Children's Day Charity Bazaar | The School, Jaya One

The world is divided into haves and have-nots – and that division begins early. Millions of children around the world fall short of basic human rights – food, clothing and shelter – and often education that facilitates the pursuit of a better life to escape the cycle of poverty. It is hard to imagine legions of underprivileged young for whom fast food is a rare luxury, have never washed with shampoo or owned a toothbrush.

They are not just in desperate Third World countries. They are right here, in our midst - in Malaysia's prosperous cities and deep rural reaches. They are of different family background and races, reflecting our nation's multi-cultural composition.

Children's Day - an occasion to cherish our junior citizens - is an opportunity to reach out to these needy ones at the Children’s Day Charity Bazaar on 8 November at The School in Jaya One, organized by Living Hope.  Living Hope is a non-profit organization that aims to reach out to poor, needy and marginalized children in Malaysia and internationally. “Living Hope's outreach program is for children below 12,” explained founder and Chairman, Dr. Peggy C Wong. “Under the supervision of an older mentor, they observe and learn simple business skills during the buying and selling at the stalls. It is also a boost for their self-esteem and life skills,” she added.

Charles Wong, Executive Director of Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd, developer for Jaya One and The School affirmed, “We believe that every child deserves the best start in life as well as an equal chance to fulfill their dreams, regardless of their cultural and socio-economic status.” Held from 11am until 5pm, various college-age volunteers and younger kids will be manning more than 60 booths ranging from food, creative and imaginative products as well as participating in exciting performances and activities to show off the entrepreneurial spirit of young Malaysians.

The coupons are available for sale at RM50 per booklet with everything is only priced from RM5 at the bazaar. More than 5,000 visitors are expected to throng the bazaar to support Malaysian small businesses and also do their bit for charity.

“Through the meaningful collaboration with Living Hope, we hope that funds will reach out to more underprivileged children so that they are able to receive education,'' added Wong of Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd. 

Coinciding with the organization’s 8th anniversary, the proceeds will go towards Living Hope's myriad of activities - such as hot meals and educational materials to help children from families with income under RM700. “We, and the children are deeply grateful to Mr. Charles Wong of The School for the kind generosity in working with us to make this bazaar a success,” Dr. Peggy C Wong concluded. The public can opt to purchase the coupon booklets at The School’s information counter on the Ground Floor or the Living Hope office at Damansara Utama (03-7727 5887) from now until 8 November. 

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