Win or Lose = Boss's Mood

I bet most of the people in this world still having World Cup fever.
For those who working, bet you guys enjoy betting right?! 

To be frank, me too. :p
Hah! I know sure you guys puzzled because am not a football lover and I don't watch any football match!
Why the heck I still dare to place my bet?
Okay, of course not me. 
My brothers the one who helped me. =D

To me, bet is okay.
As long as we know our limit and of course know the rules - lose or win.
Any consequences will be on us.

My dearest boss, he is 34 this year.
Quite young aye?? 
He started this business for almost 7 years already.
See how successful is him?

Okay I'm not going to blog how good is him now.
Yesterday all the staffs in the office works in "hell" mood for sure.
The boss lose his bet (Argentina vs Korea) and guess how much?
RM 100k only.
Am not joking. That's the truth.

Guess what happened yesterday?
* Bad mood. (This is for sure)
* He totally forgot almost all customers name.
* He messed up a lot customers' order. 
* He scolding people for some stupid reasons. (e.g. forgot clip the invoice with delivery orders. )
* He asked us to check stock which is just done in the early month.
* He asked the worker to bathe his dogs for every 2 hours. (insane or not?!)
* He messed up the statements int he files and asked us to re-arrange it.
What else?

Our heart like never stop beating fast.
You know its like you never know what he's going to say next!
We working under pressure!!

Today, he's so darn HAPPY.
He won bet. Total?
RM 250k only.
Guess what he treat us?
McD brekkie ONLY!

See people...
His mood now influenced by the result of the match, all of us wish for the World Cup to end soon so that he can back to normal boss!
He told us that before this he bet with his properties! (one of the big house and its actually like a mansion)
And he lose the bet...
That time he get scolded badly by his father and yet he is still enjoy betting!
Oh well, he loves casino too.
So, its common to us when he always fly to Genting there for that.


  1. Not so bad if they win. I have a friend who still owes me over 3K...lost dunno how much many World Cups ago - paying minimum on his credit card bills every month. Pays me a bit when he has any money to miserable, so pathetic. Grad...professional, can't imagine that kind of life! Girlfriend hanging on for so long, how to get married like that? If I were the girl, I would have dumped him long ago. What kind of life with a hubby like that?

  2. Haha :D I have never bet before. Never, ever bet. :D

  3. whoopsie! uncle gud boy worr.. haha me kinda bad girl then XD

  4. wasai!! gotta be serius?! over 3k summore!! whoa d gf so LOVE him one ah?? wakakaka!!

  5. hahaha ironic....just talk about world cup betting in my facebook status...=P

  6. I bet.. meals ONLY :P

  7. looks like when he mood bad, he still treat his dogs very good.
    mood bad also ask ppl to bath his dogs

  8. gosh.. i tot RM100 at first..and bad mood? then i reversed.. 100K??? wow.. that is dangerous... how much i can do with this money, man... yeah, world cup better end fast before anything serious crops up..

  9. wooo... Every bet comes with a K!! and stil it is ONLY!! I think the dogs also phobia of World Cup season, have to shower so many times in a day. Bet small small is fine, if bet too much or be addicted to it, it can be very DANGEROUS!

  10. lol! meals also i dare to bet la! haha! :p

  11. Yea la! all of us in the office shocked when know its 100K! gudness can buy house and car! LOL

  12. yea right. his dogs is his everything. LOL

  13. yea as what his closest friend told us, its come with K and ended up with ONLY. lol! those dogs kinda enjoy bathing actually dat day! lol

  14. Lose 100K then win 250K, then belanja u all McD? Does not add up! LOL!