Lleone's Pizzas and Such @ SS15, Subang Jaya

There's always the moment when the both boyfie and I do not feel like staying at home especially during the weekend nights and we just do not want to be stuck at just one same place all the time. Thankfully we finally found yet another place for our hangout place, Lleone's Pizzas and Such it is. 

Lleone's Pizzas and Such @ SS15, Subang Jaya
Frankly, I can never understand the road jam at SS15 and that's always a turn off whenever we plan to go  tthat area. And so glad that certain area of SS15 is not that jam and Lleone's Pizzas and Such located just nice at that area, though I have to say you just gotta depends on your luck to get the parking but still much better compare to the another area where Asia Cafe located at. 
Blackcurrant Flavored Soda ( RM 6.99 )
Soursop Flavored Soda ( RM6.99 )
Upon entering the restaurant, each of us greeted warmly with not by the people but also welcomed with the soothing music played and of course the menu too! The drinks that we had ordered that night were recommended by the owner itself - Blackcurrant Flavored Soda with sweeter taste and Soursop Flavored Soda with a lil bitter taste, perhaps the combination of soda with soursop is not as great as the blackcurrant one, overall it was good still. Oh! You could find the fruit chunks and nata de coco in the drinks too. 
Cajun Chicken Wings ( RM 7.14 - 1/4 Doz or RM 12.99 - 1/2 Doz )
If you know me well enough, you surely know how much I love the chicken wings! I'm such a happy girl when we were served with the Cajun Chicken Wings! The well marinated chicken wings tasted so great with the taste of spices and hint of herbs, totally appetizing! With a hint of spiciness, spicy food lover surely going to love this. 
Buffalo Chicken Wings ( RM 7.14 - 1/4 Doz or RM 12.99 - 1/2 Doz )
It was such a relief after had the flavored soda drink after the Cajun Chicken Wings, it's just too spicy for me. When the Buffalo Chicken Wings served on the table, I was a lil bit terrified by it's look. The chicken wings were all so fiery red and just when I thought it going to be much spicier than the previous one, I was totally wronged. The well marinated chicken wings tasted a lil bit sourish with tomato salsa taste, crispy at every bites you had, another appetizing one! It can be really addictive and what a perfect food to pair with beer session with buddies!
Croquettes ( RM 9.09 )
Next, it was followed by the Croquettes with cylinder shape are the sizable breadcrumed fried roll mashed potatoes filled with salami, mozzarella and sprinkled with parsley. It more like a finger food to me yet it can be quite filling I would say. The croquettes were all so crunchy and you definitely love to enjoy the smooth mashed potatoes melt-in-your-mouth feels. You could enjoy more by dipping it into the prepared homemade sauce, tantalizing they were!
Bruschetta ( RM 9.09 )
If you prefer some healthy snacks, why not give a try for this Bruschetta? Each roasted bread rubbed nicely with garlic and topped with extra-virgin olive oil, chopped fresh tomatoes, basils and cheese. A simple dish can be you choice of appetizer for sure. 

Stuffed Zucchini ( RM 6.49 )

A dish that I'm kinda fell in love with that night was the Stuffed Zucchini. You should really try on their garden fresh zucchini stuffed with smoked mozzarella coated with deep fried breadcrumb. The great moment when you enjoy every crunchy and cheesy sensation bites each time you have it was really great!

Lasagna Verdi ( RM 15.49 )

So, yea am quite a fan of lasagna, I guess you can just simply addicted with sort of Italian foods. The Lasagna Verdi comes with a combination of layer of pasta and minced meat in between of each layers, served in cubes in such generous portion of their homemade bolognese sauce. Though I would prefer thicker sauce for my lasagna, but they just tasted equally good to me. 
Lleone's Special ( RM 20.79 - Large or RM 29.49 - X-tra Large )
Dev's Delight  ( RM 20.79 - Large or RM 29.49 - X-tra Large )
With varieties selection for pizzas at Lleone's Pizzas and Such, you would never get bored with just one type of it. We get to try both Lleone's Special and Dev's Delight for the night and they tasted so good and flavorful indeed! Lleone's Special with a tasty assortment of Cajun chicken, mushroom, onion, capsicum and salsa tend to be more of my type. On the other hand, Dev's Delight with a classic twist to the traditional pepperoni with capsicum, mushroom, salami, garlic and chili were good to have while chilling out with the buddies too! In terms of pizzas, perhaps it just me that prefer to enjoy thin crust pizza all the time, the thick crust doesn't really seems appealing to my appetite though I have to say I enjoyed a lot with the toppings!
Oreo Milkshakes ( RM 7.99 )
Coffee Milkshakes ( RM 7.99 )
Other than the flavored soda, their milkshakes were good too! Both Oreo Milkshake and Coffee Milkshake were just nice to complete the meal for the night. Considering that we're staying at Subang Jaya area, this will be yet another hangout spot for us! I guess it will certainly good for us to chill and enjoy the live band aight?

Lleone's Pizzas and Such
48, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya
Operating Hours : Mon (12pm-1am) , Wed-Sun (12pm-1am)
Tel No: +6 03-5613 3112