Korean No. 1 Fried Chicken @ Pelicana Chicken, e@Curve

I love chicken wings. I love Korea. And it makes sense that I am going to love the fried chicken at Pelicana Chicken! If you haven't heard of Pelicana Chicken yet, they are also known as Korea No. 1 Fried Chicken too!
Brief Introduction...

Established in 1982, Pelicana Chicken is the longest standing and the largest stand-alone Korean styled fried chicken franchise. World famous in Korea for its fried chicken and sumptuous sauces, Pelicana Chicken looks forward to meeting you all in Malaysia.
Recently, we went there with a bunch of our friends to try out their foods (mainly for their fried chicken dishes) and it turned out a really fun session. We managed to try out their entire variations on the different level of spiciness for the fried chicken, it was like a challenge to ourselves! The level of spiciness that they can go up to... is no joke. 

Peli Crunchy Chicken

This is probably my most favorite of them all - Peli Crunchy Chicken. All the chickens were deep fried freshly served with a pack of Korean yellow sauce. The fried chicken itself are crunchy on the outside and tender in the inside. You can eat it on its own or dip it into the yellow sauce for the extra flavor. The sauce itself has a hint of a mixture of honey and mustard, it's yummy!

Under the variation of their Peli YangNyeom Chicken, you can choose your favorite sauce for your fried chicken - Original, Charcoal BBQ, Spring Onion and Hot Spice. Of course, it also depends on what's your spicy tolerance level too. For someone like me, those who can't handle spicy food, it's safe to order either or both the Original and Spring Onion. It has only mild spiciness in it and you still can enjoy your fried chicken in both different sauces. 

For those who enjoy spicy food but do not wish the spiciness to overpower the flavor of the fried chicken dish, you can always opt for the Charcoal BBQ. Unless you are someone who can't live without chili and enjoy the extra spicy oomph, feel free to order the Hot Spice. All the fried chicken variation served at here are actually the Peli Crunchy Chicken that coated with different types of sauces. 

Pelicana Chicken Garlic Sauce

We were lucky to get to try this new Pelicana Chicken Garlic Sauce. This is the new flavor to the addition to their existing Peli YangNyeom Chicken variation. For people who love garlic, you will definitely enjoy this one for its garlicky flavor.

Apart from serving Korean fried chicken dish, Pelicana Chicken also serves various type of Gourmet Burger and Rice Meals. We had the Biggie Drum Burger (RM15.90) and Peli Chicken Fillet Rice (RM9.90) on that day, Eelyn really enjoyed eating the seaweed rice that served together with the chicken fillet. You would surprise how affordable the meal cost at here! 

If you're coming to dine in a group, you can always order the Pelicana Platter where you can choose either for 4 or 6 pax to save more. The platter meals are definitely valued for money as you can save more. 

As for drink, you can either order the Korean tea (refillable) or other type of beverages such as Coffee & Chocolate series, mocktails, selection of soft drinks, Milkis soda, ice frappe series or smoothies! The Forest Fruit Yoghurt smoothie drink is yummy! 

p.s: They will take approximately 15 minutes to prepare/cook the chicken after customer place order, this is because they prepare everything freshly to ensure customer to enjoy their meal at Pelicana Chicken.

Pelicana Chicken (e@Curve Mall)
Level 1, Lot 1-43,
Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel no: +603 - 7732 0087

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