Hello guys! 

No more asking "what to eat?" if you're going to spend your Sunday at The School, Jaya One! Thanks to Jaya One for their new "Sun Day Out", with the aim to promote quality family time, now we all can indulge ourselves with various food in one place! It will be held every Sunday from 10am until 4pm, young urban families can now look forward to plenty of fun family-oriented activities.


I have shared with you previously on HOW I GET RID OF MY ACNE SCARS and there's many of you sending my emails asking more about the Banish Kit! 

Anyone of you attended the "Year of the Sheep" gathering in Sunway Pyramid? Sunway Pyramid shopping mall organized a gathering in attempt to make it the largest gathering for those who were born in the year of the Sheep! 

Hey guys! Some of you were asking me what's with the #BEaFlasher everywhere on Instagram is all about! It is all about the new ultimate selfie smartphone - Alcatel Onetouch Flash by Alcatel! It is recently launched in Malaysia and is available for sales since last December 2014.

Quick update for today!

I believe juicing is no longer anonymous to many of us here in Malaysia! In fact, there's more and more of you out there started juicing at home. However, do you know that there's a difference of using centrifugal juice extractors (typically utilize a fast-spinning metal blade that spins against a mesh filter, separating juice from flesh via centrifugal force) and a slow juicer (cold-pressed juicer)?

I've learned that cold-pressed juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients as the fruit and vegetable are put through a cold-pressed juicer. On the other hand, if the fruit and vegetable being sliced by spinning blades, it can be overheat and oxidize the juice, resulting in nutrient loss.  
The atmosphere was electric. Fans began to chant to them as the lights dim. Then, flashes of light stretched across the stage and made its way to the screaming fans. It was the night of nights for Avenged Sevenfold (A7X)’s fans. They were back.

23rd of January 2015 was no ordinary Friday for Malaysians. Come evening, the skies darkened and it began to drizzle. The brief shower from the skies may have looked solemn, but it cease in welcome to when the band takes centre stage.

Another food post! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

I bet some of you have heard of this new food outlet called - OKONOMI - especially for those who are staying in Solaris Dutamas area. You see, working from home allows me to work remotely and the flexibility to enjoy my lunch time at anytime and anywhere I want to. That simply means I do not need to worry to travel all the way from Subang to Publika and not enough time to enjoy my lunch. Eric and I drove to Publika to try out the food at Okonomi with Anna. 

Hey! Have you heard the exciting news yet? Yes, the largest American steakhouse chain in the world - Outback Steakhouse - has unveiled its second outlet for Malaysia at the newly-launched integrated lifestyle and transit mall hub, Nu Sentral! I didn't get to try the one in Australia when I was in Sydney last year, and pretty excited when I get invited to try out some of their signature dish on Tuesday night!

It has been quite a good few years that I didn't need to wear a proper office attire until last November when I actually required to dress at least meeting-appointment appropriate attire. Now that my job required me to meet clients, I started to shop for something casual yet presentable for meeting clients with my boss. 

Huge thanks to Innisfree for bringing Lee Min Ho all the way from Korea to Malaysia for the Innisfree Festa 2015! I am one of those lucky fans who got the golden chance to attend this event and meet Lee Min Ho so up close! Just so you know that Lee Min Ho is the Global Brand Ambassador for Innisfree. 

Caroline - Ivan (awesome hair stylist) - Anna

On the New Year Eve night,  my two favorite people (Eric & Anna) and I decided to visit Number76 (Midvalley) to give our hair mini pampering session, that's also because we wanted to have fabulous hair to celebrate NYE so we look good for our first 2015 wefie together! Joking! (๑>◡<๑)

Hatten Group was so kind to provide us a night stay at their very own hotel - Hatten Hotel - so that we can enjoy the Rhapsody Bar Lounge launching party last December. The room that turned into our crib for that night was a spacious Junior Suite. Look at the huge king size bed, super comfortable and I've had hard time dragging myself up the next morning!

Happy New Year 2015! If you ask me, it's important to have your personal new year resolution so that you know you have something (goals) to achieve by the end of the year, of course that including improving yourself and life. I have plenty of new year resolution this year, but I'm gonna keep most of them for myself and write down only the main ones here.