Staycation at The Glass House | Janda Baik

The Glass House @ 325 // Janda Baik
Actually, I didn't really consider this staycation as a proper staycation. It's more like a company getaway where we had tons of brainstorming sessions. Honestly, I felt rather exhausted after this trip. Brain fried, you know. Though, I had to share with you about this lovely place that my boss found through Airbnb. I knew he will choose a lovely place with at least 4-5 bedrooms to fit all of us, just like the one we stayed in Phuket for the first company trip

This lovely place called - The Glass House @ 325 - located at Janda Baik, is approximately 45-minute to an hour away from KL. My boss flew my colleagues from Taipei to Malaysia and you know how happy I was to meet them again! Honestly, the exterior look of the entire house may seem a bit off, we were all surprised by how amazing the interior is! I wanted to do the entire house tour vlog, but the group that I'm with, they doesn't really know what I always do other than my work, I mean they know that I blogs, but they don't really know I vlogs too? Plus, it was kinda awkward to do it with people that I call colleagues? Hence, I tried to snap as many photos as I could before they actually place all their stuff. 

my room

It's a 2-storey glasshouse and let me separate these by going through the entire house - floor by floor. The moment you enter the house, you will see a spacious living room that fully furnished with comfy sofas, chess set, more seats,  two bedrooms (with queen bed) and a toilet. I was so glad that I can actually choose which room I want and I got myself and Herne the best room in the glasshouse! Our room has the most amazing view and surrounded by lush green scenery. Waking up every morning as though we were in the middle of the forest, which is quite cool. From our room, there's a path for jungle trekking and you can even go down to the waterfall area too! Too bad, we never really have time for that and appreciate the surrounding nature. 

There's also a transparent chess set on the table and guests can play it whenever they want. Not to forget some of the board games placed on the coffee table too! There's wifi available in the glasshouse, but the connection was quite terrible and not stable. It's perfect to disconnect to reconnect with your friends by playing the board games instead of each holding smartphones, heh. 

Here's the stair to go up to the first floor. There's a fireplace on the first floor and guests can lit it up at night to keep the entire place warm when it get chilly at night. The worker will place and arrange it for the guest. I would say the second floor is where you can get everything you want. 

There's another bedroom on the second floor and it furnished with two queen-sized beds that perfect for 4 pax. Other than that, there's also this comfy mattress laid down at the living room where guest can chill or maybe taking an afternoon nap. It also a place where we kinda get together chit-chatting at night too. For people who enjoys reading, books are everywhere in the house, you'll love it. 

Sofas everywhere in the house too!

The spacious kitchen is also on the second floor too! The kitchen is fully equipped with dishwashing machine, microwave, oven, kitchenwares, stove, fridge, etc. At here, it's either you bring all the ingredients or drive out as the nearest place to eat is 15-20 minute away from the house. I wish I had all the ingredients and do the baking in this kitchen! They also prepared breakfast every morning for us, which we had nasi lemak on the first few days, followed by mee siam and fruits on our last day. 

Ramesh came over on our last night stay and prepared delicious dinner for all of us. We also had a mini BBQ session on that night too.

The balcony on the first floor was amazing too! 
It's where you can unwind or take that instagrammable-kind-of-pictures!

lush green scenery

Moving to the third floor, there's another living room section and also another spacious bedroom with queen-sized bed. Not sure why, but I didn't take the photo of the bedroom on the third floor. Overall, it was a really nice place to stay and chill for a couple of days with a bunch of friends or family. I must say the workers have been really kind and helpful during our entire stay too! 

p.s: I don't mind going back to this place again, but I gotta make sure the next time I come back, it has to be the proper staycation where I get to rest, unwind and enjoy the company. _へ__(‾◡◝ )>


  1. Horrible experience with dodgy Airbnb host. Initial discussion, he quoted us the price based on 16 people, before we leave he requested the top up a weekend extra six people stay. His argument was the price based on ten people. His staff closed the gate until we pay the overcharged six people to stay. Stupid hostage tactic! Anyway, nothing exciting at the surrounding area; except staying inside this concrete house and bad wifi connection.
    Warning! The host is arrogant and he tried all tactics to get money from his guests. Airbnb scam.