Well, yours truly still feeling down under the weather till today, being very unproductive since the past week for the cough and phlegm still not willing to let me go. Perhaps, I just gotta blame myself for not taking care on my type of foods consume daily heh? Ahh well, how could you resist yourself from foods especially when they're too delicious?! No way, at least to me. I wonder how many of you love Hunan cuisines here? 
Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng
It would such a great pleasure for us to found out the hidden gem in The Scott Garden Mall, Old Klang Road. The Scott Garden Mall has been well known for their F&B chain but to found out the authentic Hunan cuisines at here, still an awesome part! Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng, a Chinese restaurant located next to Beer Factory is definitely a restaurant where you can get the best of your favorite Chinese cuisines especially for Hunan cuisines. They're focusing on their Hunan-Cantonese menu with a touch of Malaysian influence. Just so you know that Hunan cuisine is one of the eight regional cuisines of China and also well known for its hot and spicy flavor, fresh aroma, deep color and the prominence of the main flavor in each dish. 
The Holy month of Ramadhan has started and our fellow Muslim friends has started with their fasting session and I bet what we love is break fasting time! That's the time where not just for the Muslims to savor all the delicious foods but also for us non-Muslim to join the feast! If you're looking for some good and reasonable Ramadhan buffet package that is perfect for family gathering and bonding time for break fasting session, why not give a shot on The Food Tree
The Food Tree @ OWG, Glenmarie Shah Alam
The Food Tree, owned by the renowned Only World Group (OWG), situated in Glenmarie which is one of Shah Alam's prime commercial and residential areas. They offers a wide range of local and western delicacies enjoyed in the lush surroundings of their indoor and alfresco ambiance. You could easily get your craving fix from homemade noodles to delicate dim sum and etc. 
HOW TO TREAT DRY AND DEHYDRATED SKIN? You better don't ever ask me this question as I myself shuck at it. Yes, judging by how my face skin like, boohoo! I have a combination skin type and some said I have more to dry skin type. Perhaps it's just because I most of the time stay in air-conditioned room. No, can't blame me as I somehow can't survive without aircond. Or you just going to hear me ranting nonstop - SO HOT
Source : www.skincarelogic.com
I wonder if some of you have encountered this experience before, I felt my skin kinda dry and tight after washed my face when I use certain skincare products. While some of my friends told me it's a good thing till the day the beautician told me that it simply means the product not suitable for my skin type. Oh boy! How silly I could be huh? I even tried it again and truly realized that yes my face skin getting tighter but I could not ignore the dryness and itchiness on it even though it was just a mild one. Just so you know that, I have experienced few times of skin peeling especially on the nose part due to dryness. 
So, do you know you could win an all expense paid 4D3N trip for yourself and a friend to San Francisco??! It will inclusive of flights, accommodation and travelling allowance of USD120 per person. On top of that, you will get to cover the event on social media and interview acts like The Cab, Hellogoodbye and Mayday Parade!

Gush 2012is the worldwide launch party of Gushcloud, happening in a series of concerts in San Francisco, Singapore and Malaysia. In conjunction, The Gush Chase will be held in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia to select one social media influencer per country to cover Gush 2012 San Francisco on 25 Aug 2012. The local runner-ups from Singapore and Malaysia will get to cover their local Gush 2012 concert. The Gush Chase runs from 4 July - 6 August 2012. 

The Holy month of Ramadan is approaching us so close and with just a blink of eyes, it's just few days away.  This is the month of fasting for Muslims which will continue for 30 days. When it's time to break fast (buka puasa), it is always better to get together with everyone, the more the merrier! This time around, Checkers Cafe at Dorsett Regency Hotel, Kuala Lumpur will be having an interesting Ramadhan buffet themed "Selera Bersama Jaafar Onn" that will be featuring the famous and talented Celebrity Chef Jaafar Onn with renowned singer Haiza.  
Jaafar Onn & Haiza
A very busy and hectic working day to me, with the blues on every Tuesdays doesn't seem to help at all. Well, I guess that always happened whenever I back from a holiday leave. Yup! I just got back from my hometown yesterday after spent weekend gateway with the beloved family and we went for day trip to Manukan island as well. 
Flo, Haylie and Mua
So, back to my day, I have never feel better being a lil bit sickish, puked phlegm like nobody business on the way back to home today. The moment I get home and entered room, I was surprised with a lovely pinkish box and yes that seems very very familiar to me! Pinky box always brings lovely surprise to me heh
You would never or hardly see yours truly in any party scene simply because I myself know I'm not a good drinker and seriously, I would just had a sip of the alcohol drink if I really had to, simply because I do not like the bitter taste of it. I guess some of the colleagues of mine were quite surprised when I ordered warm water instead of enjoy the beers during our happy hour last time! Now you know how silly I am. 

Being selected as one of those to join the happening Hennessy Artistry event to Penang was quite a great experience to yours truly. The experience of party with the celebrities? It's my first time. Prior before the trip, I wasn't really expect much but I know it definitely be fun. Woke up extra early just to catch our plane to Penang definitely not what I wish for especially when it is on the weekend.

There's always the moment when the both boyfie and I do not feel like staying at home especially during the weekend nights and we just do not want to be stuck at just one same place all the time. Thankfully we finally found yet another place for our hangout place, Lleone's Pizzas and Such it is. 

Lleone's Pizzas and Such @ SS15, Subang Jaya
Frankly, I can never understand the road jam at SS15 and that's always a turn off whenever we plan to go  tthat area. And so glad that certain area of SS15 is not that jam and Lleone's Pizzas and Such located just nice at that area, though I have to say you just gotta depends on your luck to get the parking but still much better compare to the another area where Asia Cafe located at.