Authentic Hunan Cuisines @ Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng Hunan Restaurant 鄉府湘城湖南菜馆, The Scott Garden

Well, yours truly still feeling down under the weather till today, being very unproductive since the past week for the cough and phlegm still not willing to let me go. Perhaps, I just gotta blame myself for not taking care on my type of foods consume daily heh? Ahh well, how could you resist yourself from foods especially when they're too delicious?! No way, at least to me. I wonder how many of you love Hunan cuisines here? 
Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng
It would such a great pleasure for us to found out the hidden gem in The Scott Garden Mall, Old Klang Road. The Scott Garden Mall has been well known for their F&B chain but to found out the authentic Hunan cuisines at here, still an awesome part! Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng, a Chinese restaurant located next to Beer Factory is definitely a restaurant where you can get the best of your favorite Chinese cuisines especially for Hunan cuisines. They're focusing on their Hunan-Cantonese menu with a touch of Malaysian influence. Just so you know that Hunan cuisine is one of the eight regional cuisines of China and also well known for its hot and spicy flavor, fresh aroma, deep color and the prominence of the main flavor in each dish. 
The interior
Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng is spacious and could occupy up to 100 pax at time. It features a cozy and fusion Western-Chinese decorated dining area with comfortable furnishings and decor with soothing warm tones that allows the guest to dine comfortably while enjoying the good foods. Oh! Did I mentioned about their superb friendly services? I love how friendly their waiters and waitresses serving and also interacting with the guest.
Slapped Cucumber
Peanuts and Anchovies with Orange Caramels
Started your meal with these simple yet tasty appetizers were really good! The Slapped Cucumber taste rather decent to me while on the other hand, the Peanuts and Anchovies with Orange Caramels melted my heart with it's earthy flavors! You could taste a hint of sweet honey and orange flavors while enjoying the crunchy peanuts and crispy anchovies. 
Pig Ear in Red Oil ( RM18 )
The first dish served on our table was the Pig Ear in Red Oil. It seems like ages since the last time I had this and it's truly great to have this. Each of the thinly sliced pig ears were braised with finely chopped garlic and red oil, which is also known as chili oil that gives a hint of spiciness in this cold dish. Some said it was quite a match to have this springy pig ear while enjoying your beer!
Century Egg in Sauce ( RM15 )
Century Egg in Sauce, yet another tasty cold dish to have before entering the mains. The generous portion of the century eggs that topped with a liberal amount of shredded chilies and garlic was truly appetizing! I bet the secret for this would be the sauce as it tasted much better with the sauce and next thing you'll found out was you can't stop having it. Oh! The crowd loves it, so do I, just that I could not handle the spiciness of this. 
Pig Stomach Chicken Soup in Hotpot ( RM35 for 2-3pax / RM56 for 4-5pax / RM102 for 8-10 pax )
Generous amount of pig stomach & chicken
In Chinese tradition, soup is always a must have especially for the dinner. Soup is always comfort to my tummy and that's how I always love it. At here, we get to try their signature Pig Stomach Chicken Soup Hotpot. In case you wondered, this is not the ordinary super peppery pig maw soup but a lil bit different with the sweetness taste of chicken in it. It was so fragrant that I can't help but have more serving of this! To have this with hot steamed rice, bliss!
Spicy Fragrant Claypot Chicken ( RM56 )
Next was the Spicy Fragrant Claypot Chicken! If you love spicy foods, you may request for your desired level of spiciness. I still remember how I teared the moment I had this dish! Fuu! It was too spicy for me to handle and my tongue slowly become numb. Nevertheless, how can I forget how tender the chicken were, it was also aromatic and fragrant especially when it cooked in a claypot.  
Hot Plate Fish Topped with Minced Garlic and Hunan Chili ( RM30 )
Minced garlic and chili on top of the fish!

Eventually, I have no choice but took up the challenge of having all the spicy foods and you gotta tell me how to resist the good foods! I was totally speechless and stoned for a while the moment I saw this Hot Plate Fish Topped with Minced Garlic and Hunan Chili dish on the table. It seems so scary to me and was such a relief when Eric trying to remove all the chilies on top of it before it enter my mouth. LOL! The fish was so fresh to be eaten and I had to admit that the minced garlic and chilies did a wonder on this dish! It just spiced up the simple deep fried fish! One of the star dish of the night of course. 
Fragrant Spicy BBQ Prawn ( RM25 )
Perhaps, this was the most favorite of mine. These tiger prawns dish namely Fragrant Spicy BBQ Prawn. They were perfectly barbecued and full of flavors, totally love how succulent they were and very very appetizing indeed. While some truly enjoy eating it with all the dried chilies served with it, Eric been such a darling for helping me to peel off the soft shells in order to reduce the spiciness of the prawns! 
Stir Fried Beef Slices ( RM22 )
If you're someone could not really handle spicy foods like me, make sure your bowl full with rice and your glass full with water! I realized that eating those spicy dishes with the rice would be better and they goes well together too! I love having this Stir Fried Beef Slices with the hot steamed rice for it's tenderness and such aromatic dish could simply open up your petite appetite. They were just simply delicious.
Thousand Page Tofu ( RM25 )
I love tofu and you can give me anytime and I will love you! To my surprised, the tofu dish served here wasn't those ordinary ones. We were served with this Thousand Page Tofu in soupy style and needless to say this is also one of the Hunan dishes. Obviously, this tofu is not locally but imported all the way from China. It has slightly chewy texture compare to ordinary tofu. 
Aromatic Stir-Fried Spicy Chicken ( RM22 )
Yet another chicken dish and this totally suitable for beer dish! The Aromatic Stir Fried Spicy Chicken served in quite huge portion and see how cute are those bits of chicken pieces! Seeing those dried chilies on top of it, you could see how spicy this dish! Nonetheless, it was crunchy at the outside and tender at the inside. 
Hotplate Crystal Noodles ( RM18 )
If you love the crystal noodles, you would love this for sure! The Hotplate Crystal Noodles served in piping hot and topped with succulent prawns and garnished with shredded chilies too! The springy crystal noodles were cooked so well that you could taste how flavorful it is!
Stir Fried Snowy Red(Lettuce) with Minced Meat ( RM18 )  
Before we entering the dessert, we had this Stir Fried Snowy Red with Minced Meat, snowy red also known as lettuce. Unlike the ordinary type of dish where we were served with lengthy choy sum, everything were finely chopped at stir fried with minced meat and coupled with red chilies. It was indeed lovely to have for and what I enjoyed the most was the crunchiness of every bites of it. 
Pumpkin Cake ( RM15 )
Last but not least, we were served with this Pumpkin Cakes to complete our scrumptious hearty dinner for the night. It was such a thoughtful dish from the owner for it does helps in eliminating the spiciness that I have had "suffered" with previous dishes. :p I love the mild chewiness texture of it as well as tender sweetness that comes from the pumpkin! It was served piping hot and you just gotta be careful before it hurt your tongue :p
The Chefs!
All of us were so happy and in such absolute satisfies with all the dishes served to us. What I love with this restaurant, they were really friendly and they would never tired in answering all our questions about the dishes! Yes, the dishes were so uniquely prepared that we just wanted to know how and what and why? The chefs behind the kitchen were all from China and though they were shy but glad that they willing to come out and meet us and share about the foods with us too! It was such a lovely evening after all! Next few weeks after that, both Eric and I actually brought the family to come and celebrated his mom's birthday at Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng, it was indeed a satisfying meal! 

Restoran Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng
( Facing the front main Old Klang Road and located above directly Wong Kok or beside Beer Factory )
Lot 1-47, Level 1, The Scott Garden Mall,
289, Jalan Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel. No : +6 03 - 7982 5071
Business Hours : Mon-Sun ( 11am-11pm )