Celcom Cupcake Challenge Grand Finale @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Hello hello! It's Sunday and also the Mooncake Festival for the Chinese! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival lovelies and quite sad that I could not go back to KK for this celebration and hence, no lantern for me too. :( Alright, shall forget about it and oh! Do you guys still remember the Celcom Cupcake Challenge contest that I've posted before??

All you need to do is just decorate your cupcakes with according to the theme and 55 participants with the most "Likes" on their entries will be chosen to go on the grand finale. Prizes are awesome too! 1st prize winner will be given a brand new Samsung SIII smartphone worth RM2199 and RM10,000; 2nd prize winner will be given a brand new Samsung SIII smartphone worth RM2199 and RM5,000 and 3rd prize winner will be given a brand new Samsung SIII smartphone worth RM2199 and RM2,000. The rest 52 finalists will receive a stylish LG Prada mobile phone for their achievements.
FREE Cupcakes booth!
Working station for the participants!
The crowds

And yes! If you've been following the updates from www.facebook.com/cupcakeschallenge, you would know that Celcom giving out FREE cupcakes too! As for the grand finale at Publika yesterday, visitors not just getting free cupcakes but they also get to decorate their own cupcakes and bring it home too! That's pretty interactive and fun! =D

Host : Raziff Hashim
After simple welcome and introduction speech, all the participants were asked to go to their so-called working station as the competition is going to begin pretty soon. Just so you know that, they need to decorate pre-baked cupcakes according to their submission entry for the Celcom Cupcake Challenge. I was pretty much excited to see all of their creations!

Raised hands to show they are ready for it
Decorating cupcake in action!
The youngest participant
Look at that!
Showing her creativity
Skilled full lady decorating the dress for barbie doll
I somehow could not believe with my own eyes that they can be that creative and showing their skills in decorating the cupcakes! Although I'm quite puzzled with certain contestants on how they managed to enter the grand finale with putting very very less effort on this, if you know what I mean and I guess that's how powerful with getting likes on their simple and no details cupcake decorations. Oh well, good thing about this competition would be the final decision will be based on the fellow judges. Let me share some photos of cucpcake decorations done by some of the participants and tell me if you're amazed by them too! 

There were really so many creative and interesting cupcake decorations done by the participants based on the 1Malaysia theme. While the judges going around and doing the judgement of each cupcakes, we were all entertained by dance and singing performances. There's were cupcake decoration game for the guests too!

Electric Shock Junior
Dato Fazley
The fellow Judges - Chef Dato Fazley, Chef Sherson Lian and Chef Rose Weiss
The judges for the Celcome Cupcake Challenge were Chef Sherson Lian, Chef Rose Weiss and Chef Dato Fazley! They were having some quite difficult time to choose the winners for all their amazing designs and filtering the participants by interviewing the Top 10 participants about their cucpake decorations. 

2nd Runner Up - Mac Leong
Mac Leong's creation
1st Runner Up - Juneci Siong
Juneci Siong's creation
Winner - Vincent Liew
Vincent Liew's creation
The winners!
Let's congratulates all the winners for their great effort!