Slappy Cakes, Publika

When you're up for fun session whilst having your meal, do pay a visit at Slappy Cakes, Publika. This is where you can order your food and having some fun DIY session with friends and family. Of course, the kid will be very happy to be here too! I will tell you why. 

People who know me well enough, they know how much I love my hair, especially do something with it (whether a braid, or just simple hairdo, on my own). I guess that's what a long hair for, you'll get to doll up! Though, at some point when my hair getting longer and loses its initial shape from the previous haircut, it tend to look dull and lifeless, and that's where I start longing for another fresh start. Hence, the transformation

In Malaysia, who would expect Mr. Bond would suddenly appear right in front of you and hand you a gift? Obviously, I didn't and never expect it to happen. I was totally in shocked and happy at the same time! Let me tell you more about the special gift that I received from Mr. Bond here!

The world is divided into haves and have-nots – and that division begins early. Millions of children around the world fall short of basic human rights – food, clothing and shelter – and often education that facilitates the pursuit of a better life to escape the cycle of poverty. It is hard to imagine legions of underprivileged young for whom fast food is a rare luxury, have never washed with shampoo or owned a toothbrush.

They are not just in desperate Third World countries. They are right here, in our midst - in Malaysia's prosperous cities and deep rural reaches. They are of different family background and races, reflecting our nation's multi-cultural composition.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is going pink for a good cause! 

With every pink limited edition Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi sold from 1st October 2015 to 15th November 2015, Scholl Malaysia will donate RM10 to Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA). As an effort to extend the publicity on Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October this year, the limited edition electronic foot file can be purchased in all Guardian stores from October onwards.
The Glass House @ 325 // Janda Baik
Actually, I didn't really consider this staycation as a proper staycation. It's more like a company getaway where we had tons of brainstorming sessions. Honestly, I felt rather exhausted after this trip. Brain fried, you know. Though, I had to share with you about this lovely place that my boss found through Airbnb. I knew he will choose a lovely place with at least 4-5 bedrooms to fit all of us, just like the one we stayed in Phuket for the first company trip

I used to have a similar tool like this Pobling Mini Ion Applicator, but I guessed I've lost it somewhere. I remember the joy of applying eye cream on my eyes area was a breeze and I have nothing to worry if my hand pressure is too much that will cause wrinkles and fine lines. I am so glad that I can now continue my routine with this amazing tool again!

I love chicken wings. I love Korea. And it makes sense that I am going to love the fried chicken at Pelicana Chicken! If you haven't heard of Pelicana Chicken yet, they are also known as Korea No. 1 Fried Chicken too!
Brief Introduction...

Established in 1982, Pelicana Chicken is the longest standing and the largest stand-alone Korean styled fried chicken franchise. World famous in Korea for its fried chicken and sumptuous sauces, Pelicana Chicken looks forward to meeting you all in Malaysia.

In support of the local independent businesses and homegrown brands, the much-anticipated two-day artisan bazaar Markets by Jaya One, also known as Markets 16, thronged by a 5,000-strong crowd over the weekend in The School, Jaya One. 

Hey guys! Digi WWWOW Awards is back this year!

Possibilities on the Internet are endless. Whether you're a dream chaser, a savvy startup owner, or a charity-sharing soul, as long as you harness the power of the Internet to make it big, you are definitely in for this game! All you need to do is submit your project, business, or work of art to us and together we'll take it further. 

Charles & Keith finally unveiled its newly renovated concept store tha spans more than 3300 square feet at Mid Valley Megamall. This new concept store is one fo the 26 stores in Malaysia franchised by the Valiram Group, Asia Pacific's leading specialist retailer.