don't know some of the bloggers in your list! Ok. will check them out! : )

  3. Oh, my blog is in your 10 blogs List! Yay!!!

  4. dont worry most of them u noe one. :p haha

  5. Foong, you should at least know ME! if you dun.. i'll fire my torpedo at ur direction! :P i know at least 8 blogs up there :D

    *happy i'm one of the ten blogs* thank you :)

  6. yehey! thank you caroline! super thanks for the support! yahoo!

  7. "Biar lambat asalkan SELAMAT!" mwahahaha! not related at all. haha.

    haha fire now! it must be very interesting part! =p

    u're most welcome hottie momma. xD

  8. My pleasure! =D its great and I hope this little thing ca help in promoting ur new blog yea. =D

  9. Oooo...tenkiu, tenkiu!!! I'm in the Top 10 - never mind that I'm down there - near the bottom... Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. I am "kicked out"...booohoooo.. *sob*

  11. claire... no, u didnt kicked out, u're always in Caroline's list! =D

  12. hehe nooo not like dat.. i love all blogs that i follow one. :)

  13. All the good blogs.....great choice...LOL! have a nice weekend!

  14. congratulation to the top 10~

  15. I didn't know about some of the blogs and it's good you listed them here. Will hop over when time allows..

  16. haha, now i know what kind of impression i give people.. comments spammer and FC King?? hahahaha, somemore you want to add the word "professional", cool~~ :p

  17. "Emerging Influential Blog", haha, i love this term!! so it's about those blogs that influence you very significantly, or those that have inspired you, i guess??

  18. ooooh, you don't know GarfieldWTF?? hmmm, i thot he's your big brother or friend you know, because he has taken over your blog for a few days.. hehehehe, too messy to think about all your relationship with the bloggers.. :p

  19. actually i was inspired to become a spammer from foongpc's blog, and the FC from bluedreamer27's blog.. i am not the pioneer, but i admit i am doing very well in these, hahahaha!!!

  20. BTW, talking about spamming.. i notice in your top commenters list, you yourself is on the top!! how can that be?? you should have filtered yourself out in the list mah, with that i can be the top already.. kekeke :p

  21. SK, dun think about that, you'll go BONKERS! :D

  22. This is wat the Internet world is

  23. Yay! I also like Caroline's blog! :)
    Thank you for liking me back. :P

  24. i think i'm the paling tak popular among the top 10...XD

    eh...long time neva call u Cabbit already...think got 2 days...=3

  25. popular or not, thats not important lar.
    the most important thing is, we do enjoy the things we r write.
    anyway, i am also same like u, not a popular blogger.
    and some ppl treat me like a bugger

  26. hehe thnx! this list not in listed according favorite blog or what. just a list to complete the entry. :)

  27. Hehehe yea feel free to do so. :) they r all nice.

  28. wei wei i didnt say they r my top ten ler. i love all blogs that i follow n wish to get their update one. =D

  29. lol! too bad this is not according to my favorite list or wat. cz if it have to be my favorite blogs list, it shud have contains all the blogs am following lar!

    hehehe gud wat got such nice impression ! =D

    I know la, what i mean here is before i know who is he. :)

    haha i wanted to filter my name out but always no time, :p after changed comment system then suddenly my name appeared one lar. haha yea la u're always d top, can? :P

  30. MWAHAHAHA!!! got ppl miss to call me Cabbit dy. =p count days somemore! lol!

  31. haha! always like ur bloggie one! =D

  32. War...thanks for the mention again May.:D

  33. It is an honour to be mentioned here. :D