Social Media E-Commerce | DIGI WWWOW Awards 2O15

Hey guys! Digi WWWOW Awards is back this year!

Possibilities on the Internet are endless. Whether you're a dream chaser, a savvy startup owner, or a charity-sharing soul, as long as you harness the power of the Internet to make it big, you are definitely in for this game! All you need to do is submit your project, business, or work of art to us and together we'll take it further. 

You may ask, what this whole thing Digi WWWOW Awards is about? 

WWWOW Awards is Malaysia's only Internet for All Awards. It is based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others. **8 category winners not only win RM10,000 each, but also the opportunity to sit in with industry experts to elevate their businesses, platforms and social ventures!

The 8 categories that you can compete in are: Video & Photography // Social Influencers // Independent Publishers // Web E-Commerce // Mobile E-Commerce // Social Media E-Commerce // Social Impact // Social Movement.

Social Media E-commerce allow me to work from home too!

Out of these categories, I am really happy to see there's a category for Social Media E-Commerce. People around me, especially my friends who actually jumped on the bandwagon on this whole social media e-commerce thing, who would have thought you would be able to start doing a business through your social media accounts - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I have a friend who really inspires me to find business opportunity through social media e-commerce. To me, whether it is a personal Facebook account or a Facebook Fanpage, or even just an Instagram account, you will find a way to list down all your products and voila, you've just set up your very own business! Seriously, who would really have thought Facebook and Instagram can turn into a medium for people with high entrepreneurship within themselves and created business opportunities for many out there too. I also believe the powerful impact of social media on turning a small business to a big business in no time, with the right product and right marketing way. How interesting heh?!

social media make it easy to keep notified through my smartphone too!

I know if I finally become ONE of the many business entrepreneurs out there, I would definitely begin my business with a baby step first - by creating social media accounts for my business. With the powerful tools on Facebook and Instagram, I can start creating awareness of my business presence with advertising and sponsored posts on each platform that can slowly bring in customers/consumers to my business. With the private message and comment system on each platform, I can easily communicate with my potential customers and understand what are their needs too. Mind you, you can do so many things within the social media platform itself, it's really hard to deny the fact that social media e-commerce is a thing now! 

The nomination and also submission date for this award is from 14th September 2015 till 12th October 2015. The voting for People’s Choice Award is between 19th September 2015 till 30th October 2015. The judges selection will take place from 13th October 2015 till 12th November 2015. Finally, the Award Night and also Winners Announcement will take place at 20th November 2015.

Watch Digi #WWWOW2015 Awards. 
Are you the next Internet hero?

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