Hello hello! It's Sunday and also the Mooncake Festival for the Chinese! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival lovelies and quite sad that I could not go back to KK for this celebration and hence, no lantern for me too. :( Alright, shall forget about it and oh! Do you guys still remember the Celcom Cupcake Challenge contest that I've posted before??

All you need to do is just decorate your cupcakes with according to the theme and 55 participants with the most "Likes" on their entries will be chosen to go on the grand finale. Prizes are awesome too! 1st prize winner will be given a brand new Samsung SIII smartphone worth RM2199 and RM10,000; 2nd prize winner will be given a brand new Samsung SIII smartphone worth RM2199 and RM5,000 and 3rd prize winner will be given a brand new Samsung SIII smartphone worth RM2199 and RM2,000. The rest 52 finalists will receive a stylish LG Prada mobile phone for their achievements.
Fuhhh! Like...finally, I have the time to update the blog! Oh hey, have you heard of Okomen before? No, Okomen is not another superhero like Ultraman for sure but a Japanese restaurant. Unlike other Japanese restaurants, Okomen Japanese Restaurant specializes in Okonomiyaki! It's more to a fast food types in Japan and also known as Japanese pancake or pizza. Well, I must say I was lucky enough get to try yet another awesome delish foods at here. 

Okomen Japanese Restaurant @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Say Whatchuwant? You want a pimped up ride huh?

Pick a pack to grab Whatchuwant and enjoy A Pimped Up Ride!

Well, I went for The Wanted concert and it was really a not-so-pleasant one. I was really looking forward for the concert for I've been loving and enjoy listening to their songs until we were stopped and were told that dslr camera is not allowed. Maybe I would say, even it was stated "Priority Lane" which sounds good but later we found out we had to go for long queue as all tickets falls on "Priority Lane" as well. So yea, it's all good still. 

Thanks Celcom for the tix :)

I've been feeling down under the weather since Friday's night with head aching badly, right arm feels awfully sore, I do not wish to get up or do anything but rest myself. :( So many things happened in a week that I just feel so tired and wish to get away from stuffs. Can't wait for my weekend getaway to Pangkor Laut Resort for sure! Meanwhile, I bet most of you have had lots fun partied with the amazing artist during the Hennessy Artistry Party on the last 08 September aye! 

The Global Art Of Mixing

I do not know why the feeling is still haunting me till now... No, it is definitely NOT the regret feeling but more like a missing feeling. I am happy with what I am having and going through now yet it just that...something, somebody, some elements are missing. Perhaps, the people I have been worked with were too amazing that I wish I could be with them again. 

Farewell for Noel, Caroline and GarYee @ Spaghetti Grill
They are AMAZING. :)

Say HEY for all the bakers out there, especially for those who love to bake cupcakes! Guess what, here's something for you! There's such an easy-peasy online contest for you, Celcom Cupcake Challenge in conjunction with our country's 55th anniversary of independence and also the upcoming Malaysia Day celebration on 16th September. Good news is this contest is opening to all Malaysians and not just for Celcom customers! This is certainly something different as the winner is not judge by how yummylicious the cupcakes are, but how creative the decorations of the cupcakes are! Challenging much? 

Celcom Cupcake Challenge @ The Cooking House
The tools
Yours Truly!
Ask me if I love to go for bazaar, Imma just scream and say YESH! *LOL* Yeap! I love to go for those bazaar for I can find tons of unique stuffs and even those hard to find clothing, bags, accessories, jewelries and etc. The best part would be the affordable prices offered from the tenants! What else? Bargain allowed too!
Caroline & Sherlynn
I wonder if you guys know where is First Subang Mall at SS15, if you think the mall has nothing much for you to go to, then you're so wrong! I spent my half day at the mall and wish I could shop for more. So yeah, I went there to check out the bazaar held last Sunday with my dearie jellyfish! I mean Sherlynn. :p

Hip-Hip-Hooray! All you need to is as simple as ABC-123!

Pick A Pack, Pick up Gadgets worth RM10,000!

Watchuwant? You'll Get It!

I get to know this girl through the Project Penang trip and we're happened to be roommate! The first met seems to be quite fun and little did we found that we're clicked together! As much as I wish her to be in the same group as mine, just too bad that we were not grouped together. =( We're sorta like taking care of each other and talking about things we interested in, had fun and laughed out loud together during the whole trip. I still remember how heavy hearted we were during our last day at Georgetown and never thought we could be this crazy on the one fine day. Before I continue with more craps, her name is Zings ! 

Lovelies! <3
After the trip, we both still keeping in touch with each other, always glad to see each other during certain events and chatting time are the most fun one! One fine day, we were just like normal having our chatting time through either BBM or MSN and here comes with the crazy plan of "Let's go Penang!" and "Yes-Okay-Let's Go!" and "Okay Imma apply EL!". So, yup! Zings booked our midnight train from KL to Penang and booked our accommodation too!

♫♫♫ The sun goes down, The stars come out,
And all that counts, Is here and now,
My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came ♫♫♫
- Glad you came by The Wanted-

Click Image to view the music video! =D
So, I bet most of you is familiar with this boyband called "The Wanted" by now for their hit song Glad You Came, Chasing The Sun and Lightning! Just so you know that, The Wanted is made up of 5 UK lads namely Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran and was formed back in 2009. They tasted early success when their debut album peaked at number 4 in the UK album charts and their debut single “All Time Low” even snagged the number 1 spot in the UK.