Avenged Sevenfold Live in KL

The atmosphere was electric. Fans began to chant to them as the lights dim. Then, flashes of light stretched across the stage and made its way to the screaming fans. It was the night of nights for Avenged Sevenfold (A7X)’s fans. They were back.

23rd of January 2015 was no ordinary Friday for Malaysians. Come evening, the skies darkened and it began to drizzle. The brief shower from the skies may have looked solemn, but it cease in welcome to when the band takes centre stage.

A7X had first made their debut concert in Malaysia back in April 2012. Almost 3 years after, they were back at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, made possible by TuneTalk (not to mention, TuneTalk has brought them here, twice!). This time around, as part of their Hail to the King Asian Tour, they once again got us screaming for more.

It started off with their second single off their Hail to the King album, Shepherd of Fire, which got the crowd in an uproar of cheers. We thirst on for more, and they continued giving it to us. And as their finale, they performed one of my personal favourites from their self-titled album, A Little Piece of Heaven. My inner fan sang to every word of it, for as long as my breath would allow me to. It was pure exhilaration and I felt so alive.

M. Shadows’ vocal prowess did not disappoint as he holds the entire concerto as the crowd sang in unison. Fans were enthralled by the harmonizing feat of Zacky, Johny and Synyster, while not forgetting that awesome guitar solo by Synyster too! It was truly a spectacular feat by them, and a feast for our ears. Last but not least, their newest member added to the fold, Arin Ilejay raised the bar with his remarkable skills with his pair of drumsticks – extremely unforgettable!

We hope A7X would come by Malaysia again in the future. Who knew there were so many diehard fans here?

About the Author

Our guest author, Kevin Ch’ng is a storyteller by trait, and writer by training. He has shown to have an inexplicable interest in video games, superheroism in comics, and favours almost every genre of music (including country).