Bazaar at First Subang Mall @ SS15

Ask me if I love to go for bazaar, Imma just scream and say YESH! *LOL* Yeap! I love to go for those bazaar for I can find tons of unique stuffs and even those hard to find clothing, bags, accessories, jewelries and etc. The best part would be the affordable prices offered from the tenants! What else? Bargain allowed too!
Caroline & Sherlynn
I wonder if you guys know where is First Subang Mall at SS15, if you think the mall has nothing much for you to go to, then you're so wrong! I spent my half day at the mall and wish I could shop for more. So yeah, I went there to check out the bazaar held last Sunday with my dearie jellyfish! I mean Sherlynn. :p

Passport for us to enjoy our girl's day out!

Jewelries overload!
RM25 per piece!
Lovely earrings!
For owl lovers!
There's vouchers worth RM50 inside the passport book that allow us to use while do our shopping at the bazaar and that's really made us such happy girls! If you do not know yet, be sure to drop by at First Subang Mall at SS15 to check out their bazaar! There's so many tenants participating and you just can't take your eyes off from those lovely things selling at their stalls! =D

One of the tenants
I started with the shopping instead of the brunch or lunch! :P No, you could not blame me for this as everything were so eye catching and seeing those limited piece of dresses design at each stall, I know I should grab it fast before someone grabbed it. I was lucky enough to get great deal at one of the stalls! 3 pieces for RM100 and guess what? I allowed to use my all my vouchers at once! Hence, I just need to pay RM50 for the 3 pairs. Well I actually grabbed myself with 2 dresses and 1 handbag! Yup, I allowed to mix and matched too!

Sherlyn's Little Dream
The comfy setting
After started with my shopping, both of us headed to Sherlyn's Little Dream to have some good treats for ourselves! For someone who has such sweet tooth like me, I can't be bothered to just grab the chocolate brownie and one devil chocolate cake all for myself. While Sherlynn ordered the chocolate brownie and one oreo cheesecake for hers. There's quite a variety of choices you could go for at  Sherlyn's Little Dream  such as Lite Cheese Oreo, Lemon Tiramisu, Tiramisu with Alcohol, Chocolate Brownie, Devil Chocolate Cake, Oreo Cheese Cake, etc.

Chocolate Brownie
The both of us totally enjoyed this Chocolate Brownie for the unusual texture whereby you could taste the crispiness on the top of it, moist inside and the bits of almond nuts just enhanced the taste of it. It was really delicious! The size may be small yet it was really rich in chocolate!

Oreo Cheese Cake
Sherlynn's Oreo Cheese Cake tasted wonderful! If you love the thick and rich taste of cheese, this is definitely a love for you! I've tried and think that the strong cheese flavor somehow has covered the taste of the oreo cookies in it. 

Devil Chocolate Cake
The Devil Chocolate Cake of mine was sinfully yum! Just by the look how chocolatey it is, you could enjoy the rich chocolate taste in this soft chocolate cake with the chocolate syrup. I love it much but if you ask me, I would still prefer the brownie for it chocolate taste is more concentrated than this one! :p

The Jellyfish aka Sherlynn
Yours truly with the chocolatey desserts!
All we wanted to say was Thanks Sherlyn's Little Dream for the lovely treats! While waiting for our turn for the manicure session, we went to the bazaar and yes, shopping again! =D The accessories and jewelries were all so cute and unique that I wish I really could buy and own all of them that will definitely ease me in spicing up my look each and everyday by just matching it with my outfit.

Camera bag
Vintage bag
We managed to get ourselves some lovely earrings, yay! Before headed to The Love Nail for our manicure treats, we actually had our slightly late lunch at Coffee Chemistry Signature where we were served with their new menu and totally well stuffed! I shall blog about it separately as there's a list of yummy foods prepared for us to enjoy that day! =D 

Choices of colors!
The sample colors!
For the pedicure
I could not decide which color to go for and was having hard time with the indecisive me. I was lucky to have such kind manicurist who really doesn't mind and just let me slowly decide while she's cleaning and shaping my nails. :D In the end, I actually decide to choose the color to match with my outfit for the Hennessy Artistry party since it's just a week gap. 
Pearly white nail polish for yours truly
Sherlynn with her nails!
Happy girl! <3
I always enjoy mani-pedi session and this time, the manicure pampering session was just in time! The both Sherlynn and I managed to get our manicure done for the Hennessy Artistry party! XD I am certainly doesn't mind to return to The Love Nail for their friendly service and the manicurist was so lovely too! Well, we wish to continue with our guasa facial session at Skinzense but it was fully booked and that's why we actually postponed it to the following week. If you think nothing can be done at this rather new First Subang Mall, how wrong you can be? There's plenty for you to try and explore and of course enjoy too! =D